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Hello, there is a weapon "The Scimitar of Lyra", it's a pretty interesting weapon and possibly useful for one of the user made 2player formats L54, there is a problem though, it's once per battle. This seems really odd since it's a sword, so it would make sense like every other sword it could be used multiple times in a battle. It's not particularly strong so it doesn't really fit the role of once per battle bomb either. I was wondering if it being once per battle is possibly a mistake? Thanks! ~~sss_shelly
Huh that is very odd, thank you for bringing this to our attention! Since there doesn't seem to be any reason why this sword should only be used once per battle, we had Donny go in and change it for us. The Scimitar of Lyra can now be used multiple times over the course of the same battle! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! Can you please change these hair accessories items to static so we can wear them with wigs? Bitten Snowbunny Ears Headband, Golden Jewelled Tiara, Gothic Snowbunny Ears Headband, Sparkling Heart Headband, Gigantic Pink Hair Bow, Golden Horns, Spring Hair Flower and Holiday Headwreath. ~~greyfever
Hi! Nice catch; thank you for bringing this up! We have been receiving a ton of rezoning requests - for headbands and hats especially. We fixed this one, and going forward, we will keep wigs in mind when zoning hair accessories. The current list of affected accessories is substantial, but we’ll take a look and see how we can best accommodate those luscious locks on your fabulous favourite pets! ~~Mac

Hi Tnt! why do we only see auctions that are about to close in the main page? why can't we see all the auctions going on in the other pages? ~~Anonymous
Hello! The main page ("Auctions 1-20") is meant to display auctions that are closing soon, this is helpful for anyone who wants to grab an item before the auction ends, limiting the chance of someone to outbid them. We are currently looking into improving the Auction, making it easier to view other auctions and overall navigation. Hope this helps! ~~Sunpotato

Regarding the potential Fruit Machine Avatar: Given how few times since the Fruit Machine came into existence that I've actually managed to spin 3 Puntec Fruits, I'd think that this would make the avatar almost impossible to obtain and be extremely discouraging. Maybe it could be for anyone who manages ANY sort of match 3? That seems rare enough as it is! (Either that, or I'm just extremely unlucky!) ~~sonderbar
That is an excellent point, we really appreciate you reaching out about this. I've been playing Fruit Machine everyday for the past few years and still haven't spun 3 Puntec Fruits myself! Spinning 3 of the same fruit, regardless of the type of fruit, sounds like a much more reasonable way to earn the avatar. We are moving forward with the Fruit Machine avatar, so I will be sure to bring this idea of how to achieve it to the team as we look into setting it up! ~~Aesop

hey guys! i've seen some good tips going around the web about what neopets could be doing better to have a real revival. do you ever go looking for constructive criticism like that for tips how to move forward? doing maintenance and bug fixes is great, but it won't kick the site back into the spotlight and get new players. i know you're working hard though! ~~Anonymous
Oh, I would LOVE to answer this one! A lot of us spend a lot of time - myself included - just hanging out and playing on the website when we’re not working. I, personally, love scouring the Ideas Board, Site Events, and anywhere I can find all that juicy feedback. It’s a really great learning experience, and I love sharing everything with the team. We all greatly appreciate it, because it shows what users like, and what you all want to see change or improve! Making more surveys or being more publicly present may be possible ways to gather topical and most-current feedback. We will continue to brainstorm different avenues for collecting feedback, but please don’t stop sharing your ideas and suggestions and constructive criticism - it’s so important to us! ~~Mac

Hi. I think that the "Plaint Splattered Artist Outfit" should actually be "Paint Splattered Artist Outfit." :) ~~_brainchild_
Oh no! Thank you so much for catching that little typo :) We just went in and removed that extra "l"! ~~Aesop

Hello TNT! I just wanna say, I don't think releasing rare stamps through the Mystery Pic is a good idea. It was a bad idea back in 2002 and it still is, but for a different reason... People nowadays have lots a ways to form communities off-site and to communicate instantly with each other. So the answer to the MP is now easily shared, far more easier than back in 2002. So you are basically handing out super rare items to people who are lucky enough to be online when the MP is out and to have a friend who's going to share the answer with them. In the end, those rare items are going to be awarded to the same handful of people every week. If you want to re-release those stamps, you could find a way to make it a bit more random and fair (and keep them *rare*, please) and you could also use the opportunity to create a new NP (or item) sink in the process instead of rewarding cheaters. Thank you for considering.
Hello and thank you for writing in about this matter! As we mentioned in the news, we really appreciate all of the feedback and constructive criticism that we received about re-releasing rare stamps. We agree that the Mystery Picture Spotlight is clearly not the best way to go about re-releasing some of the rarer stamps and will not be releasing any more of them through that spotlight. That being said, we would love to find a way for collectors who joined more recently to still have a chance to complete their collection. This is something we will continue to discuss with the team, as we want to be fair to both veteran stamp collectors who have been treasuring these items for years as well as new or returning players who are looking to explore different areas of the site like stamp collection. If anyone else has ideas on more equitable ways to re-release some of the older and much rarer collectible items such as stamps, we would be happy to hear your thoughts! ~~Aesop


Thank you for pulling off a great Festival of Neggs TNT! The clues and steps on the final day felt like a blast from the past similar to the plots of old. What a great way to introduce a new petpet as well. Cheers and welcome to the Talpidat! I'm so appreciative of the noticeable change in this event's execution and improved communication. Thank you for your hard work, effort, and care. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for the Altador Cup! B) ~~smashwinner121

Hi. I'm writing in with happy thoughts because I've been enjoying the site content the last few weeks. The last beta update was great; I got the Rubbish Dump avatar, and I'm glad that the attic has made its return. I'm also happy to see a Flash-free NC collector's case, and the "book all" option at the Neolodge is a real time-saver. I'm enjoying the Festival of Neggs; I love the prizes. Keep up the great work! :) ~~_brainchild_

Hi TNT! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all your hard work in updating the site. I grew up alongside Neopets, and it makes me really happy every time there's a new update that allows us to use relics from the past (like updating the maps to not use Flash!), or improves functionality (like the new Neolodge book all feature! Wow!). I know you have all been working as hard as you can to get everything updated to a modern format. I can't wait until Neopia is back to its original glory (or even better!) and I'm so incredibly happy that this huge part of my childhood is still around and is a tangible website I can interact with instead of just a memory :) ~~missfiona393

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