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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

She scanned ahead for the old red flag with the moon’s image that signified she had reached the Lunar temple. She couldn’t see the ground for fog, it was always thickest on cold mornings, and she knew it was densest at the base of the valley, so she could read the topography below her based on how thick it was. The deepest crevices were white as dumplings; the higher roads, buildings and bridges were semi-transparent like the water left over from cooking rice; and peering down at the crests of peaks and taller structures was like looking at the world through a thin glass noodle. As she tucked her tail and dove through the soupy layers of sky to the temple gateway, Kimi realized that she had left the palace without her breakfast.

Academy vs Training School: Beginner Course Review

In regards to new Battledome talents, there is fierce competition among school offerings. Both Captain Threelegs’ Swashbuckling Academy and Mystery Island Training School provide all major courses for beginners (till level 40). After level 40 monopoly belongs to both schools on the Mystery Island - Training School and Secret Ninja Training School. In previous Neopian Times issues, authors have covered the financial and course length differences between both training schools for beginners. Even though the economical situation is variable, an article like "The First Forty: A Statistical Analysis of Training Schools" outlines approximate training costs.


Rough and rowdy fortune seekers sailing the high seas. Stealthy and skilled mercenaries always ready to carry out their mission. Pirate versus Ninja; it’s a popular match-up for a reason. Both soldiers of fortune and mighty fighters, but each has their own style and goals. Neopets doesn’t just have their own pirates and ninjas but even their own lands with matching cultures! Krawk Island and Mystery Island (and Shenkuu) have given us many notable pirates and ninjas over the years. Interactions between them are inevitable but, while many of us don’t see them, they are recorded into the ANNUALS OF GREAT ENCOUNTERS!

G&B: Pirates vs Ninjas

Grams: Arr! Hello, there and welcome aboard. It is raining Doglefoxes and Kadoaties out there! I’m Grams, this is Boyd and we are happy to welcome you to another episode of Grams and Boyd! Today, we join in the age old debate Pirates vs Ninjas. I've chosen my side and Boyd has too, right? Boyd: That's right! I'll be sneaking some of my favourite stealthy and ninja items into the list and Grams will bring all the buried treasure she can carry so let's get to it! Grams: Aye, landlubber, full sail ahead. - (no peg legs in the bouncy ship!)

Other Stories
"When Worlds Collide" by parody_ham
White-capped waves lapped along the shores of Dylan’s prison. The silver-skinned Krawk sighed as he plunged his feet into the sand and watched the full moon shimmer in the churning waters. A light, tropical breeze tickled his cheek, making it sting with a dull ache. “How did everything go so wrong?” he mused, digging his hands through his white mane before gazing at the distant, flickering oil lamps of his old pirate crew’s ship. It moored only a short distance from the shore—his fault, he reminded himself—before it found land again in the morning. Only ten days before, he was working as an able-bodied crewman aboard The Mariner’s Voyage, aiding with whatever was needed. Usually, as the newest recruit, this devolved into him being the deck swabby, but Dylan did not mind the title. It meant getting a share of the loot to bring back to his family at home; that was all that mattered.

"The Admiral's Ninja" by dudeiloled
The Jolly Chomby sailed through the open waters near Krawk Island with ease. As the wind gently pushed across the sails, Admiral Blackbeard stood at the helm of his ship with a satisfied smile, while his crewmates worked frantically around him to make sure everything was smooth. If there was one thing Admiral Blackbeard didn’t like, it was a bumpy ride to the harbour, because that meant his stomach would upset and his performance at the Food Club would suffer. Not that he was doing particularly well in recent years. Ah, to be youthful again! Back when his stomach could bear the great dishes of cheeses and yoghurts and pizzas that were often on display. Back when the Food Club catered much more to a healthy sense of living – large amounts of fruits and vegetables – rather than the thrill of the competition. Nowadays he fell behind, unable to tolerate dairy anymore, and his once...

"The Golden Dubloon's Grog Hub" by sparktater
On the shores of Krawk Island one afternoon, a ship arrived, carrying a green Meerca named Steve. Steve worked for a small production company in Neopia Central and had recently been commissioned to produce a brand new NeoVision commercial for Golden Dubloon. Shielding his eyes from the sun, Steve dodged a small group of pirates quarrelling over a game involving a bag of Dubloons, eagerly smelt food cooking for the next Food Club session and observed as a cart full of petpets headed towards Warf Wharf. This was a very different world to the clean, well-kept offices he came from, full of the smells of damp wood and grog. He couldn’t see a fancy coffee shop anywhere. Reaching the Golden Dubloon, Steve pushed open the door and entered cautiously and asked a Kacheek dressed in a red and white striped dress for the manager. She nodded and disappeared behind a door...

The Golden Dubloon

This week's issue is brought to you by: The Golden Dubloon
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