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Continued Series

A Hero's Journey: Rivalry

The penultimate chapter of the A Hero's Journey: Rivalry series!

by precious_katuch14
Lupe Pack Detectives-The Fake Detective

The thrilling conclusion to the Lupe Pack Detectives-The Fake Detective series!

by lupe_hunter_7
The Power of Twelve

Kelland continues to investigate the Darkest Faerie while Sasha follows another thread...

by herdygerdy
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Best of the Nest: Avian Petpets

As the vast encyclopedia of Petpets available for Neopians to discover and befriend has expanded over the past two decades (never mind the unique colour choices available for each and every one), choosing the best avian accomplice for your pet may appear a most daunting task. Luckily for fellow bird lovers, I have compiled a list of Neopia's finest flock members certain to make any pet cheep, chirp, and crow with glee! While this collection is by no means comprehensive, it should open your eyes to the benefits of inviting one of the many feathered friends featured below into your Neohome. I definitely didn’t wing this! 11. Vaeolus Availability: Legendary Petpets Interesting Colours: Ghost, Island Eagle-eyed Neopians may recognize this Petpet from the events of the Altador Plot! With the Vaeolus sporting such a dark, intimidating gaze, it’s hardly a wonder why many would want one of their very own. With their im-“peck”-able senses of...

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A Lupe has a rude awakening when they return to their hometown after several years...

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About Last Summer: A Yooyuball Player's ROOlization
An Altador Cup tale!

by superkathiee


Opinion: Why Kiko Lake Shouldn't Win Again
With Team Kiko Lake, not everything is as it seems on the surface...

by black_skull725


Best of the Nest: Avian Petpets
Bird puns within!

by enkouen


Fun with a Pencil
There are some advantages to being a sketch Neopet!

by bonitapenguin


Shhh not now... Collab with mon1496

by kathleen_a_b

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