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The Top Ten gifts to give your Neofriend

by riss_chan


     Neopia is a bustling, energetic land full of endless activities for us to enjoy, from playing games to customization, exploring the different lands, and much much more. But of all of the things to enjoy in Neopia, in my experience the best part of Neopets is without a doubt making new neofriends to share those experiences with! If you’re anything like me, you like to surprise your neofriends by sending them gifts to show them just how much you care. Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or just because you’re feeling extra sappy, there is a perfect gift for every occasion! Below are, in my opinion, the top 10 best gifts to give your neofriends which are sure to please even the pickiest of Neopians. Remember that this is just a guide, and that everyone will have different preferences — and nobody knows your neofriend better than you :)

     1. Youre the best Card (Price: ~400 Neopoints)

     This is a straightforward gift with a clear message — your neofriend is the best pal around, and you’re not afraid to let ‘em know it! This very inexpensive and simple gesture will surely fill your neofriend with positive energy and is guaranteed to have them grinning from ear to ear when they receive it.

     2. 2 Scoops of Friendship (Price: ~5000 Neopoints)

     These two scoops were made to be friends forever! And so were you and your neofriend!! This darling dairy duo is loved by Neopians near and far because they’re just so adorable! I mean come on, who wouldn’t smile if they were given these chilly cuties?

     3. Codestones/Dubloons (Price: ~3,000-20,000 Neopoints)

     If you’ve ever trained a Neopet at the academy, you know the cost is nothing to scoff at. While it is well worth it to make your Neopet stronger, it really does add up. So if your friend is training their Neopet, then sending them some dubloons or codestones to help in their endeavor will show your friend that you support their goals. They will surely appreciate you having their back-- and they may just have your back in the battledome if you need it.

     4. Huggy (Price: ~8000 Neopoints)

     Has your neofriend ever told you that they were feeling down? Well, there’s no better gift than sending them a virtual hug in the form of a Huggy. This joyful Petpet will quickly become a beloved member of their family, and shower your friend and their Neopet in, you guessed it: hugs. The thoughtful gesture is sure to brighten any mood, and your friend's new Huggy will serve as a continuing reminder of the bond you two share.

     5. Concert Tickets (Price: ~1250 Neopoints)

     While the Tyrannian concert hall may not be as booming as days past, it still rocks the plateau! One benefit is that there are almost always tickets available for purchase. Consider buying a ticket for your friend — the smooth notes of Jazzmosis and the funky flare of Chomby and the Fungus Balls are sure to trigger some nostalgic memories for your friend. They will also get to take home some concert souvenirs and (in some cases) a new avatar to remind them of the experience. Best of all, this gift is sure to get a conversation going with you and your friend about your own music preferences — even more ways to get to know each other and connect, yay!

     6. Asparagus (Price: Priceless)

     It’s Asparagus. What more do I need to say?

     7. Infectious Smile of the Shootout Showdown Goalie (Price: ~150,000 Neopoints)

     If your friend frequently brings a smile to your face, you might consider giving them one back by sending this unique wearable to show just how big they can make you grin! While this item is slightly more expensive compared to other items on the list, in my personal opinion it is worth it because most Neopets look hilarious while they are wearing this. Your friends' laughter as they use your infectious smile to customize will be the gift that keeps on giving for a long time to come.

     8. Holiday Themed Items (Price: Variable)

     I LOVE sending out thematic items as seasons change and holidays pass! Sending these items is a great way to let your neofriend know that, in the important moments of life you are thinking of them and they matter to you. They are sure to feel truly special when you take the time to make this simple gesture. Some of my favorite holiday gifts include “Bag Of Halloween Sweets”, “Sliced Turkey Dinner” “A Special Christmas” “New Year Cake” but there are many ways to celebrate special holidays! Be creative and have fun!

     9. Gallery Items (Price: Variable)

     Many Neopians love creating galleries, as there are endless themes imaginable. Do some digging and find out, is your neofriend the ultimate Usuki collector, or have they amassed all things Aisha, or perhaps they have a humongous hoard of hand soap? (mmmmm Chocolate Soap, smells AND tastes great). Whatever it is that your neofriend loves to collect, see if they are missing any items that may match their theme and surprise them. They are sure to love another shiny item for their gallery, and that you put so much thought into a lovely gift.

     10. Stink bomb (Price: 200 Neopoints)

     Well, I couldn’t leave this list entirely wholesome. And if your friends are anything like mine they will love a good prank. Initial shock and disbelief are sure to give way to belly laughing as the reality of what you’ve done dawns upon them. Just don’t be surprised if they plan a retaliation! Let the games begin.

     There you have it, my top ten items to gift neofriends. All of these gifts are sure to bring joy and smiles to all of your neofriends. But remember, the best gift you have to give is yourself — your time, your energy, and your friendship are more than enough to bring joy to those around you. Keep enjoying the beautiful land of Neopia and making awesome memories with all of your neofriends :)

     Sincerely yours,



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