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Myth Opens A New Door For The Lab Ray

by pixie_tea


A myth... is it real? Is it unreal? No one can say for sure. Our perception can be thought of as a myth. In comparison to a myth and our perception, what we see or perceive is different for everyone depending on the individual and how they perceive Neopia and what lies within it. A myth is a story and whether the story is true or false lies within the world of Neopia because it has something to do with it. And a myth can only be proven when there is evidence and when we actually see it. The story that you are about to hear is evidence that myths are full of the unknown and possibilities. You may ask if myths are real? That is a mystery! This story's purpose is to inspire others to embrace their individuality and creativity because everyone is unique and you will be surprised at where your imagination will take you and bring to you!

     In the massive world of Neopia, if we zoom in on the map of Neopia, we will see how unique and diverse it is. It is a world full of diversities and mysteries. You will never know who or what you will come across. Each day is a surprise. There are so many different types of species of Neopets in Neopia and they are all unique and one of a kind.

     Recently, the Vandagyre species made the headlines in the Neopian Times due to recent events. The Vandagyres are astonishing Neopets that originated from the high mountains in Neopia. The Vandagyre species was first discovered on November 14, 2014. Vandagyres have impressive aerial skills that are clearly shown whenever they go for a fast flight or steep dives. Although they are fond of flying and being in the outdoors, Vandagyres do like quiet activities such as gardening and tea rituals. With a reputation for being well-mannered and kind, they may seem reserved, but they make the most loyal friends to others and are always quick to protect or defend their friends.

     Legends say that Robot Vandagyres exist, but they are rare and many say they have never seen one. Vandagyres cannot be painted robot and there are no potions out there that will morph one into a robot form. Therefore, many do not believe the myth of Robot Vandagyres really existing. BlizzardSkies or Blizz for short, the Robot Vandagyre, has not been discovered by anybody for many years and for the longest time he was a myth. Blizz was recently discovered by my friend who let their imagination lead the way to the myth that Robot Vandagyres really do exist.

     Here is the flashback of that moment. There was no sign of life nearby. No birds, no squirrels... nothing. There were numerous reports indicating that a blinding, aqua-coloured light had been piercing through many neohome windows of the Haunted Woods residents. This was no surprise and made sense too since the Haunted Woods is famous and well known as the spooky Halloween land. Many fear embarking across this land because who knows what evil lurks within these woods? There are beasts in these woods and they come out whenever they want to come out, so the timing could never be predicted. That day, my friend visited the Haunted House, which is a type of Choose Your Own Adventure game where you must pick an action to see what happens next. After getting through the Haunted House and making it out in one piece, my friend decided that it was getting late and so they headed home. On the way home, a bright, aqua-coloured light was seen about 300 feet up north on the path. For once, this light was not coming through a window. My friend followed the light and was so curious on who or what was making this light and causing confusion all over the headlines in the Neopian Times.

     Turns out, the bright, aqua-coloured light was coming from a creature's eyes. My friend brought this creature to the secret laboratory where the yellow Scorchio referred to as the mad scientist resides. Based on data gathered from studying this creature, the mad scientist and my friend realized that this was a discovery... a phenomenon. The creature discovered that night was a Robot Vandagyre, the first one to be discovered by a Neopian and this Neopet said its name is BlizzardSkies or Blizz for short.

     The mad scientist was shocked for having an actual Robot Vandagyre in his secret lab, the lab that he is well known for zapping scared Neopets into who-knows-what. Not only is this Robot Vandygyre the first to be discovered out there, but this is a very special and different Neopet for the reason being that whenever there is a sign of life nearby, it would magically vanish before anyone could process in what they just saw. It would happen so quickly that the viewer would not have enough time to process what they just saw or even remember it to tell the tale. However, this Robot Vandagyre can only be seen if a true friend is present and it can only be seen by their true friend for the very first time, otherwise, the creature would magically disappear in less than a second. The mad scientist and my friend tested out a hypothesis that proved that this was true.

     The mad scientist had my friend leave the secret lab to see how Blizz would react. As soon as my friend left the secret lab, Blizz disappeared and appeared to no longer be in existence. Though, as soon as my friend went into the lab again, Blizz reappeared at the spot where he was last seen before my friend left. Both my friend and the mad scientist were mind-blown by this phenomenon. The mad scientist was fascinated by all this. Never in the mad scientist's years in the lab had he ever witnessed such an interesting Neopet. If Blizz stayed in the lab a bit longer for research purposes, the mad scientist would be able to zap any other Neopet into a Robot Vandagyre one day.

     My friend and the mad scientist worked together to perform studies on Blizz as a collaboration to make it possible for the lab ray in the secret laboratory to zap other Neopets into Robot Vandagyres so that the robot colour would be available for the Vandagyre species. After countless hours of analyzing Blizz and putting him through many testing phases, the lab ray can finally zap any Neopet into a Robot Vandagyre. However, the lab ray does not zap any pet into the desired colour or species... any outcome or combination is possible, which is why the mad scientist has a reputation for zapping scared Neopets into who-knows-what. On the bright side, at least a possible outcome is the lab ray zapping any pet into a Robot Vandagyre!

     With a wide range of imagination and creativity, my friend and the mad scientist were able to combine their brilliant ideas to change and upgrade the lab ray so that it can zap a new pet colour. My friend’s curiosity led to the discovery and proved that Robot Vandagyres really do exist. The discovery led to a new project. The project led to a new creation. All in all, a myth opens a new door for the lab ray.

     I hope this story inspires everyone to embrace their individuality, creativity, and curiosity because those qualities not only open new doors to endless possibilities, but they may also allow you to do something that not only is fun and beneficial to you, but may even benefit the world like this story. Similar to what goes on in the secret lab, we will never know what kind of zap our pet will get, but the end result will still be unique. Your pet may look different, but it is still unique and still your pet, the same pet before the zap and the same pet after the zap because of its individuality and character. Wherever your creativity and imagination take you in life even if it does not go the way as planned or is not ideal, that does not define you and you are still the same individual as before. The things that happen often shape us, but never let them change who you are because you are unique, important, and worth it.

     To my cool and creative Haunted Woods friend who is one of the kindest Neopians I ever came across, this story is dedicated to you, my true friend.

      The End.

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