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A Stealthy Shoyru's Mission

by sassyxsandra


      Deep within the mountains of Shenkuu, a tiny temple rested carved into the side of one of the highest peaks. The chipped gray paint of the walls and the torn red banner that waved aimlessly gave the impression that this particular temple was most likely abandoned long ago. However, to think that this tiny building nestled deep within the mountain was devoid of any company was incorrect. Two voices whispered back and forth in urgency inside of this temple.

      “Do you understand your task Kuroo?” Questioned the first voice.

      “Yes sir” replied the second voice.

      At first it would seem that the voices were coming from the very thin mountain air that would seep inside from the broken windows and the unlock door. For there were no figures to be seen inside. Where were the figures that were talking to each other?

      Upon careful inspection, Malkari the Stealthy Nimmo could be seen blending in perfectly with the temple’s interior surroundings as he sat in typical Nimmo fashion upon a small cushion on the temple floor. The second voice belonged to that of a Stealthy Shoyru who stood nearby, engulfed in the darkness of the window’s curtains.

      “Retrieve the item at all costs” said Kuroo, proving to Malkari that he understood his instructions.

      “This item is very important to me. Make sure you complete this task with stealth and wit. No one is to know you took it” reminded the Nimmo.

      “Yes sir. I will be back before dawn” responded Kuroo.

      With no further words, the stealthy Shoyru took off and took flight into the hazy Shenkuu mountain sky. The day was quickly fading and night was approaching. This was the way he prefered it. He worked best in the night, where the darkness of the night covered all of his tracks and only the moon served as a slice of light just barely enough to illuminate his path.

      After many hours of flying, the Shoyru began to see the purple towers of his destination: Faerieland. He flew in lower passing by the colorful stream of the Rainbow Fountain closely as he examined Faerieland. In the distance, Jhudora’s castle looked especially menacing when combined with the darkness of the night sky. Kuroo’s blue eyes narrowed as he looked for the Faerie city. Upon finding it he flew overhead, circling as he looked for his true destination.

      While the Hidden Tower could be very tricky to find for the average Neopet, it was not nearly hidden enough for the Stealthy Shoyru. Once he discovered the location of the sought-after tower, he thought about how it would be best to enter. He needed to make sure he was quiet and unseen. He caught sight of a small window that had not been closed fully. “Perfect!” He thought as he zoomed by the window and gently opened it just enough to fit himself through.

      Once inside, Kuroo remained in the shadows as he looked for Queen Fyora, whom he knew was around somewhere . Seeing no sign of the Queen for several minutes, he dared to sneak further into the tower’s room. All of the items that did not get sold that day were neatly organized on shelves. Glancing around the room a few more times for any sign of Fyora, he swiftly began to scan the shelves for Malkari the Nimmo’s requested item.

      A small doll on the shelf caught Kuroo’s attention. Its green eyes sparkled with what seemed like malicious intent. It was an Ilere Faerie Doll. Kuroo had heard the stories of the dark Earth Faerie and knew the doll was not something he’d want to play with. He moved along and continued to scan the rest of the Hidden Tower items. The item that Malkari sought after was nowhere to be found.

      Kuroo passed the collection of Jhudora items. The bewitched ring sat on the shelf with plenty of space away from the other items, as if it posed a threat to anything that dared touch it. The closest things to it where the crystal ball and a doll in the likeness of Jhudora. Kuroo made sure not to look into the crystal ball directly as he double checked the shelves. If he did not find it here, he would have to go deeper into the tower in search of Malkari’s requested item.

      The Stealthy Shoyru stopped checking as he noticed that the Ilere Faerie Doll was no longer on the shelves. An uneasy feeling washed over him. He walked silently around the corner of the shelves where he noticed the faint silhouette behind one of the rows.

      It was Queen Fyora.

