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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Haestil came from a beautiful land of lakes and meadows to the west of what would become Neopia City. There, she used her mastery of earth magic to tend to the land and ensure that crops were always bountiful. Her abilities did not escape Xantan’s notice, and he asked her to join the Circle as soon as he happened upon the idea of the Great Empire.

Seven Falltastic Looks For Your Pet

Hello my fellow Neopians! The seasons are shifting and the leaves are changing. You know what that means - fall is almost upon us! There are so many ways to customise for Autumn, and with all the colors popping you’re sure to have plenty of outfit options. We’ve created six different looks to help you show off your love of what’s the best season! Ahem, in our personal opinion at least.

Fact or Fiction? Kadoatery Folklore!

Over the many, many years I have been hanging around the Kadoatery, I’ve developed certain… perceptions about feeding Kadoaties. Call it the Kadoatie culture if you will—surprisingly, even the simple act of feeding Kadoaties is associated with beliefs and superstitions! Whether such superstitions are true or not and/or whether or not you believe they exist regardless of their legitimacy, it is always fun to joke around about them.

Challenge Yourself – Word Puzzle

Do you think that you know ALL the characters that exists in Neopia World? Do you know WHICH part of Neopia they comes from? Do you REMEMBER in which plot they are starring? Fear not, because I guaranteed that you don’t remember them anymore or worst, don’t know that they exists in the first place. One of the major reason that I can think off, because there are thousands of them out there.

Other Stories
"Usuki Singing Stars #46: Something Special for You" by downrightdude
"This bracelet is going to look so pretty, Mr. Porkers,” Lola gushed as she sorted through her tin of beads. The yellow Cybunny held up the string of yellow star-shaped, green triangle-shaped and pink heart-shaped beads she’d fashioned. “How does this look?” she asked her Snorkle. Mr. Porkers oinked and sniffed the tin. Lola beamed. The bracelet was a surprise birthday present for Ms. Butterworth, a cloud Bruce who’d taken the young Cybunny in after her parents abandoned her at the Pound. To show her appreciation, Lola decided that a homemade bracelet would be the perfect present—something Ms. Butterworth could wear everyday, as a reminder of Lola’s love. Pleased with the result of her creation, Lola tied the string into a knot and, shivering with excitement, slipped her hands through the bracelet. It was a perfect fit.

"First Story: The Bridge" by Username
Go, go, go, but look who's here. Welcome to my humble abode, I am Zecura and I will be your host for tonight. They want a cup of spyder coffee, desert beetle cookies or centipede cake ... Ju ju ju ju, come closer, take a seat, get comfortable and hold on to your souls because it's time for a tragic story. First Story: The Bridge This story begins in a picturesque and touristy place, the Kiko lake home of all the neopia Kikos, well most of them. On a sunny day, a very lively young Kacheek named Evescence started a long journey from Altador to Lake Kiko to take a few weeks of vacation and rest from her grueling post office job - How boring in my opinion it would also take a vacation if it were her , ju ju ju. Upon arrival, Evescence marveled at the beautiful view that the place offered, there were many neopets of various species living together, in addition to the Kikos obviously.

"Mystery of the Brightville Vanishing " by josephinefarine
In the soft light of the autumn sun trickling in through the port windows, some passengers aboard the SS Delfin were enjoying their breakfast. Having set sail from Mystery Island two days ago, the vessel was en route for Brightvale, and would reach its destination in just a few hours. Well, it was early: most voyagers were asleep in their cabins. A few, though, had already packed their suitcases and were seated at the simple tables scattered throughout the ship’s sparsely decorated cafeteria. Some passengers had elected to stand out on the deck to enjoy the misty breeze.Perched to one end of the railing on the deck stood a Cloud Cybunny, one foot precariously placed in between two steel balusters. Her long trench coat rippled in the coastal wind and her hazel eyes were fixed on the horizon. She did not seem to mind the spray of the ocean, and she smiled in spite of the mist.

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