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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Her eyes snapped open in the dead of night. She heard nothing but the ambient pressure of water. It had happened again. Her mind was empty, free of nightmares, as peaceful as this part of the Ruins. It had to be the statue. In this eerie quiet, Caylis wondered what fate could have befallen this faerie, why she could not see her tragedy in her dreams.

10 Ways to Spend the Day with Your Weewoo

In celebration of issue 1000 of the Neopian Times, we thought it would be a great idea to spend the day with your Weewoo and show them all the wonderful parts of Neopia that they might have missed before. Since issue 1000 is so special to Neopians, you should mark the occasion with a special day for your Weewoo to celebrate and below we listed all the amazing spots you can visit for a memorable day with your Weewoo. 1. Ferry Ride to Mystery Island You and your Weewoo will love jumping on the ferry and heading over to Mystery Island for a little bit of island fun. While there you can take a Tiki Tour and learn all about island life or you can get your fortune told by the Island Mystic. If relaxing is on your list, The Beach is the perfect spot to lay out of a chair and enjoy some tropical food while lounging in the sun. If your Weewoo is on the adventurous side be sure to head out to the Rock Pool, Techo Mountain, or the Lost City of Geraptiku, all three are sure to be filled with a little adventure and fun that your Weewoo will enjoy. 2. Ice Skate in Happy Valley Bundle up and head to Happy Valley located on Terror Mountain for ice skating fun. Your Weewoo will covet special memories of the two of you skating along the ice in Happy Valley before embarking on a snowball fight. If you need warmer clothes, you can stop into Merry Outfits while visiting to grab extra gloves or a jacket. Your Weewoo might be feeling lucky too and want to try their claw at the Scratch Card Kiosk.

Wonderful Weewoos: A Personality Test

Have you ever wondered what species of Petpet you’d be if you were a Petpet? Why not a Weewoo? They’re cute, intelligent, and sing beautiful melodies. Of course, they come in a variety of gorgeous hues at the Petpet Puddle. In honour of the 975th edition of the Neopian Times, this article is a personality test which will show you which colour of Weewoo you are destined to be. The questions are below: 1. Which of the following Neopian eateries is your favorite? a. Grundo’s Café. I want a Sloth Pudding Cup—other desserts are puny in comparison! b. The Golden Dubloon. Me wants a Land Lubber, and ye be walking the plank if ye don’t bring me one, yarr! c. Kelp. The food is so eclectic, elegant, and tasty! d. The Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. Who wouldn’t love a sugary treat on a jolly winter day? e. Faerie Foods. Everything tastes better with faerie magic. f. Merifoods, but the food has to be gourmet. Regular food is for peasants! 2. Which Neopian land would you like to visit on your next vacation? a. Virtupets Space Station. I must see Dr. Sloth, my revered creator. b. Krawk Island. Me wants to search the shore and play with all the other little nippers! c. Maraqua. I love to swim! d. Terror Mountain. The place is so jolly and festive, and I love playing in the snow! e. Faerieland. Despite being literally grounded, this location is simply magical! f. Meridell. Maybe I can take over the role of King Skarl someday! *mischievous grin* 3. You have some Neopoints to spend, and are asked...

Neopian Chronicles: 25 Years of Unforgettable Events

2023 is a big year for Neopets! Not only are we celebrating our 1000th issue of the Neopian Times, but we’re also gearing up to celebrate 25 years of this pet site we all know and love! To show my appreciation, here’s a list of at least one site event or thing I loved from each Neopian year. Whether you were here to play them or just heard legends passed down from user to user, I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve had a wide variety of fun things to do here! Y1 - Welcome, Neopets! Of course, we have to start at the very beginning! Although work on the site began back in 1997, Neopets finally went live on November 15th, 1999. It’s hard to pinpoint any significant “event” from this year as we didn’t start hearing about new features and updates until the following year. Pets like the Aisha, Kyrii, and Quiggle in various forms all-predate site updates, along with nineteen other species, so plenty of them were available either at launch or very soon after. However, a lot of these early pets went through some big changes. For example, did you know that the Eyrie started as a bigger, more dinosaur-like creature called the Cerpull? It then changed forms and became a “Tatsu”, not becoming the Eyrie we know and love until further down the line. And don’t even get me started on the Bruce! I could easily fill a whole article with the fascinating history of how some of our favourite pets came to be, but we still have many more years to go!

