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Hello all! We at TNT just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this incredible journey with us. We are so grateful for every sketch you drew, every line you wrote, every series you planned, and every article you read. Each of those little acts of creativity, which may seem trivial on their own, has culminated into something truly beautiful. A living testament to Neopian creativity, highlighting decades of tales and developments across Neopia. You all made reaching this milestone possible. ONE THOUSAND ISSUES! Wow. We are still reeling ourselves. Probably about time those poor exhausted Weewoos take a well-earned vacation! ~~The Neopets Team

Were we all present for Orion playing Lyre at the Advent Lodge? The way Reina said "We need to tell someone" suggests it was just her and Orion (and Fyora). But Orion showed up at Winter Starlight with this news, which suggests he probably had tourists and revelers and mountain/valley natives listening in. I'm just curious what "alert state" Neopia is on as far as the looming threat. Is it top secret, known to only Fyora's closest? Is it whispers in shadows? Sceptic Tank conspiracy theory? Trending news story? Or maybe widespread panic? Is anyone heeding Orion's order to start preparing for war? ~superkouza
An excellent question! Several onlookers attending the Advent Calendar festivities were present for Orion's pleas for help over the course of the Festival, and a small crowd actually began to gather as he shared his visions. Although some Neopians dismissed the events, a few even claiming it was an elaborate hoax to promote his tarot cards, a sense of disquietude has already begun to creep across the globe. Whispers of impending peril have reached even the most remote corners of Neopia, and rumours circulate about the leaders of various lands preparing for the possibility of the unprecedented era of peace they've enjoyed coming to an end... ~~Aesop

Hey TNT, thank you for the NCUC, now all our lab rats can look beautiful. Speaking of, with the upcoming plot, how hard should we train? Will those of us who have been training our pets for years and have a decent battledome set have a challenge?
Although we are planning on ensuring that the Battledome is accessible to new users who are not as familiar with it, there’s a strong possibility that you will be facing off against some especially tough opponents who could give even the most seasoned Battledome veterans a run for their neopoints. And on the opposite end, we’ll also ensure that users who aren’t big fans of the Battledome still get something to do during the more battle-heavy sections of the plot! ~~TNT_Tumble

Hi TNT! One of my pets has the Pleasant Kacheek Jumper as part of her custom, but it doesn't show up in the animated preview on her pet lookup. Could this please be fixed? Thanks! ~a_gems
Hey there! With the petlookup updated to show animations again, we’ve become aware there are still lots of wearable items that still need to be converted from flash in order to show up properly. You might notice some items don’t appear correctly on the petlookup because of this. We will be looking into fixing these items so they display correctly on the petlookup and have your pets' customisation showing up in all of it’s glory faster than Meepits can chew through our server wires! (okay, maybe not that fast… but it’s on Our List™) ~~TNT Fae

Would you be able to give anymore information about the upcoming plot? ~nguyeplm
Although we can’t share a specific date just yet, you can expect to have a few more months to prepare before the start of the plot. That being said, there might just be a few hints of what is to come popping up before the plot begins, so be sure to keep an eye out for them! Oh, and one last bit of plot info I wanted to touch upon- While our brave little Faellie friend from Orion's visions certainly is in bad shape, he's still holding on! I just hope he can get some help soon… ~~Aesop

Hi there TNT! Would it be possible for you to rezone 'Head to Toe Mummy Wraps' to not be in the 'Hat' zone and instead just be solely in the Tattoo/Marking zone? My mummified Transparent Lupe would like to wear his full Coltzan costume and I'm sure there are other mummies who would love to don some headwear too!
Hello! Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! The fix has been made, so your Transparent Lupe should now be able to rock that Coltzan costume! Happy Customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi TNT - I've seen a lot of boards trying to trade NCUC style tokens for well named/old neopets. Just wanted to check if this is allowed, as it was stated previously pets can only be traded for other pets - not NC, NP or items. Thanks for all you do! ~nick_neopia
It will be a bit of a new learning curve so thanks for checking in so that we can clarify - the new Nostalgic NC items should only be traded for other NC items or gifted without expecting anything in return. Trying to trade NC items directly for pets, NP, or NP items would be against the rules, even if the NC items “look like pets”! Hope that helps. :3 ~~TNT Fae

When does the festeval of neggs happen? Because I really wanna know. ~ragzo150
The Festival of Neggs happens during the month of Eating (or as some may call it, April), usually near the middle of it! /neu ~~Stone

The description of the organic plum is as follows “No chemicals of preservatives. Just a delicious and fresh plum the way nature intended.” Shouldn’t it say “No chemicals OR preservatives. Just a delicious and fresh plum the way nature intended.” instead? Just curious. *pampers the ENTIRE TnT team with the strongest possible caffeine injected coffee and the FANCIEST most DELICIOUS pile of the Staff of Life which is of course junk food…according to Garfield.Thanks for EVERYTHING that TnT has done to return neo to an even BETTER place to avoid IRL as needed. ~ketheryvis
*Guzzles down coffee and gobbles up chunk of the pile* How did you know I skipped breakfast?! Thank you for your kind words, the treats, and for letting us know about that typo! It should definitely read "no chemicals or preservatives". We just went in and corrected the description of organic plum! ~~Aesop

I love that the UCs have been brought back to the site but we need the Faerie Eyrie too! No username please. ~Anonymous
Ah drat, where did that pesky old Faerie Eyrie fly off to… We’ll see if we can find him and add any other old friends in the future! ~~TNT Fae



Hey TNT, after seeing NCUCs release and the effect it has had, I can't help relating to this phenomena as a trans person. The idea of "finding the right body or look", something that makes you feel so completely you, so Right. I feel like a lot of users are feeling that for their pets right now. I know I am. So thanks from me and Monokuma that he can now be exactly what he was always meant to be! ~deadlylie

*Extremely Happy Thought* On behalf of the older, long time players, I would like to let you know just how grateful and happy we are for the new UC NC plan you are implementing! Finally, those of us who lost our beloved UC pets back in 2007 can now fulfill our dreams once again. As for the trophies, we're so happy to see that you realize that ALL pets who were previously UC are worthy to be recognized for being just as special!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ~tuttifrutti

Thank you so much for making Mouth Be-Gone and the expression capsules permanently buyable! It was the right thing to do and y'all are champs for doing it. Much love! :) ~major_flirt8888

While I know you're getting complaints and ire from some dissatisfied players, I wanted to combat that with some optimism. I think the new enthusiasm being poured into Neopets right now is phenomenal and the work everyone is putting in right now is helping to revitalize what clearly made a meaningful impact on a lot of childhoods. Thank you for weathering the storms and making bold decisions that -- while maybe not completely appeasing all the people all the time -- push the site to not remain stagnant. You are all allowing the website to infuse the excitement it hasn't held in years back into the community and I am grateful for you! ~dawn119

18 years ago I happened to find a lost little plush Flotsam in a parking lot. I took it home with me and investigated what this 'Neopets' thing was, and eventually found this wonderful website! I'd always been an artful kid, but this website awakened something in me, a creative spark! I drew endless amounts of fanart, including a whole written series totaling over 200+ pages! I eventually became interested in video game design and chose animation as my career path. Today I'm 30 years old. I've been working in the game industry for over 8 years, and I've had so many amazing adventures! My love for this world has never faded; I still come back every day to look after my Gelert. (To think he's old enough to drive now!) It humbles me to know that spark helped shape the building blocks of my adult life. All because of a lost toy I found in a parking lot. Through one small encounter, Neopets changed my entire life for the better! And I can't thank the team enough for this amazing world! ~gelertzazzle

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