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Hi CQ! I just want to say I love reading your answers to the editorials, by far the favorite part of my week! I noticed that the people who won the beauty contest this past week were awarded avatars for winning overall or in species. Are you planning on retroactively awarding previous winners (since the avatar was technically released) the avatar or will we need to win a new contest to get the avatar? Thanks! Also please remove my username. ~ username removed
Aw, y'all are as sweet as sugar (I've got a flannel shirt on today so I'm feeling extra country). So, with the way the avatar is set up, you get it upon winning, not from looking back at the page or something, so it isn't automatically given retroactively. Don't despair though, I have good news! We do intend to award it to anyone who has won the Beauty Contest since the avatar was announced last November. Since it's not set up that way though, we have to write up a whole fancy script and make sure it works right and all that jazz. We've got a programmer on it, so for now just hang tight!

Hey CQ! *offers a basket filled with fresh-baked lemon tarts* So there has been this big topic concerning neocash trading. Say for instance person A has no experience in neocash trading and advertises her items (some items people are offering a lot for) Person B is interested in an item and offers WAY less than what people are offering for. Person A and B agree on the trade and do the trade. Person C comes up and advises person A check it's worth. Person A finds out the offer Person B made is an under-offer. Can Person A report this as a scam? She wasn't well-informed of it's value making her vulnerable. Please remove my username, Thank you! ~ username removed
Hello, and thank you! So it's hard for me to give a general "yes this is scamming" or "no, it's not" to a hypothetical like this, since it can depend on the situation, but if you ever really feel scammed or cheated, report it. However in a situation like this, unless person A was intentionally misled or cheated, we might not be able to do anything about it. We know there are general values associated with NC items, but everyone has the right to value an item in their own way based upon their feelings for it, and if you agree to a trade, you're agreeing to that value. Person B taking advantage of someone who doesn't know better is rude, but unfortunately often is not a scam.

So, the Geraptiku Cooking Pot, received from the Advent Calendar shows to be a wearable item, but when you choose an action from the dropdown, you can only have your pets play with it. There is no option to put it into the closet. Is there a design flaw in the pot that keeps it from being put on display with your pet? Personally, I'd love to have a pet sticking its head out of the pot, er, relaxing in a warm hot tub, as it were. ~ patjade
I have good news and bad news for y'all then... Bad news first? Alright, unfortunately, your pets will not be cooked in this pot, although that it an interesting idea. BUT, yay good news, it can now be worn!

Are we allowed to use the writings from old contest wins for new contests? For instance, I won the Poetry Contest several years ago with a poem about Venuquin, the mysterious Peophin who saves ships. I'd like to use it again, but this time in a Pet Spotlight entry. Also, I'd like to make a Site Spotlight entry using another winning poem. I'm not sure if recycling my old poems this way is allowed. So, TNT, my question is this: are we allowed to re-use the text of old contest entries? Thanks for answering this question! ~ indulgences
So, first of all, if it was an entry not written by you, this is a BIG no-no (I know that's not the case here, but just had to put that out there first). With it being written by you, this is a bit of a grey area. It's not against the rules, but I would suggest tweaking it or adding more to your next spotlight entry, as it's not likely we'll keep rewarding the exact same piece in different contests.

Hello, CQ! I would love to stream myself playing Neopets on one of those popular video streaming websites that rhymes with 'itch'. This would be a great opportunity to draw in some new Neopians and help current Neopians learn some things about the game. Is this against the rules, and if not, would I be able to advertise my stream on the neoboards? ~ monophyte
Hi there! Yes, if you use one of those popular game-streaming websites, we have no issue with you live-streaming yourself playing Neopets, as long as you're not showing anyone how to do anything against the rules (cheating, scamming, etc.). Also, just a general piece of advice, be careful of your account information and security while doing this! Okay, overprotective staff member moment over and onto your next question. No, you cannot advertise on the Neoboards, as this would constitute leading people off site.

*Happy Thoughts*

Thank you guys so much for making so many new np wearables recently!! :D It's so nice having the variety, and they all look really great. I've been hoping for more np wearables for a while, and here the are!! ~ mindy_rocks_socks

On behalf of the artistic and avatar related side of Neopets, I'd like to thank you and the rest of the team for fixing the Beauty Contest Avatar. We all really appreciate it! *passes around cake and cookies* ~ sophieauditore

Please end the editorial with an Kacheek. ~ kiwisworld4579
Happy Kacheek Day to all, and to all, a good day!

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