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Hello, TNT! *hands out cupcakes* I've been wondering: when the truce ends, will we be unable to buy stuff from the prize shop, even if we still have points? If it stays open, will whatever happens wind up giving us more points? Please answer, otherwise this'll bug me for a while. X) ~surfcb
You will find out soon enough, but we also don't want you guys panicking and spending your points before you're ready. The prize shop and your points are from the war and will not increase or vanish once the timer winds down. While we recommend keeping your sword arm ready, the prize shop marked the end of the "site plot / event / war." The resulting skirmishes, however, are just about to start...

Hey, TNT. Is there an official zodiac for the Altadorian constellations? I've seen many Neopians try to create one, but I'm not sure how accurate they are, especially since they never match their statues' arrangement in the Hall of Heroes or their order in the Book of Ages. Also, how would they line up compared to Earth's star signs? Thanks in advance. ~killer1056
None, officially. The lore behind it and imagery of the constellations can be found as far back as the TCG cards, but we haven't created a zodiac for it. We know other players have done such things, and we love seeing the creativity involved.

Hi, again! Would embroidery of a Neopets character be capable of getting into the Art Gallery? ~eritrea_13
Ooohh, yes! We love seeing all sorts of art. Just please make sure that the photo does justice to all of your hard work!

Hey, TNT. Listen, I think the war ending / prizes are great, but I'd just like to know one thing: what kind of Neopet is the Oracle? Personally, I think she looks like a JubJub with arms. Is she just supposed to be some kind of spirit? ~positiveopinions
The Oracle is a being of light. She doesn't seem to be a Neopet at all.

Hi, TNT! I wish I could hand you guys something amazing, but I'm too flat-out broke to even afford one cookie. Anyway, I'm having a BIG problem. I collaborated with someone on a comic for the 600th issue of The Neopian Times and I LOVED it -- I seriously think it may make it! However, that person got frozen. There's a possibility he might get his account back, but would I still be able to submit the comic with his username if he doesn't by the time Issue 600 comes rolling in? I already drew it. :( ~username removed
The 600th issue is still a little ways off, so there's time for things to get sorted out. We recommend waiting and seeing if your friend gets his account back. We can't take submissions from entries with frozen users, however. It's not fair to users whose accounts are still in good standing.

Dracarys... Dracarys... DRACARYS!!! TNT, neither my Ukali nor my Gallion will breathe fire. Got any tips? ~ivoryrosefrost
No, no, you're pronouncing it all wrong. It's DracARys leviOSa. Wait... now they're floating. Maybe that was the wrong command. Ukalis don't actually breathe fire (the most they can manage is a bit of smoke), but if you jab a Gallion on its left nostril, it's somewhat likely to let out quite the amount of flame. We suggest wearing oven mitts.

*Lawyerbot sirens*

Hi! In the news last year dated 28th-29th July, Discovery of Meridell day, you said that King Skarl would be giving out new prizes and offered a sneak peek of Kings Skarl's Snowbunny. Has any user won one of these yet? Have they actually been released? Do you have to tell the king a certain joke to win one? I have not seen any for sale in the Trading Post or auctions. I have been going to the king every day since they were announced in the hopes of winning one, but have had no luck. :( ~hunnybunnie
Goodness, hopefully he didn't eat them. We'll look into it and see what's holding up those prizes.

*snazzy entrance* There is currently a countdown for another possible battle. I didn't choose a faction when the war began. Will it be possible to choose a faction when this timer counts down? ~chezadarling
Yes, players will once again be able to choose a faction once the timer winds down.

Hey, TNT! Thanks for all the great work! I was wondering: why do commonly found items (like, say, the Illusen Glider) show up as rare in the inventory? They aren't actually rare at all, and sell for a tiny amount of Neopoints in the stores and Trading Post. Will this ever be changed so that items reflect their real value? ~death_does_disco
Nope. An item's rarity number does not always indicate how valuable that item is. The rarity numbers are what allows us to control where and (in general) how often it stocks, if it belongs in the Hidden Tower, or if it should no longer restock, etc. Please use the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, or auctions to look up the value of items, as it's the Neopian community that controls how much items are worth.

