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Hey, TNT! *makes Dr. Sloth materialize in front of you and then defeats him* I recently won a slot in the Poetry Contest and my poem was featured in the news. I'm just wondering: who's the person that decides to pick the poems from a particular day to be mentioned? Is it the one who does up the news (who I think is Comastar), or is it the poetry judge? Also, is it completely random, or are the ones features actually, in the person's opinion, really very good? Thanks! :D ~rielcz
Whenever a new page of poems goes up, the person that does them sends an email to whoever's putting together that day's news, informing them that a new page is ready. That email will contain three suggestions for mention in the news. Typically, the poetry judge suggests the three poems with titles that they think the news' readers might find most interesting (contrary to not-so-popular belief, this selection process does not involve the throwing of darts while hopping on one foot with an eye closed... since that would be silly). From there, whoever's doing the news usually chooses two of the suggestions and includes them in the news.

Hello there, TNT! I was wondering: why does it seem that every type of clothing available for all species just looks better on a Draik? What makes them so much more special? :'( ~eatyourstoup
It seems like a lot of clothing often looks better on species that have a more humanoid body / posture. Anyone that's tried to customise some of the *cough* more difficult species (we're looking at you, Kikos) knows this well. D:

How I would love to see what would happen if we could "mix" a Candychan and a Meepit in the Mystery Island Cooking Pot! *bats eyelashes* (that's an expression, by the way -- not a potential ingredient...) ~carrotopian
You sure? Bat eyelashes make all sorts of interesting stuff! We'll send your suggestion on to our Content staff, though. :)

So, if we are allowed to post links to Fan Sites, why can't we hyperlink an image (say, a button) to those sites? I have a directory and I'd like to be able to link the button to the actual site, not just a Petpage advertising the site. ~pianoplayer1013
Being able to hyperlink was our intention. We pushed a fix earlier, so hopefully it's working now. :)

Dear TNT,
Sleeping with a Cubefish as a cuddly toy is surely smelly, so I'm certain all those Cubefish collectors really appreciated the creation of a Cubefish Plushie earlier that year. Yet, sleeping with a Rockfish as a cuddly toy causes bruises, so could you perhaps create a Rockfish Plushie as well? As an avid Rockfish collector (who currently sports no less than 6 blue marks due to Rockfish-cuddling), I would be most happy and grateful. ~username removed

Our fish and plushie adoring staff members agree with you, and have harassed the Content team yet again.

Okay, so we ALL loooove the music in the new game, Assignment 53. Could you guys add some of the files to the Music page? Thanks! ^__^ ~minnesotan
Yup! This is in the works.

I think the new feature for calculating your total NP is nifty, but couldn't you just go to the Soup Kitchen, since she calculates your Shop Till, bank balance, and "on hand" funds? Just saying... ~jubergoober11
Perhaps the image in the news did not do justice to this new feature. We've included another screenshot below to show you what it offers. Judging from the feedback from our Premium members, it was a big hit. :)

A little checkmark appears above the bank link after
it helps remind you to pick up your daily interest.

In a recent conversation on the Neoboards, someone mentioned that Petpages with a list of usernames as part of the page content cannot win the Site Spotlight. Is this true? Perhaps it will help if I give an example: let's pretend I write a guide about The Neopian Times, and my hypothetical guide includes a list of Neopia's most prolific NT writers. Would my page be eligible to win the Site Spotlight, or does the list of usernames disqualify me? On a related note, let's pretend that some of my Neofriends help me to do some research for my hypothetical guide (e.g. by searching old NT issues), so my page includes a "credits" section to thank them for their help. Would my page still be eligible to win the Site Spotlight? This is assuming, of course, that all of the page coding / content was written by me, and that my friends only helped with factual research, nothing more. Thanks for answering. :) *gives you a hypothetical cookie* (also, please remove my username) ~username removed
That's an... interesting rumour. Petpages have had links to other pages for as long as we can remember, as well as thank-yous of all sorts. The only important thing is that, if someone requests their username or information be removed, then you do so. Whether your page gets in depends entirely on the quality and subject matter. If you have an amazingly interesting list of names displayed nicely, and we think other Neopians would like to see it, then please submit it! :)

