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Short Stories

Victor the Gargoyle

A story about an eyrie who just wants to watch the sunrise

by rkbear
An Unlikely Friend

Most Neopets had been born, hatched, or made in Neopia. In fact, it’s almost unheard of for a Neopet NOT to come from Neopia. Most Neopets know what it’s like to be an outsider in other lands, but even if one land is strange to them, home isn’t far off.

by shiningarcheops
Sharp Shards

“Oh benevolent, loving-“ “Give me a break.” Shard the Carmariller was currently bugging her Usul’s human caretaker Ribbon for more food at their family meeting. Food which the family simply couldn’t afford at the moment.

by ribbon_cute
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"Victor the Gargoyle" by Username
"I ’m not cursed! Right Noir. Today is the day I will see the sunrise,” The young gray eyrie watched as the sky began to lighten with his black barbat perched on his shoulder. He watched as the sun rays began to rise over the leafless trees of the Haunted Woods. The stiffness in his feet traveled up his leg to his waist as the sun rose. With a sigh, almost no one heard the eyrie disappeared and, in his place, one could see only another gargoyle perched among them many that perched on the manor’s roof.

Other Stories


An interview with Nilo
Right in the middle of Neopia Central, a bit hidden beneath the green trees that surround this busy and colorful land, a friendly Kacheek stands wrapped in blue, waiting for the next Neopian to come.

by chasingshadow


Top 10 Illusen Items to Celebrate Illusen Day!
Who doesn’t love the heartwarming and friendly Earth Faerie of Meridell, Illusen?Also written by milkshakes004 and masters_united

by breakeven


The River that Flows Eternal
When Rikti awoke, it was early morning. The sky outside was pinkish blue, crisscrossed by scudding clouds. He sighed, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, before massaging his neck. It was still sore after yesterday’s events.

by movie138music


Harker's Story
By the time Harker managed to escape from Jane Clementine’s clutches, hail a cab and return home, he found Aren in one of the guest bedrooms, wrapped up in a thick woollen blanket and deeply asleep.

by tanikagillam


Faellie Frenzy: Rainbow Games
Sliding down a rainbow is fun, but can get a bit messy!

by puter809


Beauty in Malevolence
Every poogle is a cute poogle.

by i_am_kevin_james

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