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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Silently they stepped into the shadows of the trees. There they stopped for a moment to marvel at their surroundings. Even in the wan light, this was an unbelievable place. The trees’ enormous trunks went up two hundred feet at least, stretching arrow-straight into the sky; their leaves, a striking shade of violet in the autumn, fluttered down to the ground from high above. The air was cool and damp, disturbed only by the faraway cries of beasts wandering in some distant glade. And all around, though the sun might shine outside, the forest was dark. Tylix felt as if he could stare into it forever and never plumb its depths. The First Forest, cradle of Neopian civilization, was a world unto itself.

Haunted Woods & Neovia: Hidden Gems

If you were to choose where to live in Neopia, you would choose Faerieland or Neopia Central. Don't lie, who wouldn't? More "spooky" locations like Haunted Woods or Neovia often don't get picked... which they should! I mean... who wouldn't want to spin the wheel of misfortune? Ok, that makes sense, no-one, but you can actually win prizes worth 29k, for example, Kougrachio Plushie. I'm here to list my reasons why, YOU, yes you, should live in Haunted Woods/Neovia! Oh, and by the way, umm... you can call me Ghoul. 1. Halloween vibes all year long!

A Guide to Achieving the Perfect Goth Pet!

Species To start, you'll have to pick which one of your Neopets will become goth. Fortunately, this style can work with every species of pet! Anyone can be goth if they feel it deep down in their sorrowful soul. Colour One of the most vital elements of your Neopet's goth transformation is going to be its colour. This will provide the base from which you devise your pets backstory and overall appearance going forward. If you keep an open mind, there's a lot of different colour options for a goth pet to choose from! A Grey or Shadow pet are obvious choices for those interested in this dark aesthetic.

The Neopets TCG in Modern Times

If you’re like me, you joined Neopets as a young child when the website was at its peak. Upon returning to it years later, you found that the community was a bit closer-knit. That isn’t a problem for us loyal players, though it has resulted in a number of changes - some of which are a little unfortunate. Among these consequences is the long-ago discontinuation of the Neopets TCG, which happened nearly a decade ago. But just because the cards are no longer being released doesn’t mean they can’t still be found by scouring the internet!

Other Stories
"Down the Wishing Well" by almightynyx
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Yottir glanced back at Schyff, frowning. "There's a lot that I wouldn't do if I were you, either," he retorted. "I just want to see where the magic comes from." Schyff rolled his eyes. "Magic doesn't exist outside of what the faeries can do, Yottir." "Then how do you suppose this thing always grants everyone all these crazy wishes?" the Xweetok went back on to his tiptoes and peered into the Wishing Well, leaning into it to a rather dangerous degree. "Do you think it has magic of its own? Or maybe some faeries live in here. Maybe there's such thing as Well Faeries! Could you imagine that, Schyff?" "No," the Hissi said simply. "There are no 'Well Faeries.' That would just be silly." "Maybe they're sleeping. The Well Faeries are sleeping." "Yottir, Well Faeries aren't real."

"Hardcore, Hissies, and Questionable Life Decisions" by alli_draggy
It started out simple enough. I'd been surfing online looking for cool music to listen to while playing Neoquest, when I found a profile for Cynds, who was making techno and posting it online along with videos of herself using fireworks and other pyrotechnics to make amazing displays in time with music. I figured it seemed pretty cool, so I tuned in. If only I knew what I'd gotten myself into. I kept listening to her music and watching her videos as soon as she uploaded them, I guess I'd gotten kinda hooked. Not only was her sound and premise cool, but she also exuded confidence and wasn't at all afraid to express who she was and what she enjoyed, no matter who was watching. Eventually, I started getting a kinda crazy idea. What if I could join Cynds?

"I Aesid" by mewemy
It was only 4 pm but already eerily dark outside from the cluster of clouds quickly forming. Rain began splashing against the windowpane making a popping sound with each drop. Aesid just finished the last sentence of his physics paper, relieved to finally be done with homework for the night. Dropping his pencil he let out a sigh as he leaned back in this chair for a moment of relaxation. He was glad for that paper to be done, so he could finally hop on his computer and try out the Assignment 53 game his friend Connor lent him. Just as he turned the monitor on he heard his mother call, “Honey come down, it’s time for supper!” He thudded down the stairs eager to wolf down his food, so he could race back up to his bedroom and battle aliens for the rest of the night. As he sat down at the dinner table his younger sister made her way...

Collectable Sea Shells

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I Aesid
It was only 4 pm but already eerily dark outside from the cluster of clouds quickly forming. Rain began splashing against the windowpane making a popping sound with each drop.

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