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Short Stories

The Grumpy Ruki

Looking around at the ravages of a party gone wrong, the only thing that the Ruki could think was that her day was not supposed to end like this...

by 77thbigby
Oohee's and Claude's Mystery Island Adventure!

Claude the rainbow kadoatie peeked his head out from the opening of the backpack. His owner Oohee the faerie poogle was gathering up the last of her things, before they were to set off for the day at Mystery Island!

by zed16
Pride of the Citadel- An Interview with Kep Bonnefie

One of Yooyuball's most famous backliners, Kep Bonnefie, reveals powerful insights on team strategy and more!

by skatabo
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How to Write a Storytelling Starter

The Storytelling Competition may be one of the most difficult contests on Neopets, and not only because you are expected to turn in writing worthy of a trophy, a handful of Neopoints and a rare item. Instead of submitting a story that is wholly yours, you must adapt to the ongoing Storytelling plot by writing what happens next, with a unique and interesting twist or development. Years ago, the STC was especially competitive, with many highly skilled storytellers always raising the bar and pushing newcomers to new heights. Though the STC is quieter nowadays, the challenge is still there, especially now that there are only five winning entries picked per week, sometimes less. For a long time, it was the judge who started the story, and then left it for users to continue. Today, a user now has the option to submit a starter or a beginning instead of continuing an ongoing story. They would have complete control over the story...

Other Stories


Stunning Marble Pets
A carefully curated list of the 15 most marvellous marble pets!

by darkobsession


Haunted Woods Travel Guide
It’s that time of year again when the normally desolate Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground and Neovia are bustling with neopets from all over Neopia...

by catapult1718


Rosalina and the Way-Weird Beast
Rosalina agrees to take Margo's place as the Werelupe's prisoner...

by downrightdude


A Hero's Ballad: The Knightmare
Upon entering into the dark hole in the sky, Jeran was instantly hit with the overwhelming, echoing cries of a child...

by parody_ham


For Today's Agenda
So, what are your plans for today? Collab with riparu

by mikurubeam297


Bonds: a short comic
A friend in need is a friend indeed! collab with carolina_021 and gabi100pitty

by hasse_li_37

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