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Hi! Many of us have noticed the new help section, which includes a new ticket system. Some of us are worried that our old tickets might have been discarded along with the old system. Will you please clarify whether or not players with outstanding tickets should resubmit them using the new system? Please remove my username.
Hello. This is actually not a new system, just an addition to the current system to help both our support staff and members. Anyone who had tickets in already would not need to submit new tickets.

Hey TNT! I purchased some Neocash when you announced that the credit card feature was live again and offering a bonus 500 NC, but I haven't seen the bonus yet. I've seen some other users on the Neoboards say they don't have their bonus NC either. Any idea when this will be fixed? Thanks for everything you do! C:~~flare_baroshi
As mentioned in the news, this will be granted after the 30th of November so be on the lookout.

Hola TNT! Any idea if or when the Faerie Darblat will be released? Thank you.
So sorry for the delay on this, Darblats are now available to be painted Faeire!

Hi! I noticed that the Red Velvet Glamour Gown was making the Ruki's left hand blue, which is a little weird! Would it be possible to fix it? Thank you so much!
Oh my I see I will send it over to Donny and he will have that fixed in no time.

Is it too late to request some winter/christmas dyeworks items? I would really love Baby in a Present Box to be included! Thank you!
It is too late but here's a secret inside scoop for you...that will be in this batch of dyeworks! Don't tell anyone I told you tho it's a secret...

I know you guys are working hard at the conversion, thank you for all that you do! Now, please tell me that despite the conversion rush, there will still be an advent calendar this year? (I'm yet to get the theme for attending all days and I'm hoping this will be the year!)~~unipie13unio
Yes despite all the craziness going on in Neo, we will of course be doing Advent Calendar. December 1st mark your calendars!

So I see there's a beta running for the Neopets redesign - and as I understand it, part of the purpose of a beta is for user feedback. Where might this feedback be submitted?~~katesbbro
Yes you can submit feedback to the mobile board gutterfoot is often lurking there!

Hey TNT!! Firstly I want to tell you guys how amazing the Halloween items and Haunted mansion items were. But every year we have a superpack releasing on Halloween and we didnt have one this time around. It would be amazing if you guys released a winter/holiday themed superpack this year. XD~~sweetie026
I'm so glad you liked them, and yeah we wanted to switch it up this year and do more dailies instead to cater to different styles of halloween. But we will be releasing a forest like superpack soon and for winter we will be doing a holiday gram so keep an eye out for those :)


I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for the new baby capsules! They are literally the cutest things ever and I have loved filling up my closet with more baby stuff. Keep up the good work TNT!! ~~horsechick418

Hi. I love the new Celestial Princess Gown. It looks great! I also like the thought put into the inclusive item description. I have an idea for a new pet that could wear it; if we get new pet slots (presumably after the HTML5 conversion and mobile site building are done), then maybe that pet will become a reality. ~~ _brainchild_

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