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It's been 6 years since they were announced in the news, but still I can't seem to find a Sunblade Replica or Sloth / Mutant / Jewelled / Platinum Neggs anywhere! :o Are they really that rare? ~matthewhuichikin
After scouring the warehouse, we finally found the boxes containing these items (which had managed to fall behind about 50,000 boxes of dung). We dug the items out and sent them on their way. Please allow a little while for the Neggs to reach Snowy; we're not exactly sure how he collects his hoard, so we'll just leave them outside for him and quickly run away.

What if everybody in Neopia decided to stop buying items from Neopian shops and only got free things? Would the value of the Neopoint increase and the price of items decrease? I was just wondering, because that seems like the sort of thing the Meepits would try. ~lasergu
We would imagine the opposite, actually. If players didn't purchase items from shops, one of the most important Neopoint sinks would be lost. Also, the price of many items would increase as supply failed to meet demand. We very much hope that Meepits wouldn't try such a dastardly thing. /shudders

I've been attempting to attach a Petpetpet to one of my Petpets for a few weeks now (since around the end of July). I refresh and refresh my Inventory, but it still won't attach. I managed to attach Petpetpets to my other two Petpets, so I know it's possible, but this last one will not budge. My question is: can attaching a Petpetpet be affected by the Neopet's name (character length I mean)? You know, in the same way how some Neopets won't eat, read, or play with something because it's "boring" (in reality, though, it's because the character length of the Neopet's name and the item's name). I mainly ask this because this particular Neopet has ALWAYS had this type of problem. :S ~ryoko_rocks231
Your Neopet's or Petpet's name should not affect a Petpetpet jumping on. Perhaps it's just bad luck, or maybe because your Petpet is in need of a bath? D: We know we sure wouldn't want to live on a smelly Petpet!

When I put Sir Skeithalot's card into my Neodeck, it turns into Hegred Aishann, a card that even the Shop Wizard doesn't recognize. As the description says, "A wise old wizard. Often sought, but seldom found." When I take him out, though, he turns back into Sir Skeithalot. I can see the irony in this, but is it actually supposed to happen? ~sylviau
We (well, one unfortunate soul among us) have been updating the text of Collectable Cards that are "under construction" for entirely too long. While the Collectable Card area for these has been updated, we still need to update the site item. This should be fixed within the next week or so. :)

Have you TNT members ever been the victims of a cookie avalanche in your HQ from all the random cookies you get as bribes from users asking questions? D: ~krose456
No, we eat them far too quickly for that to happen!

"Cookie Avalanche" would make a great site item, though!

Hi, TNT! *passes around shaving cream* I was wondering: can we have a *headdesk* or *facepalm* smiley? If not... *headdesk* ~rewdas
We can't make any promises, but we will forward your request to the Content Department. Hopefully that's enough to protect your head from a good desk thrashing for now. :)

Hi, TNT. Can you poll the staff on their overall favorite cookie so that I know what kind I should throw at you? *will give you that kind after I see the results* As for my question: Deadly Dice doesn't cost or award Neopoints, right? If that's the case, then can I play it on a side account? I don't have any reason to mind you, but I do want this clarified, for future reference. :) ~goron0000
The Count is sleeping right now and we don't wish to disturb him to remind us if he charges to play dice with him. If he doesn't, and you don't win anything besides levels from him, we don't see why not. Have at it!

Hello, TNT! I was cleaning out my Safety Deposit Box earlier when I noticed something very odd. I had an item called "Gruundo T-shirt." At first I thought I'd read it wrong, but then I noticed that there were, in fact, two U's in Gruundo! So now I'm very curious. Was this an accidental typo, or a prank?
Neither, actually! Gruundo is a band that plays in the Concert Hall on the 25th of each month. Be sure to pick up a ticket for their next performance. :)

I think the Avatar Chat will get angry at me for asking this, but does Igneot's Cavern have an unlockable secret avatar that nobody has discovered so far? Please hide my username. ~username removed
Why would they? Y'know, never mind. Sometimes it's best not to ask. No, there is no secret avatar associated with Igneot's Cavern.

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering whether or not it would be inappropriate for a user to have pictures / art of bread on their User Lookup (assuming that there is no one in the pictures and the art is credited to the artist). I really wouldn't like to get frozen for this! Thanks in advance, guys. ~vengroupie
Man, what's with all the bizarre questions this week? oO Pictures or works of art depicting bread are perfectly fine, unless (of course) the bread is shaped like an inappropriate body part or anything else that is generally not allowed. We will now go scrub our brains and try not to further imagine how people could make bread inappropriate.

Hi, TNT! My little sister has submitted a few questions to you over a period of several weeks. She's younger than thirteen and wonders if this is the reason why she hasn't seen her questions in The Neopian Times yet. Do you have an age limit on Editorial question submissions? P.S.: Thank you for creating such a wonderful site. ~cloudedtears
You're welcome! No, there is no age requirement for getting into the Editorial. There's just a lot of questions that get asked and only so many we have the capacity to answer.

Hello, TNT! I think this happened to me a while ago, but I don't remember. If you remain inactive for a VERY long time and don't feed your Neopets, can they become mutants on their own from lack of food? Also, if that does happen, shouldn't they turn into zombies instead? Thanks! ~acacia_love_bari17
Hi, and welcome to "bizarre rumour day" here at the Editorial, apparently. No, not feeding your Neopets or abandoning them will never cause them to turn into mutants (or zombies, for that matter).

TNT, for years now on the smiley list it has said that :[ makes the red smiley with teeth, but actually :K is the one that works. ~captain_mcnab
You're quite right. Fixed!

Dear TNT,
Why is Nadia the Peophin of Love so buff? :C ~naadjupet

Because love makes us strong.


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