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Hi, I was just wondering if you're allowed to post a Notice Board ad if your User Lookup / site / gallery / caption / Neopet is entered in a contest and you're willing to spend 4 million Neopoints to advertise it... ~candyblossoms
Well, we judge most of those spotlights entirely ourselves, so posting a Notice Board about your wonderful User Lookup, gallery, Neopet, or Petpage would be an amazing way to waste a good deal of Neopoints. As for other activities (such as the Caption Contest or Beauty Contest) where you are relying on votes from your peers, we think it's not really fair play to use a Neopoint advantage to win. Let your own creative skills help you win, not your Neopoints.

Are we allowed to have a Neohome on our side accounts? ~fc_barcelona09
Yes, you're more than welcome to create a Neohome on a side account as long as it is completely funded by your main.

Greetings. I've come from the planet \. to ask you a simple question. First I will set the context, and then I will build on that momentum with my question. In order to prevent all of the evil websites from maliciously attacking me, I have the popular NoScript plugin installed on my Firefox browser (it also helps defend against "cookie grabbers" that don't have their scripts directly injected into Neopets' pages!). I have Neopets allowed, of course, as we know blocking Javascript from Neopets is not permitted. But anyway, I was wondering: why isn't there any toilet paper in Neopia? I mean, clearly we have toilets... so why no toilet paper? ~asandari_visting
Greetings from Neopia to the planet \.! Good idea using that plugin, as it is very useful for safe browsing. We're very happy that you use it responsibly and don't try to use it to abuse the restocking system, because then that'd be a no-no. As for your question, hmm... that IS a rather disturbing point. Perhaps we should look into rectifying that?

Happy Friday, TNT! Okay, I have something that has been plaguing me for ages that I need to get out in the open. What's the deal with music in the marketplace and shops? Though embarrassing, I must admit... sometimes I'll be browsing the marketplace or using the Shop Wiz and I will happen upon a hut or a shop with music. I often don't realize that my speakers are on and it scares the Meepits out of me! Not only does it take away one of my nine lives when this happens, but I have also come across songs with inappropriate lyrics. Have you ever thought of doing away with it? (Please? Lol.) Thanks for reading! ~jerseygirlie007
We do understand that not everyone enjoys a sudden burst of music, especially if it's not their preferred genre, but for now we are content allowing people to customise their shops and User Lookups with music, if they like. Songs with inappropriate lyrics, however, are not tolerated. If you find a shop that has music like that, please report it.

Is it a reportable offense to offer less on the Trading Post than either a) the individual requests, b) the current requested price on the Trading Post, or c) what the item is going for on the Shop Wizard? I just wanted to be sure when trying to trade! Thanks so much! ~upsmack2112
As long as you are not attempting to trick the seller or purposely harass them, this is fine.

Do be polite though! Purposely trying to waste someone's time
with joke offers is just plain rude!

Hey, TNT! *throws cookies* Can Key Quest ever be a Featured Game? ~polkadot56
No, Key Quest is different from our standard Flash games, and therefore isn't eligible to be a Featured Game.

This has been bothering me for some time now: is a Skeith a fat version of a Draik? ~ahoy_pirates
Goodness no, and don't let either species hear you suggesting such a thing. Though they both have some draconic qualities, they are very different species.

Hello! I just noticed that the 28 month shield on someone's User Lookup has a blue jelly Chia on it, but the Chia has no face! Is this a glitch, or is it my comp acting up and not properly downloading the image? ~_emma_
Hi there! That isn't a glitch. The image on the shield is of the notorious Jelly Chia, who doesn't actually have a face.

AHOY THERE! Upon attending the Gourmet Food Club, my Neopet was told to eat items with a rarity index between 90 and 100. Now, I'm one of those people that puts everything in their Safety Deposit Box for fear of that evil Pant Devil. So I went to my Safety Deposit Box but, as I was scrolling and admiring my food collection, I noticed that there is no indicator of the items' rarity! I believe this would be a most nifty addition to the Safety Deposit Box. What do you think? :) ~[username removed]
The ability to search by rarity has been suggested before. We can't quite remember if it got put on hold, or if the idea got denied due to database strain issues. We'll check into that again for you guys, though. In the meanwhile, you can quickly check to see if an item has a rarity of between 90 and 100 by looking at the text beneath the item's name in your Safety Deposit Box . Anything described as "very rare," "ultra rare," or "super rare" should be what you're looking for. If it's got "special" as the rarity, it's r101 and too high.

On my side account, I've received a number of Random Events yielding some nice items (like codestones). Could I send them to my main account? I mean, you can't disable Random Events, since they just randomly pop up. It's not profit purposely made by the player. Please remove my username if this question is published, by the way. Thanks. :) ~[username removed]
Yes, as long as you aren't attempting to abuse the system (refreshing for Random Events on multiple accounts/browsers) or anything like that, sending items you receive as Random Events to your main account is fine. :)

It'd just be too cruel to make you keep this in your side account!

Hey there, TNT! Is there any possibility of adding a "Sent" category to Neomail? Sometimes I forget whether I've sent someone something already. If they don't respond, then I never know if I even sent it in the first place or what it said. It would be a big help. Have a wonderful day! ~mes001
We will look into this... we are not sure if we can do it, or what implications it might have, but it sounds like a nice idea. :)

Hi, something really strange happened today... my friend and I both went to our inventories and found that we had carved walking sticks! Neither of us had spun any wheels, visited any pink Ixi from Terror Mountain, or anything! Was this just a generous gift from the almighty TNT? Thanks! ^^ ~satsuma567
Did you participate in the Key Quest stress test last Thursday? If you did, then that's your reward. If you didn't... well, no clue what happened. Enjoy your stick.

I just discovered that "google" is a verb (since at least 2006). I know naming companies is against the rules on Neopets, but is it okay to use "google" as the verb it is? Thanks! ~mizkelly
That may be true, but it's still directing players off site. Telling someone to "google _____" is basically telling them to leave the safety of Neopets. Often there are words that have a lot of different meanings, and if you google these words you might find something you weren't prepared to know or see images of. D: So yeah, we know it's very commonplace, but please don't use it on Neopets.

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