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Budding Trouble - Part 3

Also, I have the Meanest Bad Seed, Loudest Rude Tulip, and Most Voracious Negg Muncher.

by jupebox
Bad Guy: We're Normal #2

Meuka's past

by andy94174
The Mechanics of Breakfast

Good news!

Also by mistyqee

by crystallus

Neopian Heroes: Hanso 2

HaTFG: Hanso and The Fan Girls (Part 2 of 2)

by hoyunjoyce
Potatoes - Neohomes

Decisions, Decisions

by breaziecat
Ahhh... Spring!

The good (and the bad!) side of spring.

Also by druthz

by mumumuchan

Unexpected Abilities

While the battle for the Obelisk is raging...

by liouchan
Wet Paint - Petpets

That Wuzzle just wants a hug!

by glittergirl7000
The Cake is a Lie

This is what we get for trusting a bunch of zombies.

by maliciousfiend
Picnic Panic

hum dee dum!

by jhudora96
So Says the Slorg!

An utterly meaningless but valiant effort.

by supercheezee
Fountain Hazard

Magical radioactive runoff has to end up somewhere.

by khastiel
Neopian Items: Xandra Mask

Please do not impersonate villains.

by crymetothemoon
Neobservations: Library

I bottled it!

by neogirl276
The Goofers - Terror Mountain, part 1

We all miss the snow now that it's spring... right?

by lintsuf
HD 1 - Healing Springs

Ever have that moment when you need a heal after a tough battle...

by cherry_kyun
Just Another Day

Well, those codestones WERE going towards your training...

by miacirclegirl
The Adventures of Korbatman!

The Adventures of Korbatman!! Well... Sort of...

by aangchan
Not So Important Nesters

Time to be harvested.

by muzikbox
Out of Line

They make great signposts.

by narutoluvr935
C'est La Vie

Yay, I won! Wait...

by clydesdale
Not Ill!

At least someone got the avatar...

by front_reverie
More Hardships of... Habitarium P3s 20

All that work!...for nothing!?

by alagfalaswen
Kadventures of Olly and Ninth: Tyrannian Day Prank

I got a surprise for you...

Also by 0llyness

by __ninth_gate__

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"My Brother Tobin" by fields_of_gold
Tobin has always been different, I've never known him not to be. At nine years old, he's two years my junior, but he certainly doesn't act like it. Some days, it's like he's five, others, more like fifty. I never know which side of my brother I'm going to see next. He loves petpets...

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Misadventures of a Neopian Times Reporter XI
Space Case

Also by birdinggal

by kristykimmy


A Hermit Magician
Victirus glanced up, discarding the book he was reading in a reflex. Walking towards the edge of the cliff, he scanned the surrounding woodland.

It was faint from the distance, but he could see it: What looked like a cluster of movement near the north edge of the forest.

by lux_aeterna1234


What Are Your Humblest Neopets Wishes?
By humble, I mean wishes that don't require a lot of Neopoints to fulfill.

by indulgences


Books from Kreludor! A Guide to Booktastic Books
Your Neopet could be one of Kreludor's finest, but are you up to the challenge?

by nighters


My Brother Tobin: Part One
My brother Tobin was born on Kreludor. He's not really part of my family, a white weewoo dropped him off on our front porch with the Neopian Times one day. At least, that's the story I tell all my friends, the ones who ask why Tobin is so... weird.

by fields_of_gold


Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Esteem - Part Three
"Sir Graham told me that the King reckons he's exaggeratin'. Says that a lawless band o' thugs couldn't keep a group that size organized. Y'know how ol' Talren gets when he thinks he's knows something."

by shinkoryu14

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