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Borovan Everything This Holiday Season

by drgnswor


The month of Celebrating is finally upon us and we couldn’t be more excited because we all know what this month represents… BOROVAN! Bet you thought I was going to say the festive holiday spirit or something like that, didn’t you? Nope, it’s Borovan. I’m salivating just thinking about it – but some people find Borovan icky and gross! Have you tried Borovan before?

     For those not in the know (seriously, have you been living under a rock?), Borovan is a hot drink made by combining Hot Chocolate and Asparagus in the Cooking Pot. Sounds simple enough, right? But I’ll have you know that Borovan is not merely a simple drink, oh no, what it represents is far more significant than just a mixed drink. It even has its own day dedicated to it (Borovan Day – 20th day of Celebrating)!

     Borovan can be served cold, it can be made into an instant powder, it can be used to season other foods. It can be made into a sauce, a condiment, a spread, a decoration… and I’m pretty sure it’s an official colour too – a specific shade of brown. Seriously, what can Borovan not do? Not much! Check it out…

     1. Borovan as a Hot Drink

     A Hot Cup of Borovan is the ultimate classic (and Adam’s personal fave). Served hot after dinner on a cold winter night to drink while lounging in front of the fireplace with family and friends is the perfect way to enjoy this special beverage. Add Vanilla, Mint, Apple, Orange, Cranberry or another spiced flavouring to jazz it up a bit if you wish. It doesn’t get more traditional than this and there’s a reason it’s a classic.

     My Pick: Steaming Mug of Hot Borovan

     Honorable Mention: Geared Teacup of Borovan

     2. Borovan as a Cold Drink

     A surprise to some but Borovan can also be served cold or frozen as well for a different take on an old classic. Don’t worry, it’s no less delicious. Don’t tell Adam this but I personally prefer cold Borovan to hot Borovan. Pop it in the freezer or fridge and add a few ice cubes and you can take this drink from a winter staple to a refreshing summer beverage that will help you stay hydrated and cool off. Sometimes I feel like a daredevil and drink a cold Borovan in the middle of winter!

     My Pick: Cup of Frozen Borovan

     Honorable Mention: Iced Borovan

     3. Borovan as a Dessert

     From old faithfuls like cakes, ice cream scoops, cookies and brownies to more exciting variations like crepes, pavlova, and tarts, there’s a Borovan dessert for every taste bud. Perfect if you don’t like your desserts too sugary – the asparagus counterbalances the chocolate with a healthy element to create an umami flavour profile. Sign us up for healthy dessert! It’s not too sweet on its own but you can always add sugar or syrup if you have a sweet tooth.

     My Pick: Fresh Borovan And Asparagus Tart

     Honorable Mention: Suspicious Borovan Creame Pie

     4. Borovan as a Toy

     It can look just like the real thing at first glance but don’t try to drink it – it’s a toy plushie! The perfect present for your pets this holiday season if you’re lost for ideas. Highly recommended for younger Neopets, especially if you have a Bori or Asparagus Chia, because they’re cute and hazard-free. It’s like a mini me! Get one for yourself too to pose with in photographs! Also really good for anyone with a Borovan allergy. Join in on the Borovan season fun without needing a trip to the Neopian Hospital!

     My Pick: Cup Of Borovan Plushie

     Honorable Mention: Borovan Time Asparagus Chia Plushie

     5. Borovan as a Gift

     It’s the holiday season and we are all on the lookout for gift ideas. Are you the type of gifter who prefers getting something that your giftee would actually use or do you just want something pretty that will make them say ‘wow’? You can go for the practical gift route and pick a nifty Borovan Press so your lucky giftee can make themselves a premium cup of Borovan (and make you one too!) or go for a more aesthetic vibe with a Borovan Day Gift Basket. That would look stunning under the tree!

     My Pick: Borovan Press

     Honorable Mention: Borovan Badge

     6. Borovan as a Tool

     Did you know that Borovan can be useful too? Yep, turn into a holiday handyman with these handy tools. Use the hot Molten Borovan Rod to heat things up and the Borovan Thermos to check the temperature. And who knows when a Borovans Cement Mixer could come in handy too?!

     My Pick: Molten Borovan Rod

     Honorable Mention: Borovans Cement Mixer

     7. Learn about Borovan

     It’s no secret that the culture of Borovan runs deep in Neopian history. Learn all about it with books that will reveal the well-kept secrets of Borovan or learn new recipes to spice up your Borovan game and impress your friends. If you succeed in making Borovan Layered Cake, please invite me for tea because I can’t seem to get it right!! It’s totally my fault and not the recipe’s fault though, oops!

     My Pick: 365.25 Borovan Recipes

     Honorable Mention: Borovan: The Truth Behind The Smell

     8. Savoury Borovan

     Mixing flavour profiles is kind of what Borovan is all about so take it up a notch by incorporating Borovan with typically savoury dishes. Borovan can be pressed into a powder seasoning that you can sprinkle on top of foods, you can also mix with water to create a sauce or paste to drizzle to your heart's content. The mix of savoury and sweet creates a flavour that is unreal!

     My Pick: Borovan Chicken

     Honorable Mention: Borovan-Flavoured Crisps

     With so many Borovan options on the market, both food and non-food items, there is something for everyone so I’m sure you will have a very merry holiday season indeed. So, on Borovan Day, my greatest wish is for EVERYONE to drink Borovan, eat Borovan, play Borovan, use Borovan and learn everything Borovan!

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