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NeoStyle: Designing With Color

by xangabri


Introduction To Color:

Now that you have selected materials for the walls of your NeoHome, it is time to select the other elements of the room. Basically, this comes down to choosing colors. You want each room to reflect its use as well as your style. If the items chosen for the home simply don't go with the wall colors, your home will not have the dramatic effect you intended.

Color is also important to your pets. Each pet has a certain color it is most comfortable with. It all has to do with the personality of the pet. Consider your pets' personalities, backgrounds, and even the petpets they love. All of the factors in a pets life will point you to a particular feeling, and a particular color.

Choosing Colors:

You didn't think twice before choosing the beautiful purple walls of a room made of Jelly. Your Shoyru, Jo, likes pretty things -- purples and greens. His favorite type of petpet is a Turmac. He even has one, which he calls Fluffy. It has come time to choose the other colors of the room. What suits your Shoyru? I think some green furniture is in order. But what do colors say about your pet?

Stone/Grey -- Grey is a perfect color for that evil scheming pet in your life. It also suits the gloomy pet, but many happy Korbats also love Stone. Stone is a nice inexpensive option, but that should not be the only consideration. Stone can also go with anything and the room will be full of color if you want it to be. Don't convince yourself that the room must be dark and unwelcoming, unless that is what your pet prefers. Grey is very versatile.

Green -- Whether in Asparagus walls, a Slorg Wardrobe, or a Quiguki Rug, green can liven up any room. Green is the color of life and may show your pet's love of nature and a love of Illusen. There is a large range of greens too, which makes in suitable in nearly any room. There is a perfect shade for everyone.

Blue -- This lively color is often mixed with orange for a vibrant and funky look. Blue can stand alone as well, and is shocking. Blue is the perfect color for your bouncing Blumaroo or mysterious Draik. It is a color of justice, goodness, and order. The Water Faerie may bless you for having a blue home.

Yellow -- The Light Faerie will be pleased with any home dressed in yellow. The color of the sun, yellow can create a lot of energy in your room. Nova Sofas, Faellie Posters, and Yellow Yurble Rugs all make a dramatic statement. Your pets will never nod off in a room of yellow, making it perfect for Studies and Kitchens.

Red -- Red is a shocking color, which can be used in very few spaces with a great amount of impact. Too bold for lounging areas, red is great for dining rooms and hallways, where you spend very little time. All the same, it does make you smile. Red is perhaps the best accent color however, adding a splash of brilliance to any space.

Purple -- Purple has a long association with evil in Neopia. Shared by Darigan and Jhudora (neither of which are supposedly evil), purple is the perfect color for the pet who plots against others, picks fights, and has a generally bad attitude. When mixed with other colors, such as green or pink, purple can become a pleasant and charming color choice.

White -- A simple and misunderstood color, white can make even the gloomiest pet happy again. White is preferred by Bruces, who are reminded of snow. White is the color of clean, but is ironically difficult to keep that way. If you just gave a very young Kyrii or Yurble crayons, you may find that white is not the best color for your NeoHome.

Orange -- Grundos love orange. If you can, make a Grundos bedroom completely orange. Otherwise, use orange with blues or as accents in your home. It makes a nice alternative to orange or yellow and is surprisingly beautiful with pinks and greys.

Pink -- Neopias ultimate color, pink is the color reserved for The Faerie Queen. If you want your pet to feel special, give them pink. You can do this with rugs, pillows, or pieces of pink furniture. There isn't much, but it can be rewarding to create a room in pink. If you want to send chills up the spine of your pet, which your pet might enjoy, create a room of bold pink and deep black. Your pet will not be able to sleep, for fear of the Meepits. You can even add a Meepit Lamp on the nightstand for a little scream now and then!

Rainbow -- If your pet just loves color and can't seem to be satisfied with one, you should consider the line of Rainbow furniture. If you can't afford the price tag, just mix and match colors for a similar effect. Your funky pet will delight at the vivid result of having so many colors around.

Other Colors -- Neopia is not a place of limitations. Black, Brown, & Dung furniture might be perfect for your home. Red can be combined with blue for a pet who loves Meridell, white and green for Brightvale. Stone and yellow will make any Tonu feel at home, giving your home the feeling of Tyrannia. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Good luck choosing the colors for your NeoHome. This process can be very involved, but you will find that the time you put into it will be well worth it. Color can really transform a space, making it your own (or your pet's). Have fun with it! Remember, this is just a guide. Your NeoHome should reflect your own style and personality.


Q: I was recently adopted and moved into a room made of Wood. I have been trying to decide on furniture. I like yellow and red, but I do not like brightly colored furniture. I want a more adult space. My owner says she will get me whatever I would like. Do you have any suggestions?

A: You might be absolutely delighted by the Regal Oak Wood Bed and Luxurious Sofa. They look beautiful together. Add a Nova sofa, a Cream Rug, and you should be well on your way to a great look. As a surprise, try throwing some Pretty Pink Pillows on one of the sofas!

Q: I want to brighten up my Jetsam's room. I have tried putting up posters, adding rugs, and putting pillows around, but he just eats them all. What can I use in the room that he won't eat up?

A: I would suggest coral furniture, which can be purchased at Kiko Lake. It is a beautiful orange color, but too hard for your Jetsam to eat. It may even make him feel more at home, as Jetsam's are aquatic pets.

Q: I created a gorgeous living room, but I forgot to put in any windows! The room is done in greens and reds, as my Christmas Kougra and Christmas Chia share the space. What windows would you recommend?

A: If your living room is next to a garden, I would put a Large Plain Arched Window on that wall, flanked by a pair of Holly Stained Glass Windows. On any other outside wall, put in a Large Patterned Window, covered by Kelp Window Blinds. The Kelp will be a surprising addition, while not taking away from your theme. Also, if you haven't added one already, you might consider a Plastic Fir in the room all year. Your Christmas pets will love it!

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