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Hey TNT, I've been hoping to get the Lab Ray Scientist as a Battledome challenger for months now and haven't had any luck. What are the odds of getting him as a challenger when you go to the Lab Ray page? Is it against the rules to refresh a few times in the hope of it happening? Could you remove my username if this gets published? Thanks. :) ~[username removed]
You're welcome to give it a reasonable amount of refreshes. Just remember though, please no coffee mugs carefully balanced on your F5 key, automatic refreshers, or mass refreshing. Just tap tap tap. ;D

Hi, TNT! I saw on your "About Us" page that you started Neopets in 1997. If that's the case, then why does (username removed)'s account say that she started playing in 1969? Is this a glitch or something? Thanks! ~chelsea24rox
We would have really been ahead of the times if Neopets had started then, lol! To answer your question more directly, yes, it's a glitch.

I went to the Tyrannian Styles page, and not only are all of the Neopets there unconverted, but the Zafaras are not listed there, either. :/ You guys, I was wondering WHY you torment us by showing us unconverted Neopets?!? xD Please remove my username! ~[username removed]
Oops! We don't mean to torment. We'll look into updating those areas. :X

Hi, TNT! I am a returning member to Neopia, and I have a question that is seriously bugging me. Why do new accounts have to wait 24 hours to pretty much do... anything? It seems that, in my absence, the amount of things you CAN'T do within those first 24 hours has increased, thus becoming very annoying when I want to enjoy my time on Neopets. x3; If you could explain to me why we have to wait a full day in order to do so much on Neopets, then I would be a much happier little person. ^^; Thanks! ~splitzazor
It's a preventative measure aimed toward those players who, since they don't quite respect the rules that allow for the site to be better so that for everyone can enjoy it, come right back displaying the same behaviour after being punished for their actions. For example, the limit stops those who've just been suspended or frozen for saying inappropriate things on the boards from creating a new account and continuing on their behaviour. It also helps to reduce cheating and multiple account abuse. We're sorry that it interrupts the flow of the first day for a legitimate new account, but we're sure you can understand now why we do it. :)

Dear TNT, I have a question and an opinion in one. Is it against the rules to boycott and get others to boycott the high cost of avatar items? I find it difficult to understand how someone can post that they bought an item for 999 NPs but are then asking 450k for it. That's highway robbery! Please omit my name if this is used, please. Thank you. ~[username removed]
You might not think so harshly if you were the one that managed to buy it from a Neopian shop for 999 NPs. ;D Unless it's being viciously inflated, the price is just the result of supply vs. demand, which runs the Neopian economy. Restocking is actually one of the best ways to make Neopoints on the site. As an example, a rare item like Thyora's Tear restocks for roughly 80,000 NP and sells on the Trading Post for 70 million or so Neopoints, and some buyers are willing to pay that amount (which fuels the price).

Wow, I'm pretty!
Pretty expensive. x_X

Inspired by another Editorial question, I thought about the following: it would be great to have a comments area on the daily news, so that way we could give you guys direct feedback on the news page. It would increase the "social" aspect of the site. BTW, you guys rock!!! ~diplomatico_
It's a nice idea, but we don't think it meshes well with our current system and population. It'd be another area of the site we'd have to monitor, and we don't know if anyone really wants to read through thousands of comments. We think the idea of the New Features chat board is a little more our style.

So, I was dragging... I mean, taking, my ice Bruce to the Secret Lab the other day. When she was zapped, her unconverted picture came up! That led to a whole long-winded explanation to her that she is really not ice, but kind of a popsicle thing, which is why she is pink and not blue... let's just say, this got complicated given her species color combo. Are there plans in the works to update the pictures on the lab (hopefully without taking it down first)? ~justplainme7997
We'll ask our programmers if they wouldn't mind putting this on their "todo" list. :)

Hi, TNT! We all know that you are not allowed to ask for payment (whether it be in real money or in Neopets items) if you have done a layout for someone, but is it against the rules for them to give you a gift to say thank you on their own accord? I recently made a layout for someone and they gave me a present of two codestones (which, in my opinion, is quite an expensive gift), but is this against the rules? I'm really just doublechecking. Thanks! P.S.: You rock my socks!!! ~[username removed]
Please let the person know that you appreciate the thought, but that you can't accept "thank-yous" in the form of an item or Neopoints. A heartfelt Neomail is all anyone should accept.

Hi, TNT. I've been lurking on the Key Quest Board and have seen quite a few debates about whether or not skipping your turn when a GLB is played against you is cheating. I know there shouldn't be any debate about it, since you guys have already stated it IS cheating. My question is, is it possible to put this in the Key Quest FAQ? A lot of people don't read the Editorial (:O), and some people even seem to think that something being posted in the Editorial doesn't make it a real rule. I think doing this would (hopefully) clear up the issue a little. Who knows about those cheaters, though... *shakes head* ~theabsolutionbunny
We'll talk to the folks in charge of Key Quest and ask if they will add it. Please let doubters on the board understand that the Editorial is often used to help clarify the rules and the spirit of those rules, and unless we later amend something we've said, please consider it part of the rules.

Um... I don't know if you guys have noticed, but the picture of the Tyrannian Zafara at the Rainbow Pool is missing a nose. :) ~woof_woof100
Several of us noticed that, too. We've asked the artists to help remedy the poor thing.

One must wonder... where DID it go?

Hey TNT, I recently customized a cool-looking Neopet on a side account and got to wondering -- are you allowed to enter a Neopet into the Customization Spotlight via a side account? One would think so, since sides are used for holding Neopets... it'd be a pain to have to transfer just to enter. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks! :) ~zephyrpepper
Yes, there's no Neopoint or item reward, so entering on your side accounts is fine.

Hi, TNT! I have a quick question. I always thought that personal photos weren't allowed on your User Lookups (or Petpages). Recently, though, I have been noticing a lot of people doing just that -- putting pictures of themselves all over their lookups. Is this okay now, or are they all breaking the rules? Thank you! ~twingirl12614
It's still against the rules. Please report anyone you find to be posting personal pictures.

Since the spotlights don't always send you an accept/reject Neomail, how often can you resubmit one to get it looked at again? Is the queue cleared every week, or does it take weeks for you to pick one? ~noicepls
Please only resubmit a spotlight if you have made changes to the page. :)

Good evening, TNT! Is there any chance we could get a search box for our Closet (similar to that in our SDB)? After 6 pages, it gets very tedious combing your closet for a specific item. Thanks for listening! :) ~jerseygirlie007
We'll see what we can do!

Hi, TNT. =D I just wanted to ask, is Jhudora supposed to ask for things like a Blue Terror Mountain Wall Paint? I looked everywhere for it, but no one was selling it and I couldn't find any evidence of where to get it (so I lost the quest, and my chance at getting the avatar). D: I'm disappointed in that, and was wondering if that was supposed to happen at all? ~mauvus
D: D'oh. Those items can be purchased from the Neohomes Superstore in the Bazaar area of Neopia Central. They're always in stock there. We'll doublecheck with Jhudora to make certain whether she really wants those items or not. Wish us luck!

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