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I've noticed that, on Neopet lookups, sometimes the level says "too high too count." Is that because someone on the staff is bad at math? ~brynchilla
This could explain why it takes us so long to tally plot points, huh?

Am I allowed to get the Alien Aisha avatar on my side account? (please remove my username) ~username removed
The vending machine should only be used on your main account. Two reasons!

  • It gives out items and NP
  • Side accounts are for storing extra Neopets, Galleries, etc., not for gameplay! Your main account is where you should be playing the game of Neopets. :)

Hi, TNT! I have an odd question for you.... about commissions. Now, I know taking them in exchange for anything on Neopets is against the rules, as is doing commissions with Neopets characters. However... what about real-life merchandise? I'm the sort that's willing to take trades, and I was wondering: could someone pay me in Neopets plushies? What about rare item codes, or Neocash? (the cards, not actual on-site NC items) I mean, people sell the item codes on ebay all the time, so wouldn't that be okay? As far as NC cards go, if I'm just going to buy them anyway, why not save a step? Would these be against the Terms & Conditions because they give things on the site itself? I mean, obviously, it still wouldn't be okay to do a commission OF Neopets, but in exchange for merchandise, where do you guys stand? (please remove my username) ~username removed
As you said, as long as you aren't taking commissions of Neopets intellectual property, you're welcome to trade or sell your real-world merchandise however you'd like. According to Lawyerbot: "Trading plushies, rare item codes, NC cards, etc. for real life merchandise is fine. I once traded my brother's turtle to a friend for a Shadow Uni Plushie."

Hi, TNT. Users on the 7th Board were wondering: what constitutes a plot, and what makes it different from an event or a mini-plot? ~jamba_jukeba
An event is pretty much anything special that happens separate from the normal daily content. When someone mentions a "plot," they're usually referring to a large-scale, one-time event with lots of player participation and a big, epic story behind it. The term "mini-plot" is usually a version of a plot with a smaller story and fewer activities. Anything outside of that criteria usually just keeps the "event" designation, except in very special cases. Officially, though we sometimes use these terms to help set expectations, we generally prefer not to define the events that specifically. That way we aren't locked into a formula and we can "think outside the box," as they say. :) Also, we like to surprise you! Labelling a mysterious occurrence early on kind of ruins the suspense as things unfold!

At times, when I read the news, it seems like there's stuff in yesterday's news that I don't remember having seen the first time. Am I just unobservant, or do you sometimes add on things to old news posts? ~duskdweller
Erm, we won't say never, but it'd probably fall into the "extremely rarely" category. Perhaps slow down and enjoy reading New Features? :)

Hmm, maybe if I opened my eyes...

On August 24th Grundo Independence Day was forgotten about, since you were so, so sad that summer is coming to an end. :( You were "going to give it a last huzzah by closing the office tomorrow (Friday). Do not worry -- we shall return to you once again on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone!" Well, it would have been a great weekend if someone had thought to throw the free training for Grundos on before you left! We've waited patiently and anxiously for news in either the New Features or on the Official Neoboard Bungles Alert of an alternative day, but so far there has been nothing. Are you seriously thinking us Grundo owners are oblivious to missing our training day? Since the so-called "Help" page doesn't work, there is no option to alert you of yet another glitch. Even if this is not submitted, I'm hoping that it will bring the plight of our poor Grundos to someone's attention in there. ~isa_dream_team
When we got back to the office, we realised that Grundo Day had accidentally been set to the 25th instead of the 24th. We've corrected the code, so it should fall on the correct day next year. We meant no disrespect to our beloved Grundos and their fans.

TNT, could you change the estimated value on Sparky to priceless? I think that what Sparky inspired can't be measured by the value of Neopoints. :) ~ivoryrosefrost
We wanted to, but our code only allows integers to be placed there. So instead, we made it 12,000 NP -- a thousand NP per year of life of the original Spardel. :)

If a faerie departs for Mystery Island from Faerieland at 20 miles per hour and a faerie heading in the opposite direction is traveling at 32 miles per hour, then how long is it until the next plot? ~tsuki_the_noodle
As evidenced above by our inability to count past 180, likely even longer after trying to figure out this word problem!

