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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

“She ignored the cheerful goodbyes of the crew as she made her way down the boardwalk. Thankfully, the rain had stopped. Roo Island was a technicolour symphony of stimulation. Every object, it seemed, was multicolour, and music came at Olivia from every direction.”

Embracing the Sea's Bounty: An Interview with COFL

For the first time ever, the Neopian Times presents an exclusive interview with a representative from the Confederation of Fish Lovers (better known as COFL), a mysterious organization that advocates for fish consumption at every meal. Our correspondent, Ned, delves into the intriguing world of COFL and its unique mission. Prepare to embark on a fish-filled journey of delight! - Being a professional, I make a habit of arriving at least 15 minutes before every interview. I like checking the scene and doing a little prep work before my appointments. However, the directions given to me were so convoluted that I arrived at the Confederation of Fish Lovers Headquarters just in the nick of time. Looking up, I found myself before a grand building, adorned with fish-themed decorations, naturally. This HQ is not so naturally located in the middle of the Lost Desert. My scaly sense was tingling with anticipation. Or maybe it was just sweat. To the left there was a hidden doorway adorned with fish-shaped doorknobs. Following the (very detailed) instructions I received, I knocked thrice, and a hatch opened, revealing a fish-costumed representative named Captain Finley. Immediately he exuded an undeniable passion...

More than Six Faerie Elements: A Theory By Prof Oak

We are taught there are six elements in Neopia: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Light, and Dark. We are taught that if a Pet has an affinity for magic, it will fall into one or more of these six elements. We are told that a Pet’s affinity for magic can be influenced by its colour. And yet, we have Paintbrushes that don’t fall into the Six Elements and at least eleven Faeries that don’t seem to fall into these Six Elements either. So what does this mean? If all Faeries must be representative of an element of magic, then there must be more elements than just the main six! My friend, Nick Neopia, has encouraged me to post this theory, and so post it I shall! To keep in mind, all Paintbrush colours are possible from a combination (or deficit) of the different elements, but not all elements are representative in a colour. Fyora - Faerie Queen - (unavailable for comment) Let’s start with the queen of all Faeries, Fyora, who represents Royalty. Now what does Royalty mean? A Pet can be born Royal, but they can also be painted or zapped Royal. When they are made Royal, a fancy new outfit appears and this seems to be the main feature of a Royal Pet. With this knowledge, it is my hypothesis that every colour that grants clothes or extra features has a tiny sliver of Royalty.

Out of the Blue: A Colourful Acara Guide

Close your eyes, and picture an Acara. Focus on the colour and the gender. You have probably imagined it as a female Blue Acara, right? And this is not random. If you’re around Neopia for a while, you may have noticed that Acaras (it’s pronounced “ack-AH-ra”) are usually portrayed as Blue and as females. Even though there are 72 from 81 available colours so far, specifically the Blue ones are more common than the other three basic colors (Red, Green, Yellow). Haven’t you noticed that yet? I’ll show you. But first, let me introduce you to this species. Originally called Tigrens in the first version, the species changed its name and design together, with another three more re-designs to come and the fifth one being the 2005 converted version we see today. The fourth version is the “unconverted”, which is still found in Neopia in four specific colours: Darigan, Grey, Plushie and Royalboy. And talking about “Blue”, the base colours for the Darigan, Plushie and Royalboy are different shades of Blue.

Other Stories
"Sibling Summit" by parody_ham
Jeran watched the carriage clatter along the cobbled road until it disappeared over the horizon. As the last vestige of it disappeared, he let out a soft sigh. This was it. Vacation. There was no turning back now. If only it didn’t coincide with the Tri-National Summit. Neopia to Jeran, he chided himself, we’ve had these plans for over 8 months, long before the Summit was even on the table. Plus, Lisha had been looking forward to this long weekend for so long… they both had. Even more so after the recent string of incidents in their lives. For a fleeting second, he thought about running after the carriage. No, stop it. He tapped a finger to his temple and forced his gaze away from the long and winding road. It’s only a few days. What’s the worst that could happen? Then again—no. Best not to think about worst-case scenarios. Unlike him, Lisha proved much better at “turning off” her brain. It was something Jeran deeply envied of his younger sibling. If only his brain was even half as forgiving or a quarter less anxious. But when you’re in charge of others' training, their daily routine, and their probability of survival… every decision counts. He learned that the hard way. But now wasn’t the time for such thoughts. He was on vacation. Away from it all. He could finally relax. Or could he? Lisha, to her credit, seemed keen on finding every distraction in her arsenal to keep them both busy. From fishing rods to books, trail maps, even blunted arrows and targets, he had to admit, she prepared well. Or overprepared, but nothing could stop his bookish sister when in the middle of one of her planning tornadoes.

"Xer and Crox" by
Xer crouched low on his branch, and looked down. His favorite spot to be was hiding between the leaves in the Money Tree where he could watch everything that was going on in Neopia Central. He had been spending more and more time up there as of late as he had been searching for something. “Oh Crox, maybe we should just give up.” Xer whispered. Clutched between his paws was a well-loved Alien Aisha Plushie. “I really wanted Alien Aisha Ears like you, too!” Xer sniffled, and pulled Crox in for a hug. He buried his face into its head, and cried softly into the fabric. “What are you doing?” The sudden voice startled Xer out of his tears, and looked up to see a Baby Acara looking directly up at him from the ground below. “I don’t think you’re allowed up there. The ghosts will be mad. And don’t even get me started on the Money Tree…” The Acara let his words trail off, but he smiled. It didn’t quite reach his eyes, but he seemed amused. Then, without warning, he began to climb the tree. He was sitting beside Xer so quickly he didn’t even have time to react to what was going on. Someone had seen him? “So, what are you doing?” The Baby Acara asked again. He stared at Xer, waiting for his answer. Xer stared back. The Acara had a large purple bow around his neck, and was carrying what looked to be a tombstone. A sword was secured to his back by some string. “Um, I… I’m not doing anything!” Flustered, Xer looked away. He pulled Crox in for a hug. “Go away.” “That’s rude.” The Acara laughed. “Hey, that’s a cool toy! Can I see it?” He reached out for Crox, but Xer pulled to the side.

"Spirit of the Game" by 77thbigby
Month of Running, Y8 Neopia was buzzing with the news. Altador had rejoined the rest of Neopia after 1,000 years and now, King Altador had announced that the Altador Cup would be reinstated that summer. It was a tournament centred around a game called Yooyuball (taken from the name of the Petpet that was used in the game). Every region in Neopia had been invited to participate. Now they were scrambling to find athletes who could shape up in time to actually play the ancient, long-forgotten game. Brightvale was no different. A region of scholars, known for their mathletes rather than athletes, had a tougher time than average finding suitable talent. They had opened up their tryouts to Neopians beyond their region in order to build their team. So it was that Neopians from near and far made their way to Brightvale to try out. This included a young Meridellian Lupe by the name of Tressif. He had wanted to try out for Meridell but the position he’d tried out for had been filled quickly by a burly red Ixi; nobody else had stood a chance! Disappointed but not deterred, he had decided to keep trying. While he didn’t know much more about the game than the next ‘pet, he’d always been a natural at sports and he felt sure Yooyuball would be no different. He was gonna give it his best shot. Brightvale had been the obvious choice, given that it was the closest region to Meridell (even if the two regions were historically rivals). The young Lupe took a look at the other players on the field. A natural defender, he could sense at a glance who would be good at it and who would be...

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