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What do the dark faeries do with all those toys? ~npwjx
Being dark faeries, they destroy them so that there's less toys in the world for young Neopets to play with. :( They're really quite mean.

So, everyone knows that you can't link outside of Neopets. That's a no-brainer. However, I was wondering in what ways you DO allow us to post pictures that we may have drawn or taken to put on Pet Pages. ~username removed
You can link a (site-appropriate) image file using whatever site you upload your images to. Just don't link to the site itself. URLs ending in jpg, gif, or png are fine.

Hi, there! I was wondering how come we can't click on the Poetry trophy and view the poems we have submitted? I think this should be an option, please! =) ~honeybee54321
Because, if you have multiple poetry winnings, we can't exactly link to them all through one trophy. :)

Which staff member / department runs the Daily Puzzle? I would assume it would be Content, but does everyone take turns, or is it just one or two staff members? (Also, who decides the prizes?) ~niddyz
Our Writing Department handles the Daily Puzzle! Though it's changed hands a number of times within the department, it's usually just one person in charge of it at a time. They're all longtime staff members and select the items themselves. :)

Uh, guys? With the collectable charms released today, we officially have 26... one more than the page has room for. I'm assuming you forgot about the Skarl charm that was never released. Uh... UHH... PANIC ATTACK!!! ~sick_swimmer
*clears throat and goes to chat with the Content Department* Okay, back. Ahem! The new charms are now officially the first of the "Charms II" album, which will expand the glorious world of charm collecting! Hooray!

Ahem. Now we just need to "encourage"
King Skarl to cough them up!

Hey, TNT! Waaaay back in the day there was a Neopian Times series that I really enjoyed reading. I recently decided that I'd like to read it again, but I can't seem to find the series. Is it possible for old Neopian Times submissions to be taken down or something, or is there some other reason I can't find it? ~jesus_freak_0101
We don't take down published entries except in extremely rare cases (such as plagiarism). If you can remember the username, part of the title, or the Neopet species featured in the tale, you can search by those. Or you can write back with more details as Droplet has volunteered to help find it for you. :) Also, if it's a really old series, be sure to click the link above the search results that combs through the older issues of the Neopian Times.

Can Neopians use NC to pay for their monthly Neopets Premium subscription? ~madaamgigglez
The two services are not connected, so no, NC cannot be used to pay for Premium.

Hi, TNT! :) I was just wondering about how to pronounce Kazeriu. It's been bugging me for a while because I think they are beautiful, but I just can't say the name! Also, there should be more colors for them --just saying. ~wheelpin
It's a purposeful misspelling of two Japanese words that mean "wind" and "dragon." Based off our best attempt, it's pronounced as a quick "KA-zeh-lri-you" (with apologies to native speakers).

In accordance with your answer regarding programs that automatically refresh last week, I would like to know if this applies to tablet and e-reader browsers that refresh the page at certain points when connected. It's not really a program, but rather the way it keeps the connection to the page, as far as I know. Please remove my name if this answered. Thank you. ~username removed
No, don't worry about that. :) That's just a normal function, and it's not something you're setting up specifically to abuse site mechanics in a way that isn't intended.

TNT, would you please end this Editorial with the cutest, most heartwarming image that you can think of? It is Valentine's Day, after all! ~kitty_cats_436
We think our 2010 Valentine's Day banner is pretty sweet!

Ombats. Perfect for when you can't find a puppy!


I just wanted to thank the team for all the fun I've had on Neopets. I started, like, eight years ago (thanks to my aunt), and in my 3rd account (passwords are hard) I can still say that it's the funniest web page ever. I've made friends and had good times; I hope that it'll still be awesome in the years to come. ~repter__aa

Hi, TNT. *points laser* Just kidding about the laser thing... for now. However, I just wanted to thank Dr. Sloth for the Stamp Giveaway. Not only is it helping, even if a little, to provide a chance at the stamp avatars, but it also takes a nice chunk of Neopoints out of circulation. I hope Dr. Sloth keeps it up with the stamps. ~sportsandmusic69

I would like to thank you guys for making such a wonderful pastel Zafara this year. Spazz is, like, totally in love with this wicked new look. ;P A good number of the Zafara fans were quite pleased with the detailing of the woodland release, as well. Also, at long last the mutant Lutari no longer appears as a cog in the Battledome. THANK YOU!!! I appreciate all the minor fixes you guys make around the site. These do not go unnoticed.~ ~regretts

Hello, TNT! On February 13th, I will celebrate 11 years in Neopia. During these 11 years, I discovered my One True Love. (I know, I know... "Neopets is not a dating site!" but hear me out.) In late 2006 I joined a guild, and through it and discussions there, found that aforementioned love: writing. Had I not joined that guild, I would never have gotten interested in writing for The Neopian Times, and had I not become interested in writing for the NT, I doubt I would be going to college, and if I wasn't going to college, then I can say with utmost certainty that I would not be where I am today: a published writer. Yes, you read that right. I was recently told that the short story I'd submitted to my college's annual literary magazine won 3rd place, and a nice little monetary prize to boot, which tells me that not only is my writing good enough to be published, but also to earn money! So, thank you. Thank you for helping me realize what I want to do with my life, and helping me on my way. I owe you all a lot. ~birdinggal

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