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Do You Love Free Stuff?

by cinnamontea


Do you love free stuff? I think we all do. There is just something so satisfying about getting something without paying for it, whether it is a really rare Battledome weapon or even just a common NeoHome decoration. I mean, let's be honest, there are some things that are free that we really do not want to old boots and mismatched pairs of shoes...but at the end of the day, free is free and free is great!

     That is why I am here with you all, to teach you how to get things for free!! And no, we are not going to be running around the neoboards begging for things, that is not cool and is more likely to make you quite a few enemies. Nobody likes a beggar. This guide is going to teach you about the various things around Neopia that will give you free things with minimal work and minimal effort. That being said, with minimal effort you will get things with minimal value, but if you stick with these things you could come out with some pretty huge rewards.

     So where all should you go for your free stuff?

     The Money Tree is a great option, it is a constantly refilling pile of things donated by Neopians just like you to help the less fortunate. Most of the stuff here is complete garbage given by people trying to clear excess items out of their inventory of safety deposit box, but sometimes Neopians give away rare items. Pretty much anything can be found here, mostly shoes and really smelly fish, but if you come by often and stick around for a while then you may walk away with paint brushes, rare petpets, and some really cool toys for your pet. Even gourmet foods and NC mall items from time to time. If you are in a dire financial situation, having less than 20,000 neopoints, then you will also be able to snatch up bags of neopoints that people donate!

     If you are looking for some free outfits, head on over to the Second-Hand Shoppe. This is where wearables are donated, a perfect place to find something fashionable for all your pets without having to drop tens of thousands of neopoints. Similar to the Money Tree, there is a lot of junk here. Mostly piles of dung which have made the shop smell awful, combine that with all the mossy rocks and...oof. You know, getting free items isn't always glamorous, so do this at your own risk!! As you browse, hoping to find the perfect shirt or a nice pair of pants, you will notice that some Neopian celebrities are also donating items! Hubrid, Koya, Princess Amira, and others have been known to drop off unused items from their closets for Neopets everywhere to enjoy.

     If the smell of the dung in the Second-Hand Shoppe wasn't bad enough to scare you off, head on down to the Meridell Rubbish Dump to see what you can scrounge up from the dirt. Items here are not donated by players, like the above two locations, but instead, seem to be dropped off by mysterious individuals. Here you'll find petpets, codestones, bottled faeries, and more. Oh, and a bunch of rubbish...duh, that is how it got its name! You could walk away with a Dung Slushie or a Packet of Gravel, or a Turmac or an Eo Codestone. It really is up in the air and there is no way of telling when what item will appear.

     The above three locations all have a shared limit of how many items you can grab, and that limit is TEN items per day. This is to keep greedy users from scooping up all the items all day long, so make sure you choose wisely which items you really want and which items are better left to someone else. Patience is a virtue, and holding out for a rare item might just pay off. And visiting every day is important for maximizing your chances at getting something really valuable.

     If you spent all that time trying to grab outfits and weapons, your pet is probably hungry. Head on over to the Giant Omelette that has been baking in the Tyrannian sun for who knows how long. Here you can get a free omelette to feed one of your neopets. You can only visit once a day, otherwise, the omelette would be all eaten up by now.

     If that hasn't fed all your pets, you can grab a snack at Movie Central for them to have a bite. And if money is really tight, head on to the Soup Kitchen. But for the Soup Faerie to serve you you must have less than 3,000 neopoints to your name (and yes, that includes your bank account).

     Once a month you can hit up the Freebies page to get a free item for each of your neopets, as well as lining your own pockets with 2,000 NP. I usually do this the first of the month, it is easier for me to remember that way. The more pets you have, the more free stuff you will be able to collect from these freebies.

     And if you have taken the time to complete the Altador plot, you can go to the Altador Council and speak with King Altador. Every day he will give you a free gift as a thank you for helping out Altador.

     So as you can see, there are a lot of free things to be found around Neopia to help fill your pets' bellies and fill up your inventory. No, you probably won't get the nicest items available, but this is all a good place to start as you journey off into the world. Once you get proficient at different games and start getting your groove of earning money, trading stocks, placing smart Food Club bets, then you will be able to afford upgrades to all these free things. But even the richest Neopians often go back to these free resources again and again, because you never know what you'll find glowing under the Money Tree!

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