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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Backstage seemed to drag on for miles. Fragments of different worlds, like a piece of Meridellian farmstead or a chunk of desert, peppered the otherwise dark wall. Upon approaching the spotlight, Jeran noticed a shaking, huddling form. They had ceased their squalling, perhaps from wearing themselves to the point of exhaustion. As bad as it made him feel to think it, he was thankful for the moment of quiet. He studied the creature with caution. A blanket wrapped around their body like a tunic; even then, they still quaked like a leaf in the wind. Perhaps they were cold? But no, that wasn’t it. The room felt pleasant, almost comfortable, compared to the frigid conditions in Terror Mountain. The fact that Jeran could not see their eyes made him uneasy. Who knew what or who from their childhood could be beneath the shadows? Jeran turned his head this way and that to get a better look, but they held their head between their knees. Long ears came up in stalks from the figure and flopped down towards the middle. And from behind their blanket tunic, there was a long, thick tail that lay flat across the ground. A Blumaroo. They were a Blumaroo.

Haunted Woods Travel Guide

Who else has found themselves having the nearly irresistible urge to visit some of Neopia’s darker worlds? It’s that time of year again when the normally desolate Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground and Neovia are bustling with neopets from all over Neopia. Despite their trepidation, many neopets still venture over to hunt for ghosts while others want to sample some of the spooky delights only found at the Fairground. There’s just something about this month that bring out everyone’s spooky sides. If this is your first trip out to these spooky places, you are in the right place. This article will give you all the knowledge and safety tips to have a fun, spooky time, whether you are exploring the woods, hanging out at the fairgrounds, or buying some goodies from the marketplace. The Haunted Woods may look foreboding, but there is always fun to be found. Just read my article to help you plan your next perfect spooky trip!

How to Write a Storytelling Starter

The Storytelling Competition may be one of the most difficult contests on Neopets, and not only because you are expected to turn in writing worthy of a trophy, a handful of Neopoints and a rare item. Instead of submitting a story that is wholly yours, you must adapt to the ongoing Storytelling plot by writing what happens next, with a unique and interesting twist or development. Years ago, the STC was especially competitive, with many highly skilled storytellers always raising the bar and pushing newcomers to new heights. Though the STC is quieter nowadays, the challenge is still there, especially now that there are only five winning entries picked per week, sometimes less. For a long time, it was the judge who started the story, and then left it for users to continue. Today, a user now has the option to submit a starter or a beginning instead of continuing an ongoing story. They would have complete control over the story...

Stunning Marble Pets

I’ve always liked Marble Neopets, with all the nostalgia they bring. As a kid I grew up playing with marbles in the neighbourhood with my cousins and schoolmates, and seeing all those pets with different Marble colours and patterns sure brought back lots of memories of simpler, better times. It’s been more than three years since the Marble Paint Brush was released in Y19, its description being: This Paint Brush will make your pet look sleek and shiny just like Marble! No more specifics or explanation, with the Marble Neopets mostly shaped after the spherical toys we played with...

Other Stories
"Pride of the Citadel- An Interview with Kep Bonnefie" by skatabo
Hello, Neopian Times! I’m Skaata, interviewing Kep Bonnefie of Team Darigan Citadel. Darigan did quite well in this year's cup, ending with a podium finish, but the loyal fans anxiously await a true return to form. Let’s get the perspective of someone from the inside. Kep: “I appreciate the fact that you waited until after the finals to ask for an interview; there are so many buffoons who pay no heed to the fact that we need to focus on our preparation and not their stupid questions.” Skaata: “Ehehe, well, I hope the questions I’ve prepared pass muster! Now, let’s get it out of the way – the rumour about the Darigan Yooyus in the match with Kiko Lake. You know about it?” Kep: “Erugh. Yes, I’ve heard about it. I suppose it’s good to nip it in the bud here and now...

"The Grumpy Ruki" by 77thbigby
The Halloween Ruki found herself standing in the middle of her parlour, a broom in her hands. Her antennae were flicked backwards and her beautiful grey eyes were narrowed in disgust. She was surrounded by Korbats that she had considered her friends up until that moment. All of them were collapsed around the room, having gorged themselves on the food that she had painstakingly prepared that day. Looking around at the ravages of a party gone wrong, the only thing that the Ruki could think was that her day was not supposed to end like this. ~ ~ ~ It was Korbat Day. Althea had big plans for this day. Living in the Haunted Woods, she had several Korbats for friends and the kind-hearted Ruki had decided to do something for them. She was going to throw her first ever party...

"Oohee's and Claude's Mystery Island Adventure!" by zed16
Claude the rainbow kadoatie peeked his head out from the opening of the backpack. His owner Oohee the faerie poogle was gathering up the last of her things, before they were to set off for the day at Mystery Island! They both were looking forward to this. Their own adventure just the two of them. The reason behind them going on this mini adventure, was because Oohee had a few friends mention just how lovely the Island was and that there were loads to do there. Plus they said she could bring Claude along with her as they allowed petpets - as long as he doesn't run off and stays with Oohee it should be fine. No problem there Oohee thought to herself. It wasn't long before Oohee booked a boat to take them there and now the day had finally arrived!

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The Storytelling Competition may be one of the most difficult contests on Neopets, and not only because you are expected to turn in writing worthy of a trophy, a handful of Neopoints and a rare item...

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