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*offers homemade chocolate chip cookies* Hi, TNT! A little Meepit told me that, if you have a Fountain Faerie Quest, you can't accept another faerie quest -- including the ones like Illusen -- until you paint your Neopet. If you accept another faerie quest before your Neopet is painted, you lose the chance to have your Neopet painted. Obviously, I don't believe that troublemaker. Still, will you please set the record straight? *dropkicks the Meepit, and it lands in... Meridell's Rubbish Dump* *cringe* Rats! I was aiming for Terror Mountain. ~kanakougra
That Meepit was rather misinformed. If you get a Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ), but aren't ready to paint your Neopet, purchase the item and give it to the faerie to complete your quest. This frees you up for new faerie quests, and the Fountain Faerie will be there waiting for you when you decide what colour to paint your Neopet. If you are an amazingly lucky Neopian and get another FFQ during this time, DON'T turn it in until you've used up the reward from your previous Fountain Faerie Quest. You can have a completed FFQ and an incomplete FFQ, but completed quests don't stack. If you turn in the second, you'll lose the unused first.

As for the Illusen and Jhudora quests, they only affect each other. They are separate from the Random Event style faerie quests.

I JUST noticed that the Money Tree got an update! It's really pretty, you guys. Nice job! However, could you make it so that, when you click on the picture, it refreshes again? I liked that feature on the old one. :) Thanks! (Sorry I've sent in so many questions this week!) ~lionkirbys
Sure! It's now set up so that clicking the image will once again refresh the page.

Hey, TNT! *hands you a mysterious box* I wouldn't open that unless it's in a cage. Anyway, I just went to the Battledome and was awarded the Battledome Veteran avatar. As far as I know this avatar is retired, and I didn't use the old Battledome. Is this a glitch? ~flames_unleashed
While not "retired," the avatar should not be awarded to anyone that didn't participate in the old Battledome. This bug has now been fixed.

Hi, TNT! It's always been a dream of mine to get published in the Editorial. Anyway, I do have a burning question for you: I've seen many Neoboards lately encouraging people to join the same faction to "guarantee" a win for one of the three sides of the skirmishes. Is that cheating, or is the size of the faction irrelevant to determining the winner? Thanks for 10+ awesome years! ~the_pink_cow959
If a lot of people on the boards all decide to join one team, that's perfectly within the rules. However, even if that possibly results in the majority joining a certain faction, a larger team size doesn't guarantee a win. Much like the Altador Cup, it isn't the size of the team that matters, but the effort they put forth.

For example, if everyone just joins a massive team trying to "guarantee" a win, but then puts no effort into it because they think they'll coast along to a new avatar because of the number of people, then don't be surprised when that team loses.

Well, hello TNT! *hands you a big plate of cupcakes to pass around* Lately I have made it my goal to achieve a Gallery Spotlight. So, I was reading over all the rules and info about the Gallery Spotlight and I came across something very troubling. The Neopoint reward is only 10,000 NP. As we all know, any NP reward is very generous, but I was wondering: why is it so low? Many of us seeking out a Gallery Spotlight will pour in half a million NPs or more just to get our Galleries considered by the staff, let alone all the countless hours of dedication getting the layout to look amazing and ranking / categorizing all the items! I can understand if this might be something y'all have never updated, but don't you think it's time to change? Thank you for answering, and have a great weekend! :) ~trptgeek77
Most spotlights are in that range because it's not about the Neopoints or prize, but rather a reward for doing something awesome. In the case of Galleries, we're basically just pointing a Gallery out and saying, "Look at the great job this player did!" If you're creating a Gallery simply to win, then you have it a bit backwards. ;)

The red Lellefisk is listed under the colour rainbow in the Petpet Puddle. On a similar note, the colours stealthy, magma, and eventide are all listed as separate unknown colours. :O ~sick_swimmer
Thanks for the heads up. The Lellefisk is fixed, and we've poked the programmers about the unknown colours. (Well, maybe a slight jab in the ribs.)

Then we ran away, because angry programmers are scary.

The artists didn't have to walk far to
get inspiration for the Angry Yurble.

