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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The faerie’s footsteps reverberated off the gleaming stone tile. The interior sprawled like a grand hall, neutral greys dominating the polished floors and high-vaulted ceiling. Specks of tinted rainbow light flashed through the stained-glass windows, the passing clouds that were close enough to touch caused the light to dance.

Pets Are Friends Not Food

While browsing through Neopian Fresh Foods one evening looking for something delicious and nutritious to feed your pets for dinner you come across an item called Draik Steak. The description beneath the item reads ‘A large lump of prime rib shaped to look like a Draiks head (not actually made from Draik)’. You chuckle to yourself as you place a few in your basket and think ‘I wonder why they bother to say it’s not actually made from Draik, why would anyone want to buy a REAL Draik Steak?’. Well, unfortunately, there is plenty of demand in Neopia for REAL Draik Steak. If the idea of eating something made from a Neopet, PetPet, or even Petpetpet horrifies you then please read on as I detail the variety of gruesome Pet-based foods found in Neopia, so you know what foods to avoid. In this article I will only be detailing the foods which *explicitly* mention that they contain ingredients of Pet, PetPet, or PetPetPet. There are a great number of other foods which contain ingredients that are somewhat concerning in origin which you may want to avoid just in case (anything made from brains, tongues, wings, fingers, or hair).

How To Create a Pet Directory

Faerie, Xweetok, Mutant, Zafara, Mallow, Draik... the list of Neopet species and colors is astounding! One of the best features of the site is seeing the different styles and tastes users choose to express via their pets. Some Neopian’s theme their accounts color-wise, while others stay within a single species. Users that are UBER-proud of their pets may even decide to list them in a pet directory. Pet directories focus on a particular theme and list Neopets that showcase that category. However, there is so much more to running one! In this article you will learn the basics to opening your very own directory to display your favorite color, species, or pet-niche! Purpose The first thing you will want to consider is why you want to open your directory. Do you currently own a pet that fits the category? Have you always been obsessed with "gross" pets? Maybe a new color has been released and you would like to begin cataloguing from the very beginning! Having a purpose for creating your page with help fuel the many hours required for content creation.

12 year old Neopian vs 28 year old Neopian

Some of us Neopet's elders are still lurking around the site, either following new found hobbies or interests or perfecting older ones. Some of us simply come on to lurk in our guilds and the chats and some of us just come on to be nosy, either way, we are still here. Sixteen years later and I'm still here, every evening when my twins go to bed. So what's the difference? What keeps me here now? How would 12 year old me react to certain scenarios vs 28 year old me? It's time to find out! Disclaimer: This may not apply to everyone. TNT: A new plot is released, go and support this cunning Kacheek as he seeks to find what happened to Neopia

Other Stories
"Reginald Acorn and The Mysterious Jewel Thief " by dtrg
4:30 am, Neovia. I've been living here for a month already, but I still can't get used to it. The fog is particularly thick tonight and I'm shivering in my trench-coat. My breath is drawing small clouds of smoke around me. Big Skeith, my boss, is heavily breathing next to me. He's the biggest darigan Skeith I've ever seen and he smells like bacon. Don't tell him, apparently, it's rude to say people smells like bacon, which I don't understand because I sure do like bacon He's wearing a tightly fitted trench-coat and his hat is deeply screwed on his head. You are only able to see two creepy red lights, where his eyes are. Big Skeith, while being my boss, is also the chief of police of Neovia town. His real name is Marcus Worsley but everyone calls him Big Skeith, it apparently started years ago and it kinda stayed. He's rude, loud, violent and tells things like they are, but he's the best chief there is. He will always defend his men no matter what. He also gave me my chance to join the police, something I've always wanted, and despite the fact that I had zero experience.

"Neia The White Knight " by xatrocious
Some knew her as daring, some knew her as cunning, and some knew her as The White Knight. Alfineia the White Lupe, Neia as most knew her by, is a hero unlike any other. Before getting too far into the story though, it is important to know how Neia came to be. As a young pup, Neia had been on her own. She travelled land to land searching for the one true place she might belong. Each stop she made in a new world, she met many new creatures of all kinds, from faeries, to other neopets, to a wide range of unique monsters. While she was amazed at each land, she never could quite find where she felt at home, so she continued to travel on to the next world. Until one day, while wondering the Haunted Woods, she came upon a faerie battling Xandra the sorceress. Neia had heard of this faerie for many years while exploring the worlds of Neopia. This faerie was courageous and quick on her feet.Ready to put all she had into protecting the lands of Neopia. Neia watched in amazement as Xandra fled the battle defeated.

"New Chapters" by marchabun
I wasn't nervous. Not at all. At least, that's what I'd repeated to myself while my hands shook in anticipation. You would think that with my level of experience I would be perfectly fine, but I had butterflies in my stomach, my heart in my throat, the whole shebang. But it had been over a decade since I'd last done this— I came back on a whim. I had been living a different life altogether after I had parted ways with my previous pets all those years ago. Back then I was a plucky little girl, running around Neopia and solving mysteries with my best friends. I realized the memory brought a smile on my face when he gave me a curious look. I cleared my throat. "Hello." Hello? Was that the best I could do now? No introduction? Well, it's far too late to tack on my name now, it would sound pretty stiff. Not that it doesn't already. The blue Gnorbu lit up as soon as I offered my lackluster greeting. He did not seem bothered by it at all as he trotted towards me and straightened up to present himself excitedly. The sight of it was so endearing that in that moment I had felt a rush of nostalgia and warmth.

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