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FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Backgrounds

by sosunub


Another year comes by, and here we are being delighted by the September equinox, the one and only time of the year that leads us to the beautiful and FALL-tastic season of Fall (or Autumn, you might call it too). There's nothing better than enjoying the crispy and breezy weather while riding your bike, mesmerized by the falling leaves across the street; this is the time when all the yellow and orange tones take over the landscape. And Neopia is no stranger to this phenomenon! You can clearly see all the citizens of Neopia getting ready for the colder months to come, preparing the harvest, and hopefully getting the prettiest fall-themed items before they are gone for good.

     Hi there reader, I'm Sosu and I'm an autumn enthusiast, or that's what people say about me whenever they see me around. Most of them call me the leaf dude, and it's not only because I like the season, but it’s also because I carry it with such a passion that I've invested all my years here gathering all the possible autumn items, decorating my neohome, making my gallery bigger and bigger as each fallen leaf touches the ground. Above all these great activities and hobbies though, I must say that I truly love customizing my draiks to be prepared to spend the upcoming months with the best fall outfits.

     In this guide, alongside my bestest friend Amelia, who is also a Winter Queen but that's for another NT article, we'll tell you my Top Five favourite items (and maybe an extra item!) that I believe should be in anyone's possession. They not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they are a must-have for every autumn lover. Feel free to check out my other autumn related articles too, you'll probably find all the information you're after.

     Sit back, light up an apple and vanilla candle, prepare yourself a creamy cinnamon latte, and enjoy Fall-tastic, your number one guide to the best fall items on Neopets! Thanks for reading!


FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Backgrounds

      1. Serene Autumn Background


     Is there anything greater than a good evening walk through an orange forest? It's impossible not to get pulled in by the yellow and orange leaves scattered all over the landscape. Wherever you look, there's a piece of the season just in front of you, and the Serene Autumn Background is not an exception to this. We believe this could be a small but deep park in the Neopian Plaza, however, the actual location remains unknown. What we do know though that this is what Fall is all about: narrow paths covered by all types of falling leaves, trees surrounding every area, and a simple bench you can see from a distance knowing that it will be the right place to sit and simply connect with nature.

     2. Welcome to Fall Background


     No house decoration is complete without an actual Fall-themed front door decor. And I think you'd agree with me when it comes about Welcome to Fall Background, which is literally what a nice, cosy neohome should look like throughout the entire season. You don't need to splurge all your money though! We believe you can stay in budget by simply adding a Fall Wreath that you can even find at your nearby thrift store, or you can even try and do it yourself by gathering a few leaves from the ground, some glue, and some wooden sticks. Fall is not about perfection, it is about abundance and the beginning of something new. This background is perfect for those who aspire for the perfect autumn home.

      3. Magic of Autumn Background


     You wake up from a good, proper sleep, you look at the clock and it is 9 am on a Saturday. The weather is just right: not too cold, not too hot. As you prepare yourself some breakfast, you internally think that this could be a good day to visit a new place. Neopia is HUGE, and believe it or not, there are places that have yet to be visited by locals. Magic of Autumn Background is one of these places. It looks intact at first glance as if no one really visits this part of the town. However, the weather is so good it makes the place glow in fall tones. As you get closer, you can start hearing the river running slow while it's being filled by a good amount of leaves falling with the windy breeze. If your neopets love to be outdoors, please consider making them feel the magic of this beautiful season.

      4. Stormy Fall Hideaway Background


     Sometimes you take a deep breath and realize that Summer might be long gone and that somehow we welcome the season of Fall with open arms. And by welcoming the season I mean, let it be it to the fullest. Fall can be beautiful during a good sunny day, but rain is an actual part of the whole season transition. These upcoming months may come with a few spots of rain, some good and gentle storms, and here we want to welcome that with the same open arms! You can feel the humid air going through your lungs as you take a step forward in this wooden deck while staring at nature in its pure form and shape. Stormy Fall Hideway Background resembles that. Make your neopet sit and get comfortable and cozy, maybe with a nice Knitted Blankie wrapped around them, and let them enjoy the existence of one of the best features of this season.

     5. Shenkuu in Autumn Background


     Did you know that some places in Neopia enjoy a small Fall break from time to time? And sometimes Neopets like to go on short trips, maybe to have some time off for themselves or simply to relax and regain some energy for the last few months before the holidays come around. When people ask me what destination I think it's the perfect place to enjoy a different kind of Fall, I undoubtedly say Shenkuu. Some may disagree with me, as we know that Autumn in Meridell is also a gorgeous place to visit. However, Shenkuu is like no other. Vibrant red bridges at first glance, ponds full of colourful fish, leaves of all types spread across the land, Shenkuu in Autumn Background represents this historic yet charming city. People think Shenkuu is all about high mountains, people living at very high altitudes, but they miss what's literally underneath them: a forest like no other, full of small Shenkuu houses whose crystal doors can let you imagine how living a simple life can be throughout this great season. If you ever feel you have time to explore this place: do not hesitate and do it as soon as possible.

     BONUS: Front Porch in Fall Background


     Fall seems to be a season that most people are eager to enjoy. Maybe they love it as much as I do, maybe they just like the thought of looking forward to it right after the sweaty Summer. Whether or not you are a huge fan of it, you can't deny Fall is a good season: Good weather, good colours, and good energy as well! That's why we can't believe how we lived without this amazing Front Porch in Fall Background. The artists and creators have outdone themselves this year, and I just can't describe how good this background is. It's a different kind of autumn background: the colours are muted and less saturated, which helps the eye truly dive into them, and the atmosphere the front porch creates makes you want to be right there with your Neopet! The view from the porch is majestic, to say the least. The place isn't as busy as one would expect. I'm that kind of person who LOVES adding and adding decorations, small and big pieces here and there, it's just what makes the season so glorious! You just want to stack up pumpkins, fallen leaves of every orange tone, lanterns, pillows, and blankets everywhere. If you are like me, a person who enjoys the colder side of the season (rainy days, light storms, breezy nights) then you should consider getting this background.

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