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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Most of all, Monazite was still alone. Monazite laid down in her bed and threw the thin covers over herself. But she had no will at that moment to let herself drift off into slumber by the thoughts of her deepest fantasies and wishes. Instead, it was only when her sobs petered out was she able to fall into a dreamless sleep.

A Scarab's Guide to Travelling Neopia

Many Neopians have written about travelling throughout Neopia, and you can find many brochures, guides, and books about all the lands in Neopia. However, what about from a Scarab’s point of view? Every day many Neopets come to Qasala to drop yet another Scarab into the Qasalan Expellibox, sending them into tubes that would end up in different Neopia land. We recommend every Scarab to not spread your wings during this process, as the high speed could injure your pretty, shiny, delicate wings! Let’s start with Qasala, where most of the Scarabs are still living! Well, Qasala is certainly not a bad place to live for a Scarab! The weather is hot and dry, perfect for a swarm of Scarab!

Required Reading: Booktastic Books

They are a smart people up on Kreludor. How exactly do you think the Grundos managed to live on the moon? Take it from a Neopet species far more interesting and advanced than Neopians: there are cool things to be found on the moon. That goes for books, too! The Booktastic Book store, located on Kreludor, stocks an impressive collection of unique books. These books do not count for the traditional Neopian Book Award, but instead for the Booktastic Book Award. The Booktastic Book Award is a much smaller, cheaper collection of books, and the collection is full of fun, unique titles. In this article, we’ll be chronicling some of the most interesting Booktastic Books out there.

The Neopian Times Series Spotlight — The Music Box

Hello Neopians, and welcome to the first-ever Neopian Times Series Spotlight! My name is The Reporter-yes, that's actually the moniker my parents gave me. I was aptly named; ever since I've been old enough to talk I've felt an inherent and irrepressible need to report things, to stand in the heights and shout to the world about everything important to me. Well my friends, after all these years I've finally found something worthwhile to report about! Every so often (or as often as possible!) I will be conducting interviews with the authors of various Neopian Times series in the midst of their run. My intention? To bring publicity to these remarkable feats of Neopian literature, as well as to help readers connect with series they'll love.

Other Stories
"Sunset" by malisha9
A cacophony of live music, excited chatter, enthusiastic laughs, and clashing dishes filled the Cascade Ballroom, the largest that Altador had to offer. It slumbered in dust, except for the occasional banquet or lavish celebration, but every month of Relaxing, it hosted the annual celebratory for Altador Cup teams and affiliates before their departures. Now, Altador Cup XV had ended and the festivities had begun. Team Shenkuu’s Captain Mirsha Grelinek lingered at the edge of the crowd, drink in hand. She spotted her teammates Antola and Larcy conversing with Team Roo Island’s Lilo Blumario and Jair Tollet; Timu spoke amiably to Team Faerieland’s Delma Harrence and Team Moltara’s Vere Polnicek; and Xana was by the refreshments table with Team Terror Mountain’s Minae Mitora. All athletes were dressed in casual wear, team rivalries dissolved for a night of comradery and celebration.

"Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder" by aliceinwonderland18
“Back again, eh?” Charlie asks. Sekhegal grunts. He’s perfectly fine at understanding standard Neopian, but speaking is a clumsy exercise when his mouth is used to the guttural sounds of Tyrannian. Outside of Tyrannia though, few people speak Tyrannian and grunts usually are enough to get the message across. Selling things at his furniture shop is simple enough without speaking. Honest Neopians will grab an item and wake him up to start the haggling process. Numbers are the same across Neopia and they can trade prices until he’s satisfied. For the dishonest Neopians who try to sneak out with something...well he isn’t actually asleep and Grarrl teeth are great for intimidation. Charlie leans on his pitchfork as he watches Sekhegal head straight for the nearest rubbish pile to begin sorting through the Bits...

"Ndomi's Secret Lost Desert Mission" by drgnswor
The sun was beating down relentless, casting the entirety of The Lost Desert in glimmering gold. Flat sand plains stretched as far as the eye could see with no respite in sight. The horizon seemed endless to poor Ndomi who wiped the two droplets of sweat that were making their way down either side of her head. She had spent four arduous days trekking in the outer skirts of The Lost Desert. Surely it wasn’t far off now? What she wouldn’t do for an oasis to just appear before her. She checked her satchel and picked up her almost empty water bottle. “I know what I’d be wishing for,” the Green Gelert muttered between laboured breaths as she took a tiny little sip.Why on Neopia did I agree to help Sankara, Ndomi thought ruefully. She didn’t even like going outside Sakhmet City, let alone the barren and hostile desert beyond it yet she had agreed to this difficult task.

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