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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

They said that the path to Ilere’s lair was marked by the cursed ghosts of Meepits, who danced among the trees. Kelland could do without seeking the residents of the Deep Woods, but he had little choice. He left the cave and plunged back into the undergrowth, extinguishing the torch to keep his eyes adjusted to the dark. It wasn’t long before he began to see the ethereal shapes drifting through the gaps in the trees, and the hint of laughter on the breeze as the ghost Meepits danced along their woodland trail. Kelland followed them at a distance. It wasn’t unheard of for the Meepits to deliberately lead lost travellers off the paths and into greater danger, so it was in the Techo’s best interests to keep out of their eye line until they reached their destination. Eventually the Meepits congregated in a small, natural clearing in the forest, with gnarled trees towering over it to almost enclose it in a cave of branches.

An Interview with a Disgruntled Petpet

Petpets tend to be unsung heroes of the Neopian world. They crawl into tiny spaces daily in order to retrieve items for neopets and their owners. Many dailies would be impossible without them, yet they don’t always get the credit and glory they deserve. In fact, there are rumours of petpets potentially unionizing and going on strike. The Neopian economy is worried if this strike comes to fruition, as petpets are needed for dailies and this could cripple up to 15% of the economy. On the precipice of this potential economic disaster, I was able to sit down with one of these disgruntled petpets and his neopet. Skar, a Mutant Zomutt, and his Halloween Lupe owner, Fang, are joining me for this interview. Interviewer (I): Thank you for joining me today Skar and Fang. I know there is a lot to unpack, Skar. And I understand you might be caught off-guard by a lot of this, Fang.

Breaking News from the Neovision Newsroom

Neovision News Room Hovri Sweet: We interrupt your boring day to bring you this special report: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity has been stolen! Tobias Sigmir: Is nothing sacred anymore Hovri? The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity has hung from a tree in Faerieland ever since its crash to the ground eleven years ago. Prior to that, it laid on a pillow of clouds in Faerieland in the sky. No one knows the origins of this sad little toy, though there were once rumours that they had something to do with the Guildmasters Dinner. Hovri Sweet: The abandoned plushie who brings not only prosperity but also sadness to Neopets on their treks through Faerieland will be sorely missed. Anyone with information on their whereabouts or even a slight suspicion or gut feeling on who may have stolen them should report to TNT immediately.

Top 8 Books about Blumaroos for Blumaroo Day

On the 8th of the month of Hiding (August 8), Neopia officially celebrates Blumaroo Day. The species was first spotted in Year 2 (2000), and come from their own land of Roo Island, just off the coast of Neopia Central. They are known for their characteristic long tail, which they often stand on instead of their hind legs. Other prominent physical features include their big round nose, round and flappy ears, and their heart-shaped feet...

Other Stories
"Friendship, Letters, and the Altador Cup" by precious_katuch14
Dear Addie, I wish I could take back what I said to you yesterday – or what I didn’t say. You had a bad day, but instead, I kept talking about how Professor Gideon grilled me on exactly the lesson I had failed to read the night before because I had to clean my Strales’ aquarium. I apologized to you, only to realize too late that this wasn’t the first time I talked over you or didn’t listen to you. After that, I could only listen to you tell me how insincere and selfish I was, watch as you walked across Brightvale University’s garden and away from me, and hear you tell me not to follow you or to talk to you ever again. I felt terrible. What a dumb Cybunny I must be. I cried all night trying to review for my physics quiz and I couldn’t read my notes at all because my eyes were so red and sore. For the first time in my life, I was glad I didn’t have a roommate because no one would have to see me like that.

"All That Jazz" by kazam273
15 December Y20 Awe. That’s about the only word Helen the Elderlygirl Kacheek could come up with as she stared at the glossy ticket resting on the table in front of her. Her dearest friend Walter, an Elderlyboy Shoyru, had mailed her his Christmas present early this year, with strict instructions on the envelope to open it as soon as she received it. So she had carefully opened the envelope’s flap and pulled out the card, a simple, black and white thing(card), decorated with the members of Jazzmosis in little Santa hats and Elven ears. The card had brought a soft smile to her lips; it was no secret among her friends that Helen carried an undying love for Jazzmosis, having dedicated an entire room in her NeoHome to their memorabilia—hats, posters, CDs, etc.—that she’d collected over the years. However, unfortunately, that memorabilia had accounted for all her Jazzmosis interaction...

"Alone Together" by angel_star7
"We are all alone." Tormund says, leaning his head back, looking at the sky. "Those purple clouds are moving fast,* Roberta adds. One day has passed already for the duo, leaving them with only two left before the Darkest Faerie's clouds overtook the eastern Kingdom of Brightvale. Many of the neighbouring towns have already fallen, Tor and Roberta's only safe refuge being Brightvale. They have done their research in the library, finding out some more information. All they know at this point was that they absolutely needed Fyora's Rod that was buried deep under Meridell. But how could they possibly get there? The bridge to Meridell is out, and there is no other way to get there. Everyone in Meridell is under the strange effect of the clouds, and there seems to be absolutely no hope. Roberta plays with the necklace she keeps around her neck. This special amulet they had both received and were tasked with to never...


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