Other Stories
"One Thousand Days of Procrastination" by purplepeggie
After reading the fifth question on the career quiz, Line realizes that this is not going well. "From a scale of 'strongly dislike' to 'strongly like', rate your affinity for building kitchen cabinets." She circles 'strongly dislike' and moves her pencil down to the next item, then pauses. Yes, she knows next to nothing about carpentry, but it sounds decent... in theory. Building things with her own two paws, good honest work. But does liking the concept count as "having an affinity"? She circles 'neutral' and moves to the next item. "From a scale of 'strongly dislike' to 'strongly like', rate your affinity for studying ways to reduce water pollution." Line circles 'dislike', then feels guilty. If someone had to do it and no one else wanted to, she'd volunteer to do it, wouldn't she? Maybe it'd be fun, charting the turbidity of Terror Mountain's bodies of water. She erases 'dislike' and circles 'neutral'. The Chocolate Vandagyre scans the answers she's put down so far. Of the six items she's circled, all of them are 'neutral' except 'buy and sell stocks and bonds', for which she's put 'dislike'. She tries not to dwell on that for too long, afraid that she might change that answer, too. Line sinks her head onto her paw. What kind of career can the school suggest for her if the only thing they know about her — the only thing she knows about herself — is that she doesn't want the life of Nigel the Chia? "Ten minutes left, everyone!" Mrs. Lupern calls out.

"A Weewoo's Journey" by emma_manatee
The Weewoo was white, his feathers standing out like a pile of snow in the sand of Krawk Island. All the other chicks in the brood were various shades of brown. It wasn’t just his feathers that made the Weewoo stand out from his siblings. He wasn’t content to lounge around the island, letting out the haunting cry in the night that gave the Weewoos their name. He spent his nights staring at the midnight sea and pinpricks of light in the sky, wondering what else was out there. He knew there was no way to find out. Weewoos could fly, but not far; without even a glimpse of land, he doubted he would be able to make it to even another island. He wanted to explore the world and report on everything he found, and he never thought it would be possible – not until the storm. Krawk Island was no stranger to a rough storm. The summer months were full of them, ranging from a downpour that ended in a minute to nights of strong winds battering the houses and ripping up the palm trees. This storm was unlike any other. The wind howled louder than a Werelupe, picking up the sand and clouding the vision of anyone who dared to go outside. The ships in the harbour succumbed to the waves, pirate flags that used to fly proudly tattered and sinking. The low beaches had already started to be engulfed, creating a new shoreline. The Weewoo hadn’t planned on being out in the storm – who would plan to be in the deadliest storm in the known history of Krawk Island?

"A Party, A Thousand Years Overdue" by herdygerdy
Never underestimate the allure of a free buffet. Edna the Witch certainly never did. It was often said she’d turn up to the opening of an envelope if there was free food on offer. She’d always be found in the corners of ceremonies, silently judging other attendees while glowering at them and shoving a plate full of open-topped sandwiches in her face. Why people continued to invite her was a mystery yet to be solved. Though in this case, the invitation had come from an old colleague — a member of her coven — and it would have been rude to exclude her. Other Witches were also in attendance. Morguss, the Witch of the Darigan Citadel and the closest thing a proud woman like Edna might admit to being a friend, also couldn’t resist the idea of a party. And these days, Sophie, the young Witch of Neovia was often found in their ranks. There had to be three, they said. Always three Witches. Power in numbers. The invite had come from Jerdana, the acclaimed sorceress of Altador. Because today was a very special date. It was Year 9, the first real year that Altador had returned from its long slumber. And it was the anniversary of the city’s founding, over a thousand years ago. The buffet, as a result, was very good. They had arranged one of the levels of the council chambers expressly for the reception. The trestle tables ran the full length of the room. They were filled with all manner of the usual culinary suspects.

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