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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Articles > Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

by megan_dude

FAERIELAND - Did you hear that? That’s the sound of a faerie from Faerieland. Some Neopets say faeries once ruled the land, were captured by Balthazar and eventually escaped. Some say that faeries don't exist, and some say faeries only appear to those of good hearts. Who knows which is true… and which isn’t. If you listen real close, you can hear the jingle of their wands.

So who’s the fairest of all faeries? Fyora? The Fountain? The Soup? Illusen? Jhudora? The Negg? The Grey? We may never know. So what’s a Neopian, like us, supposed to look for in being fair? I think being fair is treating everyone nice, respecting them, offering to help and not being greedy. Someone who believes in the golden rule.

This’ll be like battle of the faeries. The rules are, I ask a question and the faeries each give the best response. After they respond I decide whose winner of that round and award them points. Ha-ha... to be honest, simsman24000 may not know this, but it was his article ‘Battle of the Kings: Skarl vs. Coltzan’ in Neopian Times 143 that gave me the idea.

Who do you think will win? Let’s see the contestants, shall we?

Fyora- Fyora is the Queen Faerie. She has her own hidden tower, 2 avatars based on her, and sells valuable, rare, expensive items. Fyora even has a doll named and made to look after her. Well, actually she has a LOT of things named after her. If you’re lucky, she’ll give you a quest and give you a very good item in return if you complete it. June 2nd is Fyora day!

The Fountain Faerie- She dwells among her fountain, where water flows and randomly gives away quests to some lucky Neopets and Neopians. If you should return with the item she wanted, she will you the wish of giving your pet a chance to bathe in her fountain. Which can only mean one thing, your pet will change colors to something like baby.

The Soup- Yum Yum, eat up! The Soup Faerie gives away free soup for hungry and poor Neopets! I wonder what kind of soup she’ll give me next.

Illusen- This little Neopian went to market! I guess you could say Illusen is one of the most popular Earth Faeries. She lives in a tree in Meridell and gives quests (if you chose to) and will reward you at every 3 levels. Who knows… maybe you’ll get an avie!

Jhudora- Better make way for Jhudora. This snobby Dark Faerie is evil, with extra long nails may I add. She lives in Faerieland, also gives quests to people, and gives you a devilish item for every 3 quests.

Negg- Mmmm! Neggs! Chocolate neggs, Cool Neggs, Happy Neggs! The Negg Faerie makes all the possible neggs you can imagine in the Neggery located in Ice Caves.

Grey- ~sigh~ Sighs are contagious, you know? Pass it on. I just sighed. The poor old Grey Faerie is a miserable faerie. She’s all grey, and sometimes she brings other Neopets down with her.

So now you all the contestants, let’s start round one!

Question: What is the most important to you?

Fyora: Why, I think my faeries should be treated with respect.

Fountain: Hygiene is VERY important.

Soup: Feeding the hungry and poor, of course!

Illusen: I would say world peace.

Jhudora: TAKING OVER FAERIELAND! Uh, I mean, why, serving our beloved Fyora.

Negg: Neggs.

Grey: ~sigh~ Nothing really

WINNER: The Soup Faerie! Many Neopets are dying of hunger and can’t afford food! Nice try Jhudora, you just didn’t make the cut.

Question: What do you think of the Neopian Times?

Fyora: It’s a very good way for the news to come around. Always interesting.

Fountain: It’s okay. Needs more articles on hygiene and faeries.

Soup: The stories get better and better.

Illusen: Not bad, could be better.

Jhudora: BAH! Who reads that untalented newspaper written by those dimwits?!

Negg: Not very pleasant. There should be a page for advertisements!

Grey: I don’t read.

WINNER: Fyora!

Question: What is an ideal palace for you?

Fyora: There should be an invisible wall in case of trespassers. Fancy purple curtains, great wooden doors, red carpets, fancy portraits of ancestors and -- oh, statues!

Fountain Faerie: I want a place up in the heavens! With water flowing everywhere and rainbows! Fountains, temples, statues!

Soup: A place with no evil things today.

Illusen: Hmm... the Meridell Castle?

Jhudora: Why, my castle of course ~grins evilly~

Negg: I’d say a castle with windows, curtains, collections of things and armoury.

Grey: Erm a happy place.

WINNER: FYORA! Sorry Fountain, sounds nice but under the burning sun?

Question: Let’s say you find some 10,000 NP on the floor. What would you do with it?

Fyora: Keep it.

Fountain: Give it away to a poor and needy person.

Soup: I’d donate it to a donation.

Illusen: Give PART of it as a reward for doing my Quests.


Negg: I’d buy ingredients for making Neggs.

Grey: Nothing like that ever happens to me.

WINNER: It seems like a tie between the Fountain and Soup. I did not plan for that to happen.

Question: So meet this really unhappy person, how would you help them?

Fyora: Give them a quest and reward them.

Fountain: Give them a bath in my waterfall.

Soup: Give them free soup.

Illusen: Comfort them, asks them what’s wrong.

Jhudora: Who gives about an unhappy person?!

Negg: Give them a Negg.

Grey: Share my pain with them.

WINNER: Illusen!!

Okay I solemnly promise this is the LAST round.

Question: What do you like best?

Fyora: Hmm rare items

Fountain: Hygiene, no water, no hygiene. Um between those two.

Soup: I’d say MY kind of soup. Best in Neopia or so I say.

Illusen: Nature.

Jhudora: MONEY!!!

Negg: Life. Be grateful for it.

Grey: Being happy.

WINNER: Or winners should I say. I’d say the Grey, Negg and Illusen.

Let’s tally it up!


• Fyora-II

• Fountain-I

• Soup-II

• Illusen-II

• Jhudora- 0

• Negg-I

• Grey-I

~Opens envelope~ And the fairest of the all is………. FYORA! SOUP AND ILLUSEN! What?!? 3 winners. I REALLY did not mean for that to happen. Bravo faeries bravo! Excellent job!


• 1st- Fyora, Soup and Illusen with 2 points each!

• 2nd- Fountain, Grey and Negg 1 point each!

• 3rd- Jhudora with 0 points. Ouch!

Well my article comes to an end. I hoped you enjoyed it! Who knows what article I’ll write next time! ?

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