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Let's say that, hypothetically, a Neopian had the super cool chance of adopting a desert Aisha from the Pound. As you all know, that said Neopet wouldn't have any paint brush clothing. Let's then say that said owner had the even cooler chance of winning a Lost Desert Paint Brush. *sparkly eyes* Ahem, if that said paint brush was used on said Neopet, the desert clothing would be painted onto the Neopet. Be I correct? ~tigrismoon
Yes, you are quite correct. Please do note, however, that if you paint an unconverted Neopet, it will convert, even if it's the same colour.

Hi, TNT! So I was reading some old Editorials, and they put a question in my mind that I can't get over. Therefore, I am asking it. :) If there are two questions that you really like for the Editorial, and they are almost identical, how do you decide which one to use and which one not to post? ~48066
We'd likely publish the one that is best articulated.

Hi, TNT! *hands you a Chia pop* When I was on my old account, there was a little game called Kauvara's Potion. I loved this game, but one day I suddenly learned that it had been taken down to undergo updates. Well, it's now several years later, and the game's page still says that. Do you know when, if ever, the game will be put back up? Thanks! ~aquaticblumaroo
We remember that game, too! We recall that it was taken down due to some exploit, but after that our memory fails us. It's unlikely that we'll bring it back at this point.

Yo, TNT. In last week's Editorial there was a question about what the skeletal structure of a JubJub would look like. I really like the Non-Ionising Lab Ray T-Shirt, so is that really going to be an item? I ask 'cause I think it's awesome! O.O ~varkievark
The Non-Ionising Lab Ray T-Shirt is a shirt that was available in the NC Mall for roughly three years. It's retired now, but we're sure there are plenty of Neopians that have an extra one laying around. :)

I never thought I'd see the day when a Pile of Dung cost 10 NP. ~nanycaitlin
And here we were estimating a mere 4-6 NP each! Well done on cleaning up Neopia!

I feel so wanted now!
*gets tossed into trash*

Dear Mom,
Have you ever called someone "Mom" when you shouldn't have? It's so embarrassing. :( ~potential_ruler

Yes, and it is! Apparently when Dragona was a very wee lass, she was walking with her parents through a crowded area and, reaching up, said "Mooommy" and tugged on what she thought was her mom's shirt. Some strange lady looked down and her and said, "I'm not your mommy." This was the first time Dragona recalls ever using the D: face in real life. (Don't worry, actual Dragona mommy quickly came to the rescue!) The end.

Is the Darkest Faerie dead?!? I was rereading the Faeries' Ruin comics when I saw King Altador with a pick in his hand and something in the background that makes it seem like her statue's been destroyed! Please, tell me this is not true! Also, please, please answer my question! ~lila_lety
HA! No. When we last saw the Darkest Faerie, she'd been turned to stone by Fyora, who placed the statue in her own personal garden so that she could keep an eye on the Darkest Faerie. When Faerieland crashed and much of it was destroyed, the statue could not be found. No one knows if it was shattered or simply lost. Altador set out on a quest to find that statue to make sure the Betrayer -- who he feels responsible for -- hadn't escaped. The pick axe is so that he can dig through the rubble to find it. So far, it's not been found.

Do you remember when, in the last Editorial, you said that I might be able to figure out what the Maraquan Bori is based on because I'm good at that? Well... is it an axolotl? ~valibee
Hello again! Quite a few people wrote in guessing that same creature. We looked it up and couldn't help but smile when we looked at all those :) faces they were making at us. While the tail certainly looks different, we think that the overall feel of the Maraquan Bori lends itself to the axolotl. For now we'll consider that our top guess! For those who may be curious, the second most popular guess was the leafy sea dragon (which, by the way, are awesome looking -- if you have a chance to see one in real life, you really should).

Could you please tell us if the requirements for the Rubbish avatar make it impossible to get on our side accounts? I think everyone who is searching for the requirements on their side accounts (because they already have it on their main account) would like to know if they are wasting their time. Thanks! ^__^ ~sammy42004
You are more than welcome to get the Rubbish avatar on every one of your accounts. In fact, we encourage it! (Though as always, any funding must come from your main.)

I demand that you end this Editorial with a mutant Skeith in a field of pink flowers! ~ayakae
We'd be thrilled to!

The Skeith, on the other hand...

**Happy Thoughts**

Can I just say that I absolutely love the more recent Maraquan Neopet designs? I feel like you guys are getting more loose and creative, and it's working really well. :U ~stormyoutlook

Hi there! I originally joined Neopets to embarrass an office mate in the Battledome and became addicted. My Shoyru, VeiledStars, is the only Neopet I didn't create myself. I adopted him from the Pound after one of my friends abandoned him. He's had many outfits and several different colors over the years, but somehow he never quite found a unique place among my Neopet family. And then... you dear people released the wraith Shoyru on the same day that I got a Fountain Faerie Quest! Now he's just soooo bee-yooyu-tee-ful! I've spent a small fortune on him because he's so fun to pamper. (He's getting spoiled because of that; there's no living with him.) I could blame you for giving me this obsession, but I won't. I love, love, love him. VeiledStars has finally found himself, and for that I'm forever grateful to you. Many lovely loves to you! ~cardiff7

2,4,6-trinitrotoluene! I just want to say that you guys are great. I've been on Neopets for almost ten years, and now I'm a happy college student that uses Neopets to relax. Today, I finally got a Fountain Faerie Quest and was able to make my Gelert Maraquan! I just want to thank you guys for the great job you've done! ~rachdog76

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