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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Comics
Battle Ready...?


by meowth4

Bragging Plushies

My plushie is sooo much better than yours!

by piekaboo

Faellie Frenzy

That's one durn big tail...

by roller_coaster26

Getting Past The Snowager

Ah ha! I've got it!

by stoneman3x

Giving's Cafe

I'm never going to find the perfect waiter!

by random_joy

If You Say So

Buzzer Pie... great with some Kau Milk... wow, that wasn't funny.

by cannonsmbt

It's Never a Good Day...

Fight me! Or else I'll be forced to fight you...

by goldchocobo21

My Life with a Teenage Noobie

Careful what you wish for...

by ember188

Neopian Circumstances

Ever wonder why you lose at Tombola?

by nefily

Neopian Mysteries Solved

*claps* Fat Pet!

by mariru2000

Off Topic...

Siggy pets... scary?

by asleep_at_last

Poor Jo-Jo...

I think it's time for some cake.

by multiple_lilys

Rational Lunacy

Is it serious, Doc?

by tambourine_chimp

Really Confused

"About Being Bugged"

by stoneman3x

Rock Pool Rascals

Bashin' Bob

by leptonychotes

Sigma and Beta

Where's Alpha?

by o_zeta_o


Aw, poor Slorgs!

by kojichan92

Sloth on the Rox

My friends say I procrastinate too much...

by plushieowner

The Meerca Siblings

#4: Oggy

by comedian872001

The Pet Patrol Revolution

Happy birthday!

by neo_tomi

The Waterfly Effect

More black and white! Woohoo!

by tiggggrre

Trophy Troubles

More tea, please...

by choclated

Warphole - #3

This is my latest project, Neopets V3.

by fostic_popcorn

Zafara Tails: In The Battledome

Eew... Meuka is gross... along with some other things.

by cubie_j


Fairest of Faeries

So who’s the fairest of all faeries? Fyora? The Fountain? The Soup? Illusen? Jhudora? The Negg? The Grey? We may never know. So what’s a Neopian, like us, supposed to look for in being fair. I think being fair is treating everyone nice, respecting them, offering to help... more>>

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Reading Lessons
"I love to read, as you can tell." She picked up a book from the top of a stack. It was called Lovely Lennys. "This book is my absolute favorite. What's your favorite book?"

by playmobil_is_my_life

Across the Ocean
The sun's rays soon began to touch the tips of Mystery Island's trees, and the Ghost Lupe knew it was time...

by christinetran

Game Guide: Tyrannian Mini Golf
Mini golf is a bit more complicated than hitting the ball as hard as you can and crossing your fingers. A bit more complicated? I meant a lot more complicated.

by neospud2004

25 Easy Ways To Conquer Neopia
Maybe it's just me, but I get tired of seeing the same old guys trying to take over Neopia all the time...

by stoneman3x

The Case of the Wand That Wasn't: Part One
My client, a Jubjub by the name of Trixy, had left her Wand of Ultranova on a Corral Table overnight...

by tambourine_chimp

Because of a Purple Juppie Java: Part One
"It's not the rain, it's those blasted Myncis, the malfunctioning air conditioner, and the Purple Juppie Java I ordered an hour ago that still hasn't been delivered."

by arula100

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