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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Maybe this was going to be a bit harder than I thought. I had no idea Brightvale University was so big. I knew it was a big campus, but this was much bigger than I predicted. Surely with a campus this big, there were a lot of students that had many different stories. Not to mention the amount of area we had to cover in search of clues. “So while Jane and Natia are talking to the dean, what do we do?” I asked.

The 10 Most Relaxing Games in Neopia

These days it seems that the Games Room is more of a source of frustration than anything else. We’ve all been there - working tirelessly to bring a score up just that little bit more in order to finally earn that Chia Bomber avatar or to finally upgrade that trophy from silver to gold, all the while muttering under our breath about how much we loathe this game. But games are supposed to be fun…right? So in the spirit of fun – take a break from the headache that is Meerca Chase and try out these games that are less of a brawl in the Battledome and more of a lazy day at a beach, full of pure relaxation.

The Trilobite's Guide to Restocking and Sniping

Many people wonder: What is the best way to earn Neopoints? The truth is, the most stable and guaranteed way to earn Neopoints is probably the games room. However, the games room is never going to earn you amazing items out of the Hidden Tower. The Neopian Stock Market is another way to earn Neopoints, but it's not always reliable. The best way, in my opinion, to earn Neopoints is to Snipe and to Restock. Sniping is when you take the Shop Wizard or the Super Shop Wizard and you use them to find mispriced items that were either typed in wrong or mistaken for another item. A good example of this is Piece of a Treasure Map.

The Accomplishments You'll Never Get Credit For!

I was looking through my Safety Deposit Box one day, amused by the sight of thousands and thousands of Mysterious Orchids that I've collected over the years. Though I'll never win any accolades, avatars or trophies for my collection, I still find great satisfaction in viewing it every week! The Mysterious Orchid is, to me, the most beautiful item ever created by the TNT artists, and several years after the Atlas of the Ancients plot in 2009, I'm still obsessed with this prize!

Other Stories
"A Pirate No Longer" by rocksysmom
Due smiled brightly as she pulled the fresh loaf of bread out of the oven. While she had always been an amazing cake decorator, the jelly usul felt that she needed to perfect her ability to cook bread to advance in the bakery. She spun away from the oven and so that she was facing the kitchen table. Just as she was about to call out for her sisters to come and try the fresh, warm bread, she let out a yelp of surprise. At the table, there was an unfamiliar xweetok. The xweetok’s forehead was flat against the table, so all Due could see was an adorable grey outfit and shining blonde hair underneath a grey hat. Just as Due was about to gently ask why a stranger was in her kitchen, the xweetok spoke. “Money’s going to be tight.” The voice was unusually raspy and gruff, but Due knew instantly that it was her sister. Due took a deep breath and sat down at the table. She gently placed the loaf of bread in the center of the table and looked down at her paws. There was an awkward silence. Due knew what she always said, but at the same time, she had a feeling that it was the last thing Sue wanted to hear. After Sue had promised their owner to always care for her sisters, she felt an intense need to always provide more than they could ever want. Though Sue rarely showed it in her typical worn down state, Due knew that her sister was verbose and loved nothing more than to be listened to.

"Oh, Happy Day!" by the_ezzy
"Thornilia, are you ready to go yet?" I yelled up at her, peering through the doorway. Where was that silly little pet? She never had a knack for being on time. "Yep! I'm putting my shoes on now! I will be down in a few minutes!" she called back excitedly. “You’d better hurry or we are going to be late! We don’t want all of the good items to be taken by the time we get there,” I reminded her with a slight roll of my eyes. We really needed to practice the whole being on time thing. Minutes later I heard her clambering down the stairs. We'd been planning this trip to the Trading Post for almost two weeks now. Thornilia even had it marked in her calendar. Each day, she would come up to me to remind me how many days we were away. The excitement was contagious and each day, I looked forward to her daily reminder. Today was finally the day we’d both been looking forward to for so long. It was still early morning when we arrived at the Trading Post. Thankfully, we’d arrived before most of the crowd and it gave us the opportunity to check out all of the items for sale without the hassle of running into all the other Neopians. We spent hours just strolling down the aisles, trying to see what each seller had to offer. We knew there had to be something perfect for each of us and of course, we had to bring something back for Thornilia’s siblings as well. Slowly, we began to check each name off the list.

"The Hunted" by ladygaladriel213
I swing my bow over my shoulder and let my breathing subside from nervous to normal. I fan my gloved hand out and stretch my arms. I never miss a shot. So what happened? My Papa, that’s what. I was unwilling to let the story rest, so I tortured it and tortured it instead of letting it rest. And when he told me the story, I begged him for answers. “You won’t like the ending of every story you encounter. And sometimes you won’t like the beginning. But we don’t all choose our stories,” he said to me. “But I don’t understand.” I shook my head in frustration. “Not all stories are meant to be understood.” “Then why tell them?” “For the sake of telling. Stories give life. Once you set them free you’ve given birth to something. And you also lose part of the life that was beating inside of you. That’s when you hide from the darkness and seek the stars.” “Is that what you’re doing Papa?” I hesitated. “Are you seeking the stars?” He nodded solemnly, a rough smile hardening around his mouth, and began to tell me the story in disjointed stops and starts. Hesitant at first, then blossoming in color and life. “It all began with Jhudora. You do know Jhudora don’t you?” “Yes of course Papa!” I shouted with abandon, warm violets and emeralds seemed to bathe me in their soft glow. “And so it begins,” he said softly.

Stay Warm, Neopia

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