      The Queen of the faeries had fallen asleep in the middle of restocking the shelves. Her usual elegant grace was nowhere to be found as the Queen slept disheveled on the tower floor next to the shelf emitting loud snores. One of the Faerie’s arms reached up as the shield of Faerieland was the last thing she stocked. With one hand clutching the shield on the shelf, the other hand was held tightly at her side with a Faerie Queen Doll tucked in the crook of her elbow.

      “Oh what an ego!” Thought the Shoyru as he saw Fyora’s choice for a bedtime plushie. His thoughts quickly turned more serious as he realized that the Faerie Queen Doll was Malkari’s requested item. The item was in the hands of the sleeping Queen Fyora!

      Kuroo did not have much time to think of a plan for retrieving the doll before a small thump on the wooden floorboards caused him to swirl around towards the noise. The Ilere Faerie Doll had at once reappeared. Yet this was not a good sight, for somehow the doll had managed to reappear with a lit Ghostkerbomb by its side!

      Kuroo moved swiftly and silently (as most Stealthy Neopets do) to put out the Ghostkerbomb before it could explode and wake Fyora. Kuroo grabbed the Ultra Bubble Gun from one of the shelves and squirted it at the Ghostkerbomb. The bubbles popped onto the wick of the bomb and prevented its explosion.

      There was no time for feeling relief. As soon as the disaster was avoided and the two items were put back on the shelves, the Ilere Faerie Doll was once again gone. Kuroo felt the pressure mounting. He had to find a way to quickly retrieve the Faerie Queen Doll from the Queen’s clutched arm before the sinister Ilere Faerie Doll could wake Fyora. As he walked closer to Fyora, thinking of a million different plans in his head, a high pitched squeal sounded from under his foot.

      It was a Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy! Not too far off was that dreaded Ilere Faerie Doll sitting upright on the wooden floorboard as if watching what would happen next. Kuroo held his breath as he waited to see if Fyora would wake from the sound. But the Queen merely mumbled something about cloud racing and trailed off again. The stealthy Shoyru exhaled in great relief. Awakening Fyora and having her find out that the Stealthy Shoyru was trying to steal one of her Hidden Tower items would not have a pleasant outcome.

      “This must be very important if Malkari is requesting I steal from the Queen herself!” Thought Kuroo. His attention then turned to the Ilere Faerie Doll as a brilliant plan took place in his mind. He would just switch the dolls! Fyora would never be the wiser. Until dawn that is, when she would awake and realize her favorite item was missing. But by then Kuroo would be long gone back in his Shenkuu temple having pleased Malkari with his devotion and skill.

      Kuroo’s eyes glittered with the satisfaction of payback for all of the havoc the little doll has caused on his mission. He quickly grabbed the Ilere Faerie Doll and began to move the Faerie Queen Doll out of Fyora’s arm while inserting Ilere in its place. Once finished he stepped back to look at his handy work. The little doll’s green eyes sparkled more than ever. It seemed as though the doll had a mind of its own and it did NOT like being under Fyora’s grip.

      The Stealthy Shoyru snickered at his success before exiting through the window in which he entered. With the Faerie Queen Doll in his possession he flew back to Shenkuu wondering what great importance this doll must have. Malkari was always a serious Nimmo who only used his powers of stealth for important reasons and required the same qualities in the company he kept.

      As dawn set over Shenkuu Kuroo returned to the temple.

      “I have succeeded Sir. Here is the doll.”

      Malkari nodded in approval.

      “Sir, if I may ask….what are you going to use this for? I know it must be something so very important and top secret” the Shoyru asked with curiosity. He did not mention the struggles he went through inside of the tower or the long journey to get to Faerieland. But he knew that Malkari must have big plans for this doll in order to ask such a serious request as stealing from Fyora herself.

      “Oh I’m going to give this to Rini, she’s always wanted one. It’s her birthday tomorrow and I’m a little short on Neopoints” he replied carelessly.

      “RINI?! YOU MEAN THIS WAS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR A BABY?! A BABY GELERT?!” Kuroo dropped his stealthy guard as he screamed in disbelief.

      The End.

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