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Hey TNT, I have a question for you. As I was going to the Wishing Well the other day I wondered if you could make a wish more than once a day, so I tried it. To my surprise, you could! Therefore, my question is: how many times can you wish at the Wishing Well per day? ~rich_homies_6548
We think that depends on however many Neopoints you have in your pocket. :)

The spotlight rules state that entering the same submission multiple times will NOT increase your chances of being chosen. Does this mean "Do not enter your submission ever again," or can you submit your work again after a new winner is chosen, to join next competition? Better luck next time? ~nordstjerna
Please do not resubmit a spotlight submission that is the same as the previous submission. This will not help your chances. However, if you've updated the page or made significant improvements to it, then it doesn't hurt much to resend it to us.

Hello, TNT! Okay, so for roleplaying, people post pictures of random people off the web on their Petpages. The rules say to not post pictures. Is using pictures of random people okay or not? ~dragonnnyyy
To be clear, you're going online and finding pictures of strangers and reposting them. There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea. First, you really should have permission from anyone to use their picture for any purpose. It's the polite thing to do and, honestly, the person may not be cool with you using their photo to create a character of your own. Second, Monitors won't know that it's not a photo of you and will therefore take necessary action. Putting a note that it's not you won't fly, either. ;) So, all-in-all, this is a bad idea and it will probably get you warned (or frozen) regardless.

I recently read in the most recent Editorial that Neopets lose their fishing skill when transferred to another account. What if you get the Neopet back onto the original account (the one with the high fishing skill)? Will it still have its high fishing skill? ~sareko
Nope. Once a Neopet leaves an account its fishing skill is gone. This was done as the result of players rotating their Neopets through accounts to level up fishing faster than intended.

Wait, how do I hold this again?

Hello, TNT. I would like to know if the Bonju avatar can be collected on our side accounts. I have gotten a few yeses and noes, but I still do not know the true answer. Could you confirm this? Thank you. ~chinesedragon172239
In this particular case, as long as the items needed are supplied from your main account, it sounds fine. No items or profit are gained by doing what you need to do to get the Bonju avatar.

"Vouchers" have become a pretty hot topic on the Avatar Chat board tonight. When you vouch for someone wanting to be lent an item, it is implied that you are promising to pay back the lender in full if the person you are vouching for scams the item. However, is this actually a promise you can hold a user to? If someone vouches but doesn't pay the lender back, will they get frozen too, or do you not even recognize vouchers? If you could clarify this for the sake of the AC, please do. :) ~username removed
Woah, woah! Wait up here, guys. Apparently we missed the memo that said vouching for someone meant anything more than, "Hey, yeah, this person's cool, I'd trust them." We can only see it meaning anything more than that as a gigantic disaster similar to what happens when you mix Maraqua with pirates. We're gonna say that vouching only means you'd trust the person or have had good dealings with them, and nothing more.

Hey there! Are there any big benefits to an aged account? There are a few minor ones, like the Elite Boutique and being able to place higher bets in Food Club, and there are also hindrances AGAINST young accounts (what they can adopt from The Pound, etc.), but I'm unaware of any true "reward" as such. It seems like people might be more prone to try and remain unfrozen if there was a distinct benefit to keeping an account for years upon years that goes beyond a trophy on their lookup with a big number and a fuzzy sense of accomplishment. Thanks! ~yoshii
We already have some plans in the works for rewarding players that have longstanding accounts by giving them additional benefits that they can enjoy, but not things that will give them an upper hand over those with younger accounts.

Thank you so much for the awesome plot, TNT. ^^ Just a quick question about it, though: if one of the items that you win from a step in the plot gets taken / turned to sludge by a Random Event, does that mean that you cannot complete the plot? I have seen a few people state on the boards that their plot reward item was taken by a Random Event, and the replies tended to be along the lines of, "Well, you can't complete the plot now because you don't have the original item that you won." If you could just verify this it would be very helpful. Also, if this gets into the Editorial please leave out my username. Thanks! :) ~username removed
You can still complete the plot if you do not have the original item. Don't worry. :)

Drat. Well, that takes the fun out of it. *pouts*

Hello, TNT. I'm not sure if this was asked before, but would one be allowed to play games on a side account and not send the scores? My apologies if this has been asked before. ~tranzatlanticizm
We're having a problem trying to figure out why anyone would want to play games on a side account and not send their scores. After all, you guys are welcome to continue playing and sending scores on your main account, even after you've played a game three times for Neopoints. While technically there isn't anything wrong with playing and not sending your scores on side accounts, you will get no credit for anything. Therefore, we'd strongly suggest just sticking to your main for games in case you get a twitchy finger and accidentally send your score.

Hey, TNT! *shows platypus* *platypus hands sloppy joe* :D Anyway, I was browsing through past winners of the User Lookup competition and noticed a pattern... they are all Neo-related (which is fine, considering that this is a Neopets website, but it is neither a rule nor a restricted category). You have a miscellaneous category for crazy layouts, so how come no one random has won? ~klickthemaster
We're fairly certain it's stated in the submission guidelines that we only consider Neopets-related submissions to all of our spotlights. Unfortunately we do get plenty of submissions that are the default pages (like for User Lookup and Site Spotlight), as well as other random themes like popular bands and sparkly vampires, etc. If your customised page is unaltered or non-Neopets themed, then pretty please with a cherry on top, don't submit it to a spotlight. Our fingers that click the delete button and our sanity can only hold out so long! D:

What exactly causes your Neopet's fishing level to increase? Sometimes it goes up, while other times it doesn't change at all. Does it depend on what item you reel in or is it simply random? ~_indifference
You have certain odds of your Neopet's skill increasing each time he or she fishes. It's not related to the item you catch, what time you fish, or anything like that.

Hi, TNT! Let's say you have a Neofriend that suddenly starts annoying you for an item so much that you wish you could just block / delete them... or you just haven't talked to them in a while and are not sure why you ever added them as your friend. If you proceed to delete them, would it appear on their screen as, "iced_angel_loves_you HAS DELETED YOU FROM THEIR NEOFRIENDS!!!" or would it just go unnoticed? Thanks! ~iced_angel_loves_you
Nope, there is no notice to the person removed from the list. We don't like awkward social situations any more than the rest of you guys!

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