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Juicing the Meepits

by _shakky_


GAMES ROOM - Everyone’s seen them… those ubiquitous Meepits. I’m afraid they haven’t been quite the same since somebody gave them some juice—they’re taking over Neopia, the plumbing, and even the Neoboards. Eek! How can such little petpets manage a feat like that?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, you’ve probably noticed that there are scary little Meepit avatars all over the boards. They’re so creepy, with their big swirly eyes… but they’re so darn CUTE. How could anyone resist such an adorable little critter?

And before you know it, the Meepits have conquered another feeble-minded Neopian who couldn’t stand up against their unbearable charm. Yep, that’s how they work. Now you want to show your support for the Meepits, right? Of course! And what better way to show off your Meepit Pride than to use the Meepit avatar?

Now you want the Meepit Juice Break (hereafter MJB) avatar. There’s only one problem—you’re no good at it. Luckily for you, I’m here to help you! (Or maybe not so lucky; I’m not exactly an expert at MJB). Let’s cut to the chase.

This guide is for people who know the basics of MJB; it’s an easy game to understand and I don’t want to waste your time going through the rules. If you don’t know how the game works, go read the directions. Done? Good. Let’s begin!

1. Match the color of your Meepit to the color of your juice. If you match the colors, each pipe section will be worth two points instead of one. In the end, it means a huge boost for your score. The color combinations should be fairly self-explanatory. All three colors mixed together will create pink, red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange, and blue and yellow make green. That’s the easy part.

2. When you see fruit bonuses, grab them! The red and green one is worth an extra ten points, and the blue is worth twenty-five. I always get as many of these as I can. But always avoid the rotten apple cores—they’ll subtract ten points from your score. Plenty of people ignore the fruit, but they’re an important part of scoring high.

3. Connect as many pipes as you can to your juice source. This is how you’ll end up getting most of your points.

4. In later levels, if you have two Meepits that are the same color, try to feed them at the same time. It can be tough figuring out how you need to connect their pipes, but you’ll get better with practice. The closer this junction is to the Meepits, the better. As the game goes on, you’ll probably need to try and feed all three at once. When you do this, try to have your juice match at least one of the Meepits.

5. Block off your Meepits that you don’t intend to feed. If you have two blue Meepits and one red one, and you want to feed the red one, make sure there’s no way for you to accidentally feed one of the blues. This is easiest done by disconnecting the pipes right next to the Meepit(s) that you don’t want to feed.

6. Type “Meepits” for an extra life. That extra life could mean the difference between scoring 3492 and 3507… so make sure you grab it. “Juice-o-matic” will reset your Meepits’ timers, but if you plan on using it, make sure you can type it quickly.

7. In the first couple of levels, try to clear the screen of all pipes. If you can use all the pipes to feed the Meepit, you’ll get a bonus of fifty points, for a whopping total of one hundred thirty points—and that’s without fruit bonuses. Yay!

8. It’s probably a good idea to turn off the music. It’s pleasant when you start, but depending on how long you play, the music may start to drive you mad. (Aren’t I evidence enough of that?)

9. The hardest part is learning how to balance the time and effort you put into connecting pipes. You can’t spend so much time getting your pipes perfectly connected that you lose a life. This was the hardest part for me; I would spend too much time trying to connect more pipes and end up with a dehydrated Meepit. The more you practice, the faster you will be at seeing how to connect the pipes—so I recommend a lot of practicing. When you get to higher levels, you’ll only have ten seconds to feed all three Meepits, so practice finding a balance between the effort and time.

10. I find it easier to work from the juice source to the Meepit. Some people like to connect the pipes from the Meepit back to the source, though. Both ways are probably the same difficulty, but my brain finds it more logical and therefore easier to work from juice to Meepit (but we’ve established that I’m not quite normal). Try both ways, working from Meepit to juice might work better for you.

11. Practice, of course. Practicing is the only way to improve at any game. Everyone has different games that they’re naturally good at without practice; you don’t have to be a “natural” to earn the Meepit avatar. Just practice; Meepit Juice Break is a game that leaves plenty of room for improvement. (So… don’t let anyone get the avatar for you. That’s cheating. Cheating is bad. Bad people get frozen.)

    It should be noted that you can also get the Meepit avatar in Zen mode. However, you’ll have to feed 3500 Meepits… a formidable task. If you choose to play in Zen mode, expect to be playing Meepit Juice Break for at least ten hours. Doesn’t that sound fun? The point of this guide is to help you so you don’t have to resort to Zen, though.

So, after some practice, you now have the Meepit avatar! Somewhere, you’ve made a Meepit or two very happy, knowing that they have another supporter. You should be proud of yourself—it’s quite an accomplishment.

Good luck and happy juicing. Now, get to work!

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