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100 Ways to Tell if You're Addicted to the Neoboards

You sister played a trumpet in your ear, and you don't respond, because you're chatting.

by darci44

50 Secret Avatars that will Never be Released: Part One

There are already enough secret avatars in Neopia to make your head spin and we all wish a few of them were just a teensy bit easier to get. Thus we bring you 50 Secret Avatars that will never be released...

by harper_1618

Curing the Condition Of… Being Overworked

This article was written for Neopets and their owners, to help Neopians everywhere find ways to rejuvenate their weary selves.

by charmedhorses

Escape To Kreludor: The Guide

As a fairly new game to Neopia, Escape to Kreludor is actually a nice challenging puzzle game.

by acdc83

How To Love the Neopet You Hate

The temptation to abandon that Neopet and learn from your mistake is very strong. I fell into that trap myself.

by stoneman3x

Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Count Von Roo

How could a silly Blumaroo dressed up in a tacky Halloween costume possibly be scary?

by thecougar400

Mutant Day: For Better or Worse?

The Neoboards are abuzz! Shocked Neopians everywhere! Unfortunately, even disowned pets. What happened to make Neopia so upset? How could so much chaos be caused so easily?

by draconis_minoris

Neopian Games - Trophy Collector or Neopoint Hoarder

We've all seen the high scores tables, and the top few scores are usually higher than we could ever imagine getting! So what is the point behind this?

by glitteralien

So You Want to be a Petpetsitter

How simple, go to someone's Neohome, eat all the food in their fridge and lounge on their comfy sofa. Oh and make sure that the petpets are well looked after. Sound easy? Think again.

by aakheperkare

The Life of Faeries

Faeries have it made, right? Their popularity is extremely good, they have no worries, they have their own items, avatars, shopkeepers, magazines, everything.

by xxevilkittyxx

Turn the Smile Upside Down!

Each day, the Rainbow Pool churns out so many Grey pets, so many Grey pets that don't know how to act like Grey pets.

by nincondemius

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For Better or Worse?

Mutants are Neopets that don't look quite right. Most say that Sloth is behind this, with the Transmogrification potions. Some Mutants have extra heads, or eyes, or simple discoloration. Most Mutants are hated in the world of Neopia, and even feared...

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Why does no one ever see the Tooth Faerie, you ask?

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"We'll clean it! We'll clean it!" exclaimed Sugar, eyes widening in horror. Like it or not, the strawberry Moehog was addicted to sugar and sweets and the idea of not having them for two days was unthinkable.

by _icypanther_


A Mind in the Moonlight: Part One
"Well, they say if you go to Edna's cas-er, palace, and drink one of her potions… They say it turns you into a Faerie pet."

by costa_rican_girl


The Scarab Tree: Part One
"The sandstorm's about to hit," Sosta said casually. "Looks like it's gonna be a big one. You should gather your fruit soon."

by amberttttt


186201 Wishing Well Drive
Have you seen my Honey Potion?

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Deviled Delight

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