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All Because of the Omelette

by magicice


It was just an accident, but now I'm the one to blame. That's how every trip to the hospital starts for me. How was I supposed to know you get diseases from eating certain foods? That's what was running through my head. It's okay, though; everything always has a happy ending. If it's not happy, it's not an ending... right?

     It was just another fun trip in Tyrannia, but that's how every heart breaking moment starts. Icey_Magic and I had just walked out of the Chomby and the Fungus Balls concert. It was so much fun and we even got a jacket! Icey_Magic smiled with joy, but suddenly stopped in his tracks to ask a question.

     "Can we go to the giant omelette?" Icey asked me.

     "Alright, sure, as long as we get back to Terror Mountain to visit the Neggery before she leaves for the night," I answered.

     "Yay!" Icey exclaimed.

     We walked over to the giant omelette behind some other Bruces and JubJubs. We waited patiently in line to get to the big omelette.

     Finally, we got to take some omelette. Icey grabbed some omelette and we headed back to Terror Mountain. As we reached Terror Mountain, we stopped near the slushie shop so Icey could eat the omelette. I didn't bother to check what type of omelette is was this time since I wanted to check out the slushie shop. We walked in and Icey finished the omelette. I was just about to buy a Blue Pop Slushie when all of a sudden I heard a moan.

     "Ugghhh," Icey moaned.

     I turned around to see my neopet in total pain.

     "What's wrong?" I asked.

     "I think the fish from Tyrannia wasn't cooked all the way," Icey moaned.

     "Oh, okay. We will head up to the Neggery and I'll see if they have any neggs that can cure a stomachache," I declared.

     We exited the store casually and headed into the Ice Caves. I looked around for the Neggery, and found the little negg shaped building right near the Ice Crystal Shop.

     I knocked on the door and I heard a friendly voice through the door. "Come in!" the Negg Faerie said.

     I pushed the door open and walked on in. All these neggs and so many to choose from! I took my neggs out of my backpack, figuring out I had thirty five negg points to spend. I couldn't decide what to get! I wanted to get either the Vortex Negg, the Sweet Heart Negg, or the Bang Bang Negg. Whatever I bought, I'd have left over points to save.

     I decided to buy a Sweet Heart Negg, so I walked over to the Negg Faerie.

     "Hi, umm, do you have any neggs that can cure a stomachache?" I asked.

     "Hmm... a stomachache?" she said. "Here, I know what you can try." She walked to the cabinets and opened the left side door open. "Ah, this one might do the trick." She handed us a negg I've never seen before, a Healthy Negg. I looked at Icey and took the negg. We walked near the door and I said, "Thank you, I'll come back for my Sweet Heart Negg later!"

     We walked down the mountain and back near the slushie store. I handed Icey the negg and waited for a reaction. Nothing. Icey just sat there waiting for something to happen. My face fell to a sigh. We had to go to the hospital in Neopia Central to solve this problem.

     We opened the door and a bell rang. You know those bells shops hang on doors to tell when people open the door? Well, that place had one. We walked over to the counter and asked where is the chart to look for your disease and a cure. We were told it was on the table over there. We walked over and opened the book. Neoblues, Floppy Tongue, Sneezles, Lumps... nothing seemed to be what Icey had. We flipped through the whole book and sighed. Nothing. We were just about to leave when the fan turned the last page. There was a back to the last page, listing more diseases and more cures. This surprised us, so we looked at it. There was Reptillioritus, Jitters, Doldrums, and Ugga Ugga. Nothing useful, at first. I stared at the descriptions of each disease. When I got to Ugga Ugga, I knew I had found what Icey had.

     "YES!" I screamed. I looked a little closer, to read what it said for the description of disease. "Possibly the worst Tyrannian disease, your Neopet's throat becomes so sore that all they can do is make Ugga noises." Now we knew what had been causing it all! Something Icey ate from Tyrannia had caused it.

     But what? I thought. I had been watching him all day, maybe it was from yesterday or maybe the day before...

     I looked again. The cure to this disease was Sporkle Syrup.

     Yay! What better than knowing how to solve a problem?!

     "Icey, you're going to be cured!" I exclaimed. I got so overwhelmed that I started causing a scene around everybody in the hospital lobby. Looking down in humiliation, we walked over to the pharmacy.

     I opened the door and we walked in. We walked over to the shelves stocked with thousands and thousands of medicines and cures. I looked around for Sporkle Syrup. Onion Balm, Fluff Be Gone, Itchy Scratchy Cream... where was the Sporkle Syrup?! Ugh! There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to find something, especially after you promise you'll find it. Searching the stock again, I decided that there was no Sporkle Syrup in the whole store. Leaving the store sad and upset, I decided to sit outside the bank. I quietly walked inside and had my accountant search how much Sporkle Syrup cost.

     "Whoa! I don't have that kind of money on me!" I said.

     "Well, that's how much you can buy it for out of the Trading Post... but you can probably haggle," my accountant said.

     Haggling, I thought, that's the best option right now. We can definitely get Sporkle Syrup like this.

     We headed out for Mystery Island to find the Trading Post. The best Trading Post ever is at Mystery Island. You can find about anything there. From dubloons, paint brushes, and nerkmids, the Trading Post has it all. There are plenty of nice neopets there too, and a lot of them are willing to haggle prices.

     "Are we here yet?" Icey asked.

     "Yeah we are here," I answered.

     We walked in and I looked over to a bunch of different trades set up. Neggs, clothing, and cures, cures! I got so excited I started jumping and freaking out. But the first thing I thought of was remembering what Icey ate before he had a stomachache.

     "Icey, what did you eat when we were at Terror Mountain?" I asked.

     "I had an omelette and a slushie..." he mumbled.

     "The omelette!" I screamed.

     Now that we knew what the problem was, we were definitely going to buy the Sporkle Syrup.

     I looked around, I found the Sporkle Syrup section.

     "How much?" I asked.

     "About 200,000 neopoints," they answered.

     "Oh..." I mumbled.

     Suddenly, Icey told me he was thirsty so we went to get some water. All of a sudden, we bumped into a blue Koi.

     "Oh my, I'm so sorry!" the Koi yelled in surprise.

     "Oh, it's okay," we told him calmly.

     "Wait, are you guys looking for Sporkle Syrup?" he asked.

     "Yeah...?" we answered.

     "Well, just buy Peppermint Stomach Medicine; it's cheaper and it does the same exact thing."

     The Koi walked away and we were left to decide what to do. I considered what the Koi had said, so I decided to try it.

     We looked around, and found the peppermint stomach medicine. I traded neopoints for the syrup, and gave it Icey_Magic, and like magic he was cured!

     I never really realized that the omelette was actually a rotten omelette. Rotten omelettes cause Ugga Ugga. Also, Peppermint Stomach Medicine is just like Sporkle Syrup. They say that you learn from your mistakes and you won't make the same mistake again, but just a few weeks later Icey_Magic came across a mild case of Neomonia.

The End

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