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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"Some of the hardest decisions any Defender has had to make during their lifetime is usually centered on a conflict between their duty and the right thing to do."

Avoiding Rest Day Boredom

Rest days during the Altador Cup can be a welcome break from the craziness of tournament days. They’re a chance for players to rest tired fingers, have a cup of tea, and relax after several days of working hard to help their teams win the cup. But they can also pose a difficult question: “What do I do with my time now?!” After all, dedicated players spend several hours every day on the Altador Cup games.

Nimmo Day: The Bad & The Worse

It’s a new day—and what better way to spend your morning reading The Neopian Times than celebrating those insanely zen Nimmos? Nimmos are one of the very few Neopets that haven’t changed their name or look since the very beginning; their pose, relaxed nature, and adorable signature hands are something that’s been consistent through the years. It’s only fitting that the 15th is dedicated to this Neopet—it’s the month of Relaxing, after all!

Team Lost Desert: The Complete History

One of the more popular teams, Team Lost Desert has had several of its ups and downs throughout the last twelve years participating in the Altador Cup. During the first few years of the event, Lost Desert steadily rose to the top of the scoreboard, and eventually made their way to first place in 2010. Fans rejoiced, and the team was able to pat each other on the back for a job well done. However, it was perhaps this very victory that made the team overly-confident and loosed their edge.

Other Stories
"The Cherry Blossom Princess" by _the_spardel_queen_
She was the youngest of twelve sisters, all born into the royal family of Shenkuu. Ilyaren was the quietest and most kind-hearted of her sisters, she dedicated her life to learning to the arts, specifically music and art. She was most commonly found by the cherry blossom trees, everyone thought her odd, as they preferred dressing up and going to royal functions, and she preferred the comfort in the solitude she found being by herself in the cherry blossom forest. Unfortunately as she grew older, she was only thought of for her beauty. The most beautiful of the sisters, her pink fur matched the color of the cherry blossoms she grew to love so much, and her black hair flowed in the wind around her blue and red kimono. When she was forced to go to the balls, she became ridden with anxiety, as nobody would leave her alone. All of the handsome princes from around the world wanted to meet her and see in person if the rumors were true. And sure enough they were, she was the most beautiful princess in all of Neopia. Her life had so much more meaning though, when she began to talk about her wind instruments and paintings, everyone became very bored and would change the subject to how she likes being a princess and if she would like to become queen one day. In frustration, she stormed out, to return to her safe space under the cherry blossoms. Her oldest sister became extremely jealous as she watched Ilyaren run away from the crowd of young princes. She couldn’t figure out why they preferred her, but she decided to put an end to it. In the middle of the night, she recruited a dark spirit, and asked it to make her sister disappear.

"Mutant Bog" by forestfleet
The wheels of the wagon creaked as Chris and his Neopets rode deeper into the Haunted Woods. A month after the teaching incident, Chris figured it wise to entertain other moneymaking ventures. Something other than hoping the Stock Market was sturdy. Void, a Wraith Chris discovered during the War of Faerie's Ruin, was left home alone. While Starry and Whisper wondered about the decision, Chris said she would be a lot safer home, than if she came with them. Next to him, against the wall of the wagon, was Whisper. The two talked, switching topics frequently. It went from jelly to Tyrannia. They discussed who would win if Brightvale or the Lost Desert warred. Starry, meanwhile, let a little baby Draik ride on her back. That was one of the few times Chris saw Starry smile. Violet, the Shadow Pteri, caught his attention the most. She sat alone in a corner, reading a book. Violet wasn't with anyone else, and while she wasn't terribly young, he wasn't sure how she could go alone to the Haunted Woods. "Hey, Violet," Chris called during a dialogue dry spell between him and Whisper. "What are you doing, coming to the Haunted Woods alone?" Violet smiled and said, "My babysitter's going to be there. She rode alone." Chris squinted. Two months now she kept claiming she was with a babysitter, but he never heard news of her parents. All he knew was her mother was painted Island, and her father was Lost Desert. "Can you introduce me to your babysitter?" "No, she doesn't like talking to others. She's more focused on other things. Sorry." He always got a response like that whenever he asked.

"Tenz and Steel~ A pound story" by rkbear
Steel hid behind the trash can and tried to wipe all the omelet out of his hair. The yellow bits were hard to miss in his dark purple hair, but he didn't want Tenz to see it. The big Mutant would want to know who'd done it. Tenz was always looking out for him, even though Steel was older. Steel was supposed to be the one who looked out for the younger boy, but Tenz was bigger than he was, and stronger, and scarier, and just wasn't a good target for bullying. Steel on the other paw, was perfect, he was small for his age, scrawny, and hated by many for where he was from. Even though as far as he could remember he's never even been to the Citadel, or Meridell for that matter. As far as he knew they were at peace with Meridell, but that didn't mean he was a good target for having one's breakfast being dumped on one's head. Steel usually liked omelet day, usually they got a whole helping of jelly, but he always felt a little fuller on omelet day, and there was more variety. He'd gotten a sausage omelet, he loved sausage, he'd only had it once before (when he'd dropped his omelet and Tenz had given him the rest of his). The nice pink Uni that showed hopeful owners around, had smiled at him when she'd served him. He'd sat down, not waiting for Tenz, who often over slept if Steel didn't wake him up, when a big Skeith and a Grarrl sat down on either side of him. They were brothers, or at least that is what they said. Both had been adopted four or five times at least, but they were always brought back. On their plates were a plain and pea omelet, respectively. “Good Morning, Steel,” said the bright orange Grarrl, brightly. He was often adopted because of his bright color.

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