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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Twenty minutes later, the Quiggle lay sprawled across the couch, his meal completed. He brushed the crumbs of his late breakfast off his shirt, polished off the dregs of his coffee, and at last turned his attention to me. "Now," he said. "You mentioned you had some questions." I nodded, determined to remain unamused by Edward’s affected airs. I set down my teacup and reached for my notebook and pen. Flipping my book open, I began. "Martha mentioned you’d been here a while. Do you recall a Green Acara ever visiting?" Edward offered a lopsided shrug. "Maybe I do, maybe I don’t." Against my will, I began to tap my pen impatiently against my notebook. I was used to dealing with uncooperative witnesses, but Edward’s twenty minute lunch had tried my patience. His eyes followed the motion perceptively, and the corner of his mouth tilted up in an indolent smirk. He eased backwards, sinking into the couch, clearly savouring my irritation.

An Altador Cup in Review

Looking back on this year’s Altador Cup, I’m so happy and proud to call myself a Darigan Citadel fan. Leslie’s the name, super-fanning is my game. During this year’s Cup, I wrote down my experiences for your reading pleasure. It’s almost winter, but that just means it’s only 8 months until game time. Entry #1: 25th day of Hunting It’s time for the Altador Cup sign-ups, I’m so excited! But you know what makes me even more excited? Free swag! This year, it was the Altador Cup Dream Parade Background. Who doesn’t love being surrounded by a bunch of Neopians (even prop Neopians) who are stoked for the Cup?! It’s been a long fifteen-year ride, but I am Darigan Citadel all the way, woo hoo! This Darigan Uni is ready to bring her A-game in the cheering section...

Harnessing Slorg Happiness

Today we're going to learn how to harness the power of happiness with a little inspiration from one of the happiest petpets in all of Neopia: Slorgs! For a while, the happiest petpet in Neopia was a Smiley, but once they went into retirement, they were excited to pass the torch on to their Haunted Woods friends so they could share their cheerful spirit with everyone they came across. Every Neopian has their own narrative that shapes their worldview and themselves. Slorgs rewrite their stories every day, no matter what daily struggles they may encounter. They focus on making their 'inner Slorg voices' a hymn of praise. It doesn't come easily, so they have a list of practical items they do every day, and they've decided to share those items...

FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Backgrounds

Another year comes by, and here we are being delighted by the September equinox, the one and only time of the year that leads us to the beautiful and FALL-tastic season of Fall (or Autumn, you might call it too). There's nothing better than enjoying the crispy and breezy weather while riding your bike, mesmerized by the falling leaves across the street; this is the time when all the yellow and orange tones take over the landscape. And Neopia is no stranger to this phenomenon!

Other Stories
"THE KING’S JUSTICE" by crazy_mia
Spring was traditionally considered a season of abundance and wealth for the farm people of Castletown. This year, however, the once fertile soil of the small village was now dry and barren. Ryan, the village leader, couldn’t say it was a surprise, considering that the terrible drought ravaging the lands had already lasted for twenty-three days in a row. As a result of not having any rain, the nearby rivers dried up entirely. Even Meridell, the kingdom capital, was greatly suffering from the ruthless drought.The people of Castletown were living with what they had stocked up from the last year, but their resources were running lower and lower...

"Myth Opens A New Door For The Lab Ray" by pixie_tea
A myth... is it real? Is it unreal? No one can say for sure. Our perception can be thought of as a myth. In comparison to a myth and our perception, what we see or perceive is different for everyone depending on the individual and how they perceive Neopia and what lies within it. A myth is a story and whether the story is true or false lies within the world of Neopia because it has something to do with it. And a myth can only be proven when there is evidence and when we actually see it. The story that you are about to hear is evidence that myths are full of the unknown and possibilities. You may ask if myths are real? That is a mystery...

"The Soup Faerie Takes A Vacation" by _polonius_
Matilda the Soup Faerie contemplated her kitchen. It was her favourite place in her Neohome, full of warmth, love, and laughter. The counters in the kitchen gleamed and sparkled (Matilda didn’t abide by a dirty kitchen), the shelves were stocked full of rows and rows of canisters of various ingredients, and her cauldron bubbled merrily. Matilda nodded happily to herself and bent to give her petpet Jack a quick pet. She was very happy here, fulfilled. Of course, it would be nice to go on a little vacation she pondered … maybe visit Mystery Island and talk to Jhuidan about recipes. She hadn’t been on a vacation for years. It was difficult to leave since it was tricky to find someone...

Turdle Racing

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Myth Opens A New Door For The Lab Ray
Dedicated to my cool and creative Haunted Woods friend who is one of the kindest Neopians!

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