Battledome: Part Three

by booster_bunny

Battle of the Silver Dragons

Now, on a field of jagged rocks, Sunniegirl was about to face the ferocious silver Tatsu. She had already won five other battles and was very convinced she would win now too. If she would beat this Tatsu, and one more Kacheek afterwards, she would get what she wanted most...a sparkling gold battle trophy.

The loudspeaker thundered, "The next match will be between ColdMoon the Tatsu and Sunniegirl the Shoyru!" With that the match had begun. Both silver dragons acted fierce, but both had unsure thoughts in their minds. They could tell both were strong, but one was definitely stronger than the other. They stared at each other with fury in their eyes, but not knowing who would make a move first....It was a moment of anxiety.

ColdMoon finally attacked first with a stunning Grand Bubble Beam, which sent SunnieGirl tumbling on the ground. Keeping one hurt eye closed, she painfully got up and tried using a Sun Ray on ColdMoon He just shook his head in surprise and started building up energy for a lightning beam. After charging it, he blasted SunnieGirl with all his might sending her flying across the dome.

"Oh no!!" AcornGal screamed from the crowd. Aqualidria, MapleBunny, and their owner, were also very worried and frustrated about Sunnie. As she tried to get up somehow to attack. The ferocious Tatsu stomped towards her.

She shrunk under his giant shadow, and in a split second, asked herself, "Why? Why can't I win? I'm stronger than him...but why?"

After that, she realized she had no hope, so she crouched down to prepare for the final blow. ColdMoon raised one powerful claw and with all his might slashed her. With a shrill cry, Sunnie blacked out.

"SunnieGirl!!" AcornGal shrieked.

"Lisa, she's hurt very badly! We have to help her!!" She started but couldn't finish....Instead, tears rolled down her fragile face. All four of them ran down to get SunnieGirl, while ColdMoon glared, ready to terrorize any other creature in his way.

"Will she be all right, Lisa?" AcornGal asked her owner desperately.

"Oh, I knew it...the Battledome was going to be like this! Oh...how could this happen to my sis?"

"I don't know...I just don't know! Acorngal...I'm sorry...I don't know!" her owner whispered.

Everyone was frightened. AcornGal was pale as ever...and SunnieGirl would never be the same again...