Hello, TNT! First off, I have been playing Neopets for many years, and I have even signed up my daughter for an account! Thank you for making a site that we can both enjoy! Second, I noticed that, when sorting by Petpet species at the Rainbow Pool, you cannot find the Yooyu on the list. Thank you for all your hard work! ~draiklover9234
Aww, we're glad you're enjoying the site and can share it with your daughter. :) As for Yooyus, they are special prizes from the Altador Cup and can't be painted. Only Petpet colours and species that can be painted a different colour appear at the Rainbow Pool Petpet Puddle. Think of it not as a list of Petpets, but showing you what you could do with the right Petpet paint brush in hand. :)

"Remember when Meridell was defeated by Darigan? Yeah... neither do we." With regard to the Triumph of Darigan Mystery Capsule, I cannot possibly be the only user on here who realizes that this wasn't "Twisted History" at all; The Citadel actually DID win the first war against Meridell... Lord Darigan just happened to turn on his allies, which in turn put Meridell back into a good position, but regardless... I mean, there was even a Neopedia article titled "Destruction of Meridell" or something like that (I swear I am not crazy!). So, my question is: shouldn't there instead be a "Triumph of Skarl Mystery Capsule" that depicts that Orb-hungry Skeith winning the first war, or would that be too plain? ~luvas
Funny thing about alternative universes and timelines; crazy things happen when you mess with something! Though Zylphia is still piecing together what must have happened, it seems Lord Darigan took the orb and... united the two lands? Perhaps The Three lost control of him through different events! Did Lord Kass never come into power and become corrupted by their influence? We only have bits and pieces to work with. The second war may have never even taken place!

You didn't show us the Poogle Transmogrification Potion in the news. ~jaylahcat
It was just too terrible to behold! We hope you're sitting down.

Or we just plumb forgot.
*clears throat*

TNT, how do you come up with your ideas for Gross Food? ~dragonquestvi
Bad lunch choices, and the inside of the communal fridge. *gag*

I have been on Neopets for a long time (8.5 years) and my favourite 'pet colour was faerie. I never really had another colour I was so smitten by until you guys came out with eventide. I think that 'pet colour is simply gorgeous, and I was wondering which of the TNT staffers might have thought it up. Was it one person or a collaborative effort? I now have a goal to paint my Xweetok eventide because I think he'd look rather brilliant. Thank you for always having some sort of beautiful art on this site. You guys are amazetastic! ~beyondelsewhere
We tend to brainstorm together, so it's hard to tell who came up with the idea, as we often bounce and improve ideas off of each other. We do recall that it was Dragona who came up with the name, though.

Update: We looked through some of the older emails from back then, and the first rough idea was introduced by Dragona, as that week of content happened to be hers to schedule. Comastar wrote up the general art request, and an artist produced a couple of concepts before the Art Lead and Content Team decided which would be the final design.

As further miscellaneous trivia, here were other suggested names for the brush:
Dusk to Dawn Paint Brush (used as the concept name)
Dawn to Dusk Paint Brush
Nightfall Paint Brush
Evening Paint Brush

Hiya, TNT! I've noticed that the Daily Dare trophies for this year are slightly squashed on User Lookups. The image is 138 x 160 pixels and has been squashed into an 80 x 80 pixels box, which changes the aspect ratio. Is there any way you could fix this? Thanks! ~kumar_agent_008
Er, at least they're the correct colours now? *cheesy grin* Fixing!

Hi, TNT. Sorry to bug you again, but I wanted to ask: is it legal to sell a Chokato Toffee Apple for 1.1 million Neopoints just so that someone can feed it to a Kadoatie? I saw the original market price in the Shop Wizard and it's supposed to just cost 7,000 NP, but it doesn't always appear for that. :/ So, I mean, it's just so expensive! It makes me want to kick something. XD ~username removed
While we understand your frustration, Neopians control much of the market, and an item that's in low supply and high demand can fetch very high prices. It all depends on how much players are willing to pay for an item.

Restocking (buying items at a set price in the store) and then selling them for whatever the Neopian population is willing to pay (or more) is a great way to make Neopoints, and vital to the economy. It also makes the game much more interesting! Having everything constantly available for a site-set price would be dull, indeed.

Hi, TNT! What's your favorite Neopets-related quote? ~username removed

Viola: "The world is full of danger... but there is always hope." - Jeran
Dragona: "Ahh Mr.sneky i see you are wering your fance top" -awesome unknown user
Droplet: "I did indeed steal Altador's history, but for the noblest of causes." – Jerdana
Snarkie: "Please understand I hold you in the highest respect." - Hanso
Comastar: "You will quickly decide to feed your pets mashed potatoes." - Island Mystic
DJ Skellington: "____ says 'Wow! I am very happy with my new Schnelly.'"
El Picklesaur: "Why did I name the site Neopets? Honestly, because Geopets wasn't available." - Number 6

If you cut an Everlasting Apple in half, would you get two of them? ~tangleflower
Oh dear, that could cause quite a few problems, couldn't it? Especially if one kept cutting it in half... all of Neopia could have been overtaken by magical apples! Thankfully, Fyora has altered the magic so that an Everlasting Apple must be 51% whole to restore itself.

ARGH! Commander Garoo, get in here! We need a new plan!
Blast you, tangleflower!

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