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Hi TNT! I was wondering if it'd be possible to move the Trudy's Surprise Slot Machine to a separate page or something, since it seems to automatically reward prizes even if you haven't played the game. And since it's against the rules to do so on side accounts, a lot of us can't even log into our sides now. ~ charybdis7
Hello! To clarify for everyone – it is definitely against the rules to use Trudy's Surprise Slot Machine on side accounts (come on guys, you know that!) - but that's no reason to keep you off your side accounts! Have no fear, because the machine no longer rewards Neopoints without you choosing to play the game. To avoid any chances, you can also block the daily in your Site Preferences! However, we will not be moving Trudy's Surprise to its own page. There are a lot of great daily activities on Neopets, but for a user who doesn't know about them, it can be hard to know what or where they are. We chose to have it pop-up so it would be easily available to players who are not as familiar with the other dailies hidden around the site!

Hey TNT! *Attempts to throw empty NC Mall Gift Boxes at you, but they teleport right back to my inventory* Um, can there be a way to discard NC Mall Gift Boxes, or at least send them to other people? I have no intention of ever using mine, and am paranoid by having so many that my NC Mall items may be at risk. With the new daily giving them out so generously, it's making me even more paranoid! If you publish this, please remove my username! Thanks! ~ username removed
Right now, the only way to get rid of Gift Boxes without using them is to use an Upcycle Cookie, so go ahead and pay them forward to a lucky Neopet stopping by the Money Tree! Although, if that isn't for you and you're really worried about having extra boxes lying around, you could always calm your nerves by sending a nice gift to yourself! Who doesn't love getting presents, even if you are the one who sent it…

Presents! Presents! Presents!

Hi there, so I bought an NC card towards the end of June, hoping to redeem it as soon as the card redemption was back up. It is now almost a month later and we still can't redeem cards :/ I know it was mentioned in the last editoial that the end was in sight, but will it be back up before the birthday items leave the mall? Thanks! ~ pinkpuppies
Ta-da! *magically makes stacks of Neocash appear* You are now free to redeem your Neocash Cards and get all the birthday goodies you could ever want! Sorry it took so long – it took me way longer than expected to master that magic trick…

Hey TNT! *waves* I was wondering if you will make it so that paint brush clothing can be removed from our customization closets. Currently I have 138 items of paint brush clothing that is stuck taking up space in my closet that I would love to be able to simple stick into my SDB. I know I'm not alone in this, so *puppyblew eyes* please? ~ picksy95
Well, I do have a bit of a weakness for Puppyblew eyes… I brought it up with our team and we're discussing it! I can't give you too much other information on this yet, but just know it's on our minds!

Hello guys *hands you some Faerie Apple Pie* I really really really love Faerie Food items and I was so happy that you guys decided to add some new ones and I was wondering how long will it take for them to appear in the Faerie Food shop? :D ~ Harley_quinn1995
You haven't seen them yet? Be sure to keep checking! Faerie Foods can be tricky but those shipments should definitely have arrived by now!

Mmmmm pie…

Hello, I recently entered the Beauty Contest for the first time and have found it to be quite confusing. The most common feedback is that my image is too small. I made it 150 x 150 pixels exactly as it states it should be on the entry page. I've been told that this is an old rule that no longer applies. I've also been told to be careful as there are unwritten rules that are not included in the F.A.Q. I'm not sure who I should believe so could you clarify if the F.A.Q. is up to date and if my entry is allowed to be larger than 150 x 150 pixels. I also understand that we are not allowed to use our BC entry URL's as a Neosig outside the Art board but some people have said you can put the URL for your Petpage on your Neosig then have the BC URL link on the Petpage. Is that true? I like to follow the rules on Neopets and am worried that I might break some without knowing they are rules. Thanks for your time and if you could leave my username out of the editorial I would appreciate it. ~ username removed
Hi there! 150x150 is the recommended size, but the only limit is that your entry can't be larger than 75 MB or else it can't be uploaded. The FAQ should be up to date, but we have our expert judge taking a look over to be sure there is nothing missing! "Unwritten" rules generally fall under things covered by site or chat rules, which is why they aren't explicitly listed in the BC FAQ. Finally, you are welcome to include your BC link on a petpage or any other pages like that, as long as the pet is on the same account.

Hope this clears things up for you! A good rule of thumb to follow to be sure you're in the clear is that if we don't allow it on the boards, we probably don't allow it anywhere else.

Hi TNT! I saw your recent editorial about including links to advertise BC entries in your signature only on the Art, Spotlight, and Premium boards. Wouldn't advertising on the Premium boards that people pay for constitute paying for Beauty Contest votes? ~ woodland12
We limited including your entry links in signatures to boards where it is relevant. The Beauty Contest is relevant to the Art and Spotlight boards, which is why we allow it there. Same goes for the Premium Boards, there are relevant boards there as well so we allow it.

Hello, Recently we had Ixi Day and I was very excited to see Wraith and Transparent as the two color choices. However it's been a week and the two colors have not been activated at the Rainbow Pool. I was wondering how long it will take before these colors are available. I hope not too long. Someone posted on the Help Section of the Neoboards that the Pastel Gelert was released in March and still not activated. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a lovely Neo day! ^^ - Collette
We've been keeping an eye on the situation to figure out why so many Neopets are having trouble making it to the Rainbow Pool on time, and we saw a loose Meepit army scaring off new Neopets as they approached! The horror…

Luckily, we've gotten rid of them for now, so all those lost Neopets should be able to safely make their way back to the Rainbow Pool as intended by tomorrow morning! I'd check back then.

It's going to be a party!

** Happy Thoughts **

Hi there! I feel like there was a lot of negativity in the latest editorial so have some cookies *puts out cookies* Also keep up the great work getting neo back to the place we love. Hugs all around! -also please hide my name (: Thank you! ~ username removed

*throws BD caps* I just wanted to take a second to tell you guys that you do a wonderful job. I know there has been backlash on the boards, but I'm impressed by what you guys have accomplished. Trudy's Surprise was just that for me, because I wasn't even expecting it. Keep up the good work and thank you for all that you do! ~ subcoe

I'm not sure how to get this to Tony from Support, so here's a go! Thanks for the quick response, Tony! My account was frozen/hacked on Wednesday, and I got it back Friday evening unscathed (which is much more than I'd hoped for!) The boards are pretty much singing his praises right now. I'm sure MANY more people were involved in cleaning up this fiasco. So thank you guys & gals as well! Stay hydrated while working through this. Drink some juice. Pet a Feepit. And please remove my username? Thanks! c: ~ username removed

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