Hi, TNT! I recently heard a rumor about the Site Spotlight and was wondering if it was true. I recently made a Neopet with a name that's closely related to the name of my Petpage that I created, TopTrophyCollectors. The rumor was that I did not have a chance at winning Site Spotlight because the name was not an ordinary name for a Neopet, but rather the title of a Petpage. Is this true? I would be very grateful for an answer so that, if necessary, I could switch the Neopet that hosts the site. Thank you! ~moocowalex
x_X Uh, yeaaaaah... we don't know where these rumours came from, but that assumption is incorrect. As long as your Neopet's name (or username) isn't borderline inappropriate, it's just fine, and it doesn't matter if it describes the Petpage or not.

First of all, I love the water Peophin, but... um... don't Peophins live in the water? HOW DOES THAT WORK?!? ~fuzzyslug
We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Surface tension is amaaaazing.

Now that we can discuss our favorite fan sites around Neopets, can we talk about the other sections of those sites that might have slightly different web addresses? ~sophocles
As long as it's a subdomain of the original fan site URL, you can post it. If, say, the forums have a different domain, then you can still talk about it, like: "Oh, check the Jellyneo forums!" You won't be able to directly link to there, though.

I noticed that we can now link offsite to a few trusted sites. However, wasn't the main reason you guys said we couldn't link offsite because you didn't want us linking to potentially unsafe / inappropriate sites, because offsite content is something you can't regulate (and, therefore, can't guarantee the safety of)? How can you guarantee the safety of these few sites other than by asking them to agree to be safe via a License Agreement, or feeling like you can just "trust" them? ~kaljinyu
We're certainly not letting people link to just any site. x_X That would be very bad. The fan sites we've selected are a very small handful of sites that we are extremely familiar with, and have good relations with. They have quality content and we trust them to be safe. Basically, we're vouching for them. :) In the end, it's entirely up to you to decide if you're comfortable going off site, or clicking outside links.

Hi, TNT! Can you please clarify whether people are allowed to do split trades or auctions? I know it creates a bad opportunity for scamming, but what choice are we left with? The limits on the Trading Post and The Auction House really need to be increased. The limits were probably created a LONG time ago, when items weren't as expensive as they are now. Could you PLEASE consider upping the limits (Maybe raising trades to 10 million NP and making auctions unlimited?). With so many items that now cost over 20mil, it leaves users in a tough position as far as how we should try to pay for them. Thanks for considering! ~_jaspeh_
Split trades and auctions are something we discourage, but will not punish you for. Basically, it's unsupported. If you lose items or NP this way, you're unlikely to get them returned (though we will, of course, freeze the scammer). Reassessing the limits is on our to-do list. We'll see if we can get the priority bumped up higher. :)

Thank you for making the Art Board, TNT. I love it. It's a lot more all-encompassing now. ^^ With the Art Board and the revival of the Site Spotlight, it feels like Neopets is really supporting creativity again. ^^ Also, you should totallllly rename the Avatar Chat so that the Art Board can claim the acronym. ~darigankat
We're glad you feel that way, because that's what we've been trying to do. :) However, we think the AC might take offense to your suggestion, so how about TAB for The Art Board? :) Or the A-Chat, perhaps? Like the A-team, but artists...

Quick! End this Editorial with something random! The Meepits are coming! ~number1lupe
Ahhh! Uh, Skeiths with little pink hats! Uh, uh... 42! Umm... hamburgers with upside down patties! Argghh! We can't think under pressure! Aghhhhh...



I absolutely ADORE Assignment 53. I've just died on my first round and I'm so in love. I just wanted to say thanks for making such an amazing game! I love retro stuff. :3 Anyhowww. ~tomgirl1212

Hey there, TNT! It's certainly been a while; I was a longtime player back when I was a kid (well, a littler person), but I left about four years ago once I started high school (you know, that stage we all go through when we think we're too old for cartoons and such). I started this account a few days ago just for nostalgia's sake, and I've gotta say, I love what you've done these last few years! All my old favorite games still bring a smile to my face, and I really enjoy the new additions to the site (Moltara? Very cool!). Just wanted to give you a big hug for holding onto my childhood for me, and for always striving to be the best you can be! Thank you! ~2liters

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