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Hey, TNT! *hands Punch Club punch* I was collecting my daily Altador prize today when a thought struck me. Why are Neopians still able to complete the plot after so long? Other plots must be completed within a certain time frame. What makes the Altador plot so special? ~woccawoccawocca
We wanted a plot that players could always come and experience to get an idea of what plots can be like. Since Altador was a small plot, with no comic or timely storyline, we decided to leave it up for everyone to participate in.

What happens if you can't complete a quest from the Faerie Queen because it has to do with buying something that costs 150,000 Neopoints? ~oneil76
If you can't (or are unwilling to) purchase the requested item, you can decline the quest. This will restore your access to the Shop Wizard and make you available for a different Faerie Quest if one happens your way.

Hi, TNT. *proceeds with the obligatory throwing of cookies and Meepits* My question is about an item in Neopia. So, I'm one of those people that finds joy in the hilarious and random items you can spend Neopoints on. Novelties such as the Coffee-Filled Pear and the Dancing Neocola Can are among a few of my favourites. The other day, however, I came across an absolute winner and was hoping you could thank the creator for me. The item I speak of is the Wind-up Mallard. This one item had my sister and I in tears at the "perfect" art of its item icon, and I can't thank the artist enough. (: I hope you will be able to give them my thanks. ;) ~dogs_can_bark
Haha, that's an item from one of our notorious "artists' day off" days that we sometimes do, where we have our non-artist staff members draw the items and images for that day's news. That particular item was drawn by one of our Spanish Content Coordinators. We'll pass along your approval!

What would you do if more than two million people correctly guessed the Mystery Pic? ~simpleregret
We've invisioned several different scenarios. Our best guesses are that we'd be:
- Asleep in our office chairs, waiting for the script that awards the winners to finish running.
- Sobbing at our keyboard as email after email flows in demanding why we haven't synced New Features yet.
-*headdesking* at all the boards claiming the late sync must be due to a new plot coming out.
- In addition to those things, and assuming the script would eventually finish running successfully, we imagine everyone would get 1 NP because it rounds up.

Hey, TNT! You're most likely aware of this because it was probably done intentionally, but being on a Crafting Faerie quest doesn't interfere with your ability to use the Shop Wizard. Could you please change that? Half the time I don't know that I'm on a quest unless the Shop Wizard tells me I can't use it, and then I go a month without getting a quest and can't figure out why until I remember about the Crafting Faerie ones. Thanks! Oh, and please remove my username. ~username removed
Since the Crafting Faerie doesn't request Neopoint items, we didn't want to irk people by having her interfere with Shop Wizard access. (We do understand where you're coming from, though. Dragona had the same issue this week.) We figure a good suggestion is to add the Faerie Quest page to your bookmarks, that way you can be reminded to check every so often and make sure you haven't missed a quest.

Wire you still here? Go bookmark that page now!

I'm writing to the Editorial today so I can strongly suggest that you all work some magic, use abraKADabra, and fix the Kad glitch. My clever pun is just one more reason why you should work on it. ~ccctoshiba
You know we always appreciate puns! We are aware of the glitch and it's in the queue to be investigated. We don't currently have a time estimate to give you for when it will be fixed, though, and are sorry for the delay.

Hey, so you know that awful "*throws random object at you in an odd attempt at a mini-icebreaker*" trend that happens in the Editorial? Well, does it ever get on your nerves? It seems like every question begins with someone throwing something at you. If you like it, however, then I'll just conclude this question with a *throws question on top of all the other questions for you to answer.* :) I bet that Pack Rat avatar was simple for you to get, what with all the garbage that you have had tossed at you. Just wondering. ~rhiannonweiss
Our eyes just kinda glaze over and skip anything contained in asterisks these days. *ducks at the food throwers* Really, it's not required to get your question answered!

Is the Krawk Island Anchor Management activity going to be a regular daily, or can we expect it to go away sometime soon? ~crimsonskies12474
Nope, it's here to stay. Enjoy!

So, I get why a lot of the things on the site are only for users 13 and over, but I don't get why that applies to Treasure Keepers! I mean, it doesn't look like it's something users under 13 years old shouldn't be able to do. Could you tell me why? ~chestnuttiger787
Treasure Keepers is a game played only on Facebook. Since Facebook is only for use by people 13 years and older (due to COPPA laws), players will need to wait until they are that age to open a Facebook account and enjoy Treasure Keepers.

Um, is there going to be a Style Showdown this year? D: ~manforgot
No, sorry. We'd definitely like to do another customisation event since we know a lot of you are customisation enthusiasts, but we felt that Style Showdown wasn't as fun as it could be. There were a myriad of issues, some obvious and some not, so we decided to put it on hold while we figure out how to make it better (or what to replace it with). And, we're just trying not to give you the exact same thing over and over again every year, since that can get boring. :) So please forgive us for not holding it again this year, but we are working on other ideas.

This isn't a question (and haters gonna hate), but I saw the ending on the Usukicon week's Editorial and thought it was HILARIOUS! I think the "I wuv you guyzzz" wasn't supposed to be involved in the text, though. ;-) ~dusknoirz
Oops, did we get it wrong? Let's try again!

I wuvs you guyzzzz!

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