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Could you show us what the tombola man looks like without his mask? I would really like to know. - Myself_only42
Oh he NEVER takes off his mask. Some people say he isn't a Neopet but thats just silly :)

I was on The Boards and somebody said that you get automaticly frozen when you get 50 million Neopoints, is that true? - Horsedolfin987
No, we do not freeze anyone unless they break the rules in a very drastic way.

Hmm... Number six?? Adam isn't a fan of the prisoner by any chance? May I say what exquisite taste you have. Be seeing you! - Timbod
What do you want? Information. You won't get it!

THANK YOU for the NP pool idea for Lenny Conundrum. I was among the disappointed people that always tried to figure it out on my own but went to the public boards to see that everyone had already been blabbing the answer for an hour :( Hopefully that gripe with disappear now :) - sauerkraut_kid
Glad to be of service, with any luck this will make the competition fairer for all.

Here's a burning question for you... Why do male Usuls have a bow on their tails? And it is a big fluffy girl's bow. I just noticed that when my green Chia was turned into a green Usul. - Al_cranan
When we designed the first Neopets we didnt differentiate between male and female. This may be something we do in the way distant future, but for now some Neopets do look more male or female than neutral.

Could you please make it so that if someone uses a Petpet Morphing Potion on their Petpet they will not be eligible for a PPL Award? Like if someone uses a Faellie Petpet Morphing Potion on their lets say 1000 day old Petpet (an old Petpet that hasn't won PPL yet) they could easily surpass users who have paid a lot of Neopoints to have the oldest Faellie to perhaps win a nice Gold or Silver trophy in the PPL. - Neomaniac1603
This is the reason we haven't fully released the Petpet Morphing Potions yet. We are making sure they will not be able to be use to cheat PPL and anything else that may benefit having a certain species of Petpet.

One of my pets, a red kougra, shows up with the "old look" when not active, while another yellow kougra of mine maintains the new Kougra look, even when not currently active. Why? - moon_burrst
Oops, that means we haven't updated the inactive images. We will get on that right away.

Oh my gosh! I just love my new Illusen action figure. I was wondering if eventually you will make all the faeries into action figures? I think you would sell a lot of them if you did!!! Thanks!! - rosered23
Glad you liked Illusen, we thought the action figures turned out really well too. As for if we will do more, we really need to wait and see how well the current ones do.

I just got a Robot Lupe. I was just wondering if robot pets need to eat? - Dannyb98
Yes, Robot Neopets and Petpets need to be taken care of just as much as all the others.

How do you get the Brightvale avatar on the Wheel of Knowledge? I still never see a 'flag' and some said that you had to land on a flag to get the avatar. Is that true? - chaotic_magi
The Brightvale Flag is the golden star, but it is a very rare icon to land on.

In the news you said that "If you are really lucky you may find one of these new Darigan Draik Eggs" what do you actually mean by find? Like find in a shop, or as a random event? - angelgate25
Draik Eggs are on sale in Ye Olde Food Shoppe from time to time. As far as I know they are not given away in any random event.

I've NEVER understood why TNT consistently adds impossible to own petpets to the growning list of newly painted pets and yet there are many, lower priced petpets that are ignored. How many people actually own a Dua(6 painted variations) a Hasee(8) a Mortog(8) a Snowickle(7) a Vullard(6) or a Weewoo(10)? What of the less expensive Tenna, Scado, Felly, Carma, Zebba, Bowla, Frillabon or the beautiful Tanizard? I understand there are tons to consider - but next time you're looking for ideas regarding which petpet to paint next, perhaps TNT might consider those petpets more accessible to the masses. Thanks for listening! - whitney63
I didnt realise at all. We will add more colours for the common Petpets and update the ones that look in need of updating (for example the Tenna).

Could you please add a 'Petpetpets' page? You have a Pets page and a 'Petpets' page, but no 'Petpetpets' page! This would be very helpful as petpetpets are rarely seen, and if you want to buy one using the shopkeeper, it takes a while to find the name of the 'Petpetpet' that you are looking for! - drewgirl03
Sure, I will get this added to the to do list.

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