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New Series

Mystery of the Brightville Vanishing

In the soft light of the autumn sun trickling in through the port windows, some passengers aboard the SS Delfin were enjoying their breakfast.

by josephinefarine
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Fact or Fiction? Kadoatery Folklore!

Over the many, many years I have been hanging around the Kadoatery, I’ve developed certain… perceptions about feeding Kadoaties. Call it the Kadoatie culture if you will—surprisingly, even the simple act of feeding Kadoaties is associated with beliefs and superstitions! Whether such superstitions are true or not and/or whether or not you believe they exist regardless of their legitimacy, it is always fun to joke around about them.

Other Stories


First Story: The Bridge
Go, go, go, but look who's here. Welcome to my humble abode, I am Zecura and I will be your host for tonight.

by esmiraldel


Usuki Singing Stars #46: Something Special for You
This bracelet is going to look so pretty, Mr. Porkers,” Lola gushed as she sorted through her tin of beads.

by downrightdude


Challenge Yourself – Word Puzzle
Word Puzzle instead of quizzes

by xlorally


Spend a Little Now, Make a Lot Later
After saving up countless Neopoints to reach some goals like completing a stamp album page and customizing all of my pets to the best they can be (subjectively, I’m sure some would suggest better outfits!)

by 1isprime


Saving for the Golden Shell
remind me again...

by sheepmad4eva


Naiahtin's Doodles: Ghost Hands
No hands, no problem for this little tadpole!

by _kate_e_did_

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