Hey TNT, so I bought a Shadow Paint Brush on the exact day you guys came out with the prize shop, which resulted in me and other people who owned these items to lose a whole lot of Neopoints due to deflation since there's a lot more of them on the market now. Isn't it unfair to have those prices manipulated for those who owned these items? The amount of points were already going to dictate the prices of the new items, so I don't understand why there would have to be old and rare items like paint brushes included in the shop. I made much more of a loss than a reward because of this. Please remove my username. ~username removed
While we do understand your frustration, prize shops almost always contain a paint brush, so we don't feel this was an unexpected thing. The sudden fluctuation of the value of items (or the instant loss of them due to Random Events) are a part of Neopian life. Sometimes items soar in value within moments, making players who have stashed them away or quickly purchased them millions in profits. The downside is also true when the value of an item plummets. The Neopian economic pendulum is constantly swinging, and while it's unfortunate when you get caught in the downswing, please remember that you may be lucky on the upswing. :)

So, I joined The Sway's team, but didn't actually fight at all, so I got no special avatar, site theme, or trophy for participating in the plot. I find that annoying; it doesn't even say I participated... I joined a team, didn't I? I am quite mad that members who joined for support do not receive the prizes others do. Is there a reason? Please explain. I hope you can resolve this matter. ~username removed
You had to participate more than simply selecting a team to be rewarded. All big site activities are different, but if you want to be guaranteed prizes, we recommend more than the bare minimum of participation.

Dear TNT,
Is there a bigger image of the "Scores Galore: Spring" background image's source? It's so pretty! *__* ~esmeetjuhhh

We're happy you like it. :) We asked our graphic designer to make a .swf of it available for you guys to use on your User Lookups and Galleries, etc. Enjoy! (This link will open a .swf file.)



All that I have to say is: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making the Zafara Digger a wearable. It's the best thing to happen to Neopia! Thank you for making me smile with your lovely items and brightening up my day! ~allasondram

Okay, gotta say: WOW! The prize shop was worth the wait! The site theme is BEAUTIFUL, the avatars are AWESOME, and the prizes were GREAT! Plus Tyrannia looks so cool! The plot itself was super fun, too, and the art was beautiful. I want to say a big thank you and give a huge group hug to everyone that helped make this so amazing. You guys rock! *heart* ~bug_bug22

Hullo, hullo, hullo, TNT! This isn't a question, but more of a comment. I recently saw that the official theneopetsteam account has a magma Grundo named Trinitrotoluene, which is abbreviated as TNT (what I assume is the reason for the name), and I laughed so hard that my family thought I was nuts! Anyway, thanks for giving me a good laugh and keep up the good work! ~razzmyberriesplease

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for Ugga Shinies! At last, foregrounds and frames have their own shop, rather than being jumbled among toys and other random things. Kudos to you for that great addition! :) Also, the new Tyrannian map looks awesome, and I love the way you've set up the prize shop. Excellent job! ~burning_shadows_79

Hi to all TNT, I just wanted to say a massive well done and a huge thank you for the obelisk event. I've never been a big fan of battling, but I've always enjoyed participating in site events, so I had mixed feelings about the war. I have to say, though, that from start to finish myself and my daughter have had so much fun. We chose different factions (I chose Sway :)) and had many an interesting evening, both of us on the sofa with our laptops, yelling various war cries and hi-ya's at each other! (I simply cannot mention some of the Meepit and dung inspired insults that were flung.) Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you all know that we realise and appreciate how much time, effort, and hard work you have all put into this and to say thank you. Videos, excellent new Battledome, great characters, great story, avatars, site themes, trophies, boons! (Wow!) Finally, beautiful new Tyrannia. What more could we ask for? Thank you. ~medusa1231

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the artists at Neopets who took so much time and effort to make the newly-drawn Tyrannia and all of the art associated with the War of the Obelisk. :) You guys really made the new Tyrannia look great, and the Obelisk War art for the prizes, Battledome opponents, faction leaders, and the obelisk itself was amazing! If it weren't for you guys, none of this awesome art all over Neopets would be here. Thank you guys for making the time I explore lands, shop for items, play games, and the time I used in this new war fun! You guys have no idea how much your art is appreciated! :) ~crash01

Hi there, TNT! First of all, I have to say that you did an AMAZING job with the Tyrannia maps! They're my favourite maps now. Also, the prizes are all very clever! It's neat how you included the Zafara Digger meme and gave us Sway operatives some hot cocoa! Thank you so much for everything. Spending half of Monday refreshing the obelisk page paid off! ;) ~antzie

Hi, TNT. I know we've been... critical of you on the boards, but I'd just like to say the Tyrannia redraw is absolutely stunning. Your team is very talented. Even though we like to nitpick rather than appreciate how good the content really is, I'd just like to say thank you. ~lamaluver691

TNT, I just want to say that you did an awesome job with the prize shop for the Obelisk War! Seeing the Helpful Zafara Digger wearable completely made my day! :D Keep up the great work, guys and gals! :) ~purplekacheek18

Incredible job! Amazing! TNT, this plot was a perfect example of adapting to consumer demand. This plot started with new videos, these extra "boon" features, and a wonderful Tyrannia. Excellent work -- keep it up! Future tips: try to give us more updates on prize shops when people are anxiously waiting for it. Again, this plot was so different and creative! :D ~mysticalguy188

Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback you provided (both the positive and negative). Letting us know what you felt worked well and what didn't helps us make future site activities even better. :) ~TNT

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