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Short Stories

Steel- The Greatest Chef in the World!...Almost

A little poogle's dreams come true...well almost

by rkbear
An Off Morning

Larry woke up early Tuesday morning. Something was off, but he couldn't quite place it.

by arqien
The Faerie Academy

Joura stared at the paper on the desk before her, pencil poised and ready to write. She knew she would be forced to make this decision before graduating the Faerie Academy, but it had come so soon.

by kenorencee
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"Steel- The Greatest Chef in the World!...Almost" by rkbear
“This is the best dish I have ever tasted ever!” Mumbo Pango raved, waving the rest of Steel’s sandwich in the air. “I have never been so satisfied, I will release the Flotsam Chef and only eat once a week from now on. You have pleased me! Now-Wake up, Steel! It is time for breakfast! Mom made omelettes!” “Huh?” --- “Oh, it was just a dream…”Steel blinked in the bright sunlight. He found himself in his own purple bed in his own purple room, with his Barlow sleeping on his chest. He could hear his younger siblings talking and chatting excitedly downstairs. One of them was calling his name. “Steel! Come on! You know mom won’t let us eat till we are all at the table!” His sister Jungle called his name again. Jungle may have been the smallest of all of them, but she had the biggest appetite. “I’m coming,” the darigan poogle called back pushing Bon Appétit off his chest. He dressed quickly and rushed down the stairs with his Petpet running after him. “Come on!” She insisted. She was waiting for him at the doorway to the kitchen. “What took you so long?”

Other Stories


Do You Love Free Stuff?
Do you love free stuff? I think we all do. There is just something so satisfying about getting something without paying for it, whether it is a really rare Battledome weapon or even just a common NeoHome decoration.

by cinnamontea


Game Trophies - A little bit of luck?
Just how lucky do you really need to be to get one of these trophies? Below is a breakdown of what's required for each one. Maybe you'll find some of them aren't as hard as you thought!

by crimson_sunbird


Harker's Story
The problem – one of them, at least – with owning the single copy of a rare, priceless, personal and dangerous item – was that Harker couldn’t tell anyone.

by tanikagillam


The River that Flows Eternal
Morning came with little fanfare. Evett and Rikti woke and stood slowly, squinting in the light. The rainclouds were gone, leaving only a muggy scent on the air. Today was a warm day, sure to get warmer.

by movie138music


Was it supposed to do that?
a sticky...and slimy situation

by kieselcamper


Round Table Poker Champion!
Why else he would have so many coins?

by neopieceluffy

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