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Volcano Run: Does it Ever End?

by ginelga


TYRANNIA - Volcano Run is my favorite game, I play it daily and always try to get a high score on it. Never once did I ponder about how unusual it was that it kept going on and on and on, until not too long ago I got an exceptionally high score and noticed just how unusually fast the game went after you reached that far. Without any thought about why I was doing so, I began playing it more, even after I had sent my three scores of the day. I wanted to test out my theories and see if they proved to be right. In some ways I was, and in some ways I wasn’t, but I found myself strictly believing that something was up. I decided to write in to the Neopian Times to share my view with you fellow Neopians and see if you agreed or noticed something as well. Some of you may read this article and think of me as a total ‘weirdo’ for writing such a silly thing, but this is something I felt needed to be pointed out, and also something that I felt would make the game more exciting for people to play. For those of you who don’t play Volcano Run often, I advise you to. It’s fun, exhilarating, and great to play—not to mention quite devious. I hope you enjoy reading this, quite ‘silly’ or ‘weird’ as it is. I find that I think you just might enjoy it!

If you’ve ever played Volcano Run then you would know that once you begin you’re led through a giant volcano to basically nothing. You just keep going and going as if you’ve got all day to fly through a dangerous volcano full of dodgy obstacles. Now, I’m not fool enough to believe that it just keeps on going and going. There must be an end! Where do the endless rays and bubble-shields come from? And how exactly do those blocks being to move? There must be something at the end of that volcano, but I don’t think anyone wants us to know that! There’s something somewhere down there and I know it, just hear me out and by the end of the day you’ll be playing that game and searching frantically for an end.

When you start playing Volcano Run you notice that you begin to fly very slowly through the tremendous volcano. Once you’ve flown for around ten seconds, the blocks begin to move up and down. Now exactly did this happen? It couldn’t have been magic that set it off. I reckon that something deep down in that volcano sets them off by itself.

Further down into the volcano, you venture into a large area with shiny crystals glimmering in the air. As you marvel about the beauty of these crystals and head towards them, a giant ray comes out of nowhere and ZAPS! you. For a moment all you can do is just freeze in midair until your game finishes. Now, may I ask, where did these come from? Typically, volcanoes don’t have rays shooting through them at top speed at every waking moment. This volcano is obviously a different story. And I haven’t even mentioned those bubble-shields yet…

So you begin your game again, conscious of the forever moving blocks and the dangerous rays that come up unexpectedly. Venturing further on, your confidence is at a peak and you realize that the game isn’t too shabby once you get the hang of it.

Continuing along, you suddenly see a giant bubble looming before you. You frantically try to dodge it but fail, and as you take a deep breath and close your eyes, you wonder what will happen this time. You slam into the bubble and slowly open your eyes and gasp. The bubble is surrounding you now! Putting two and two together, you realize that it’s a shield and that it can protect you!

Further into the volcano you fly, happily rejoicing in your new discovery, when suddenly a ray hits your bubble and it disappears. You shrug it off…after all, there will be another one not too far away.

By now you’re at two thousand points, and as you continue to fly through the volcano you realize that the shields aren’t appearing anymore.

Answer me this, how in the world would this have happened without assistance from someone, or something? The shields cannot have just stopped coming!

Before you can marvel over this for too long, you realize that you are going extremely fast. You almost can’t control where you’re going now! Everything you pass becomes a blur and you begin to wonder how you’ve managed to get this far. The rays are coming in handfuls, and the blocks are moving faster than the speed of light.

Something is clearly trying to prevent you from getting too deep into this cave. Something doesn’t want its secrets revealed, but you must go on! The speed is unbearable by now, but you’ve got to find out what’s down there! There’s a force trying desperately to stop you but you won’t give up.

Venturing further on, you know that you’re almost there. You can feel the presence, you can almost hear it! You find yourself just steps away…you’re almost there! Just one more step…

…and you smash into a block.

     Game over.

Well, that’s it, something obviously didn’t want you disturbing them, and their plan succeeded.

Now don’t you see what I’m talking about? It’s absurd! The moving blocks, the lasers, the shields, the unbelievable speed as you approach “the end”. Is it a mere coincidence, or a devious plan conjured up by the Neopets Team to hide a dark secret?

Blocks don’t begin moving magically anywhere, rays of fire don’t appear out of nowhere…something or something is trying to deceive us and someday I will reach that end, and I will find out that secret.

So, fellow Neopians, go out there and start playing! You must reach the end!

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