Okay, so when Neopets first started, it was made for college students (as far as I've read). It then became a children's site. I've realized recently that, as far as I can tell, the site is becoming more filled with college students, since the generation that grew up with it is now in or going into college! Pretty nifty, I think! Just thought I should share. Also, please remove my username. ^_^ ~username removed
We've always been a family friendly site, though we've never at any point considered ourselves a children's site. We do understand what you're saying, though! Many of our players that were in the 13+ crowd are now college bound, and a good number of our once college-aged players are now raising a second generation of Neopians! It's been awesome watching you all grow up (many of us along with you!) and that makes us feel awesome. :')

I saw a user account with the Royal Astronomer trophy. That's fine and all, but then I saw that the account was made in 2011. How is that possible when the trophy was only released in 2006? (Please leave out my name.) ~username removed
The Royal Astronomer trophy is from the Altador Plot, which is a bit different from previous plots as it can still be completed to this day. It has quite a few steps to it, but if you finish it, you will be rewarded with a trophy and access to a daily thatweshouldreallyupdatetheprizesfor.

When you pick the people to get into the Editorial, is it random, or is it the first people to submit their questions as soon as a new Editorial comes out? How long do you spend picking entries for the Editorial? Thanks. :D ~m0nster_rancher
Nope, nope, and usually about 2-3 hours. The questions we answer depend on who's available to answer them, if we're actually able to answer them, and if any question in particular catches our eye.

I just got three Neomails telling me that I'd won the Mystery Pic, and there are three Potato Puffs in my inventory. What should I do? ~vera_amber
Our Mystery Pic script that hands out prizes apparently hiccupped and then fell over. Don't worry about it. In this particular instance, keep any Neopoints / items that you were rewarded by accident.

I have a question about the Gallery Spotlight. To submit a Gallery, must your Gallery be all on one page, or can you have categories? I have worked very hard on my Gallery and the category art and have submitted it as it now is. I am being told I cannot be selected if it's in categories. Is this true? My Gallery is orange, but you all have created so many orange things that it has become very large. Please answer so I know if I have to redo stuff and resubmit. ~nashie363comesback
Categories are fine as long as ALL of the categories are related to the Gallery. So, if you have a banana Gallery, and then one section is "items up for trade," it could be disqualified. This is because on the Gallery Spotlight page, it displays ALL items at once, regardless of whether they're in a category or not. So, if there are items that don't fit, it kind of ruins the theme. Here are some other tips for the Gallery Spotlight from our judges:

~You get bonus points if your Gallery looks nice and organised when you select "view all items," because that's how we see it!
~Avoid busy / patterned backgrounds. If it makes our eyes twitch as we scroll through, we're less likely to select yours.
~As mentioned above, only have Gallery-specific items displayed.
~Do your best to create a unique Gallery, both item-wise and visually. Your Gallery will need to be pretty impressive if you're using a pre-made layout.

Howdy, Neopets Team! Instead of another question about the Battledome and updates / new information, I have a slightly different question. How long ago did you begin planning the new Battledome & The Obelisk War? I was curious as to how long in advance you prepared for these two major aspects before you announced them on the site. Thank you! ~_mariokart_
Oof. A long time. The initial planning stages began in late 2010/ early 2011. Early planning consists of research, writing documents, wire-framing, designing the UI, prototyping, etc. And that's all before actual production even starts. In January of 2011 (as soon as we knew we were revamping the Battledome), we decided we'd do a war set in Tyrannia. In mid-2012 we began to plan the specifics of the war as we got near the BD's final production stages.

Could you end this Editorial with a picture of a Neopet hugging an adorable Meepit? Thanks! ~shine0987654321
You've got it!*

*Meepit may be questionably adorable.


OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH, TNT! The new Money Tree, IT'S AMAZING! I'm seeing people donating Neocash items! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR LETTING THIS HAPPEN! (Username out, please.) :3 ~username removed

Hey, TNT! I just wanted to let you guys know that Premium rocks! I've been a dedicated player on this site for around eight years now, and have always considered Premium to be a "luxury" that I would never be able to afford. But, now that I've dished out the cash, I find that it's AWESOME! I love the easy access to dailies, options that let you customize your account, the added perks, *continues fawning*... anyway, just letting you know that you guys and gals are fantastic in every way, and that you make my Neo day (that rhymed :D), and I'm overusing commas in this comment! ~peanutleader

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