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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"Well, my parents decided that pounding me on Christmas Eve would be horrible for everybody," Lola explained, "so they decided to pound me today."

Xandra As Our Overlord

So, Xandra finally succeeded. She turned the faeries and heroes into stone and watched as Faerieland crashed into an uncharted area of the Haunted Woods. She even succeeded in creating a monologue that caused several users, such as myself, to declare themselves her loyal and undying minions. However, there are still a few, ahem, doubters who do not find her motives as appealing as the rest of us. To convert those doubters to Xandra's side, I reviewed Xandra's monologue and asked Xandra herself...

Guide to the Habitarium

First, know what your P3s will and won't do. The species has no effect on the work that a P3 can do, but each P3 has a type. There are soldiers, workers, and nesters. Nesters lay eggs if you put them in a nest, and can also gather resources. Soldiers can raid other Habitariums and defend yours from raids and pests, and they can also build and repair buildings. Workers can gather resources and build and repair buildings, and can fight invading pests. For most purposes, we suggest having mostly workers...

Flaws in the Logic of Xandra

Yes, they did not agree to do things Xandra's way when she tried to "reason" with them. But what if the faeries withheld some information on purpose? What if the faeries had a very good reason to say no to her? And that is assuming everything Xandra says at this point is true. But let's think about that a moment as well. Xandra has already tricked nearly everyone in Neopia into thinking she was good at some point earlier in the plot. She has deceived us all once, so who is to say...

Other Stories
"I'll be Home for Christmas" by fuzzymonkey31
Snow flurried hurriedly past the window as if it had some place very important to go. Every flake is unique, they say; completely different from every single snowflake that ever was or ever would be. But right now they all looked very much the same: angry, cold and threatening. On the other side of the window sat a baby Eyrie, eyes wide with wonder and a bit of...

"A Pirate's Nightmare" by rachelray179
Exhausted but sleepless, the red Kyrii stood from his hammock and quietly weaved past his fellow shipmates, who were all sound asleep. Jacques eyed them in envy, wishing he could sleep peacefully with a night of no nightmares. His ultimate wish was to lose the memory of the Drenched altogether, but the scars ran much too deep. Jacques climbed up the stairs and shoved...

"Illusen and Jhudora's Night Out" by saabcd__aa
"Good evening," the faerie queen said. "Would you lucky pets like to do a quest for me?" Everyone in the restaurant froze, waiting for the pets to accept and for the faerie queen to announce her quest. The two "pets" were relieved. Their disguises were working better than they would have thought. Then the speckled Lupess spoke up. "Sorry, Queen Fyora, but we've had..."

Need A Ghost Of A